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    Tulum questions HeLp!!!!

    I don't know what your itinerary is, but from Calica we took the Tulum/Xel-Ha excursion. We spent 1 1/2 hrs. at Tulum and then went to Xel-Ha for about 3 1/2 hours. You can relax on the beach there, snorkel, drift in an innertube. There is a restaurant there as well. They have a web site to give you a better idea. It was beautiful there.
  2. MAB121655

    Chankanaab Park

    We were at Chankanaab Park last week and got the same special admission price. They offered it at the ticket window. Entrance fee, snorkel gear and 1 free drink for 25.00. We had a wonderful afternoon. Wish we had gone earlier and spent the entire day. But of course, I had to go shopping first. It was beautiful, wish I was still there.
  3. MAB121655

    Best way to get to Chankanaab Park?

    We were at Chankanaab Park last week. Taxi's are the easiest and quickest way to the park. There are plenty of taxi's. You will have no problem getting one on return either. They are very nice at the entrance and will help you in any way. Believe me you can't get any greener than we were!
  4. MAB121655

    Back from the Holiday

    I just got back off the Holiday Saturday as well. Wasn't it great! We were on Empress Level cabin 97. I had Martin and Rudy as well but at the early seating. I just loved him. I 'm glad you posted that picture of them. I tried taking that shot and for some reason it didn't take. I think there was some glass that reflected off the lense. I did get other pictures of him though. What did you do in Cozumel and Calica? We shopped in Cozumel during the morning, ate lunch at Margaritaville and went to Chankanaab Park and snorkeled in the afternoon. We took the Tulum/Xel-Ha excursion from Calica. Had a great day but a hot one!
  5. MAB121655

    Who has purchased Mexican Vanilla?

    I wash in Cozumel last week. I bought some vanilla at Los Cinco Soles. It was labeled under their name. It didn't contain coumarin. Don't know the size bottle but it wasn't the smallest. Price was 4.95. Los Cinco Soles is a great place to shop...nice quality items. They have a web site.
  6. MAB121655

    When do you Start Packing?

    I put a laundry basket in the corner of my bedroom and have been tossing things as I buy them. It's just about full and am starting to wonder if I'll have room for my clothes in the suitcase!
  7. MAB121655

    Just back from the Holiday

    Glad to hear everything was good and you had a great time. I'm leaving on the Holiday Monday 9-10-07. This will be my first cruise but hopefully not the last! Thanks for the review!
  8. MAB121655

    Anyone Take The Catamaran/Snorkel/Beach Party Excursion

    Thanks for the quick reply. Another question....Is it safe to leave your stuff on the boat while you snorkel? For instance a beach bag with your camera and wallet. I've heard others say they've had no problems.
  9. MAB121655

    Anyone Take The Catamaran/Snorkel/Beach Party Excursion

    We plan on doing this excursion in Sept. Does anyone know the time this excursion starts? We want to get in some shopping. Would it be...say 9 a.m. or later? Thanks!