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  1. shopril

    All things Carnival Breeze!

    Nope, Guys is free and sloop good! Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Forums mobile app
  2. shopril

    Distiller water for C-Pap

    Hubby just uses the tap water for his CPAP. Never had any problems. The ships water is filtered and he just rinses very well when the cruise is over. As others aid be sure you have an extension cord. We run it across the room at night then throw the bath rug over it is not a tripping hazard. Happy Sailing
  3. shopril

    1/18 breeze sailing night time CG sea rescue

    Thanks for sharing. We were in the Steakhouse when they made the announcement.
  4. I joined a Roll Call for a Valor cruise we took over 5 years ago. We were very active and became great friends. CC finally moved our thread 3 years after our cruise. I think we had over 8000 posts. Since then we several of us have cruised together and will be cruising again in Jan. I also still keep up with people I have met through other roll calls. But have been in some since that I just lost interest in.
  5. We sail the Breeze on Jan 18 and I was wondering the same thing. Not that the CD makes a difference. We have cruised several times with Butch and was a little disappointed that he would be leaving when we board.
  6. shopril


    we had a connecting cabin once and I always try to avoid since. The problem was not noise, it was smoking! Apparently the propped open the balcony door when they went out to smoke. So the smoke seeped the cracks of the door and our cabin smelled horrible. I have asthma and it was really bothering me. Luckily I had packed duct tape (never really had a reason). We taped all around the door and that helped a lot. I am sure the steward raised his eyebrows when he saw it.
  7. shopril

    Watch quality

    Hubby bought a Citizen Eco and loves it. It is gold & Silver and it it good for dress or casual. Only had it a year, but no problems.
  8. shopril

    How often have you been upgraded

    Only once in 11 cruises. I think it was about our 3rd cruise on Carnival. We were cruising with my husband's sisters and their husbands. We had booked about 6 months out and selected balcony rooms side by side. About a month before our cruise my TA called to say Carnival wanted to know if we were interested upgrading to JR Suites (still side by side). No extra cost!! DUH. It was the couples first ever cruise too. I told them not to expect that again.
  9. shopril

    Another Passport ?

    Thanks everyone. I filled out the form online and printed them. Went to local CVS to get the pics. Last stop was the Post Office to mail it off certified mail. They do not expire until December and our next cruise is not until Jan, so we should have plenty of time to get them back.
  10. shopril

    Another Passport ?

    Thanks for the quick response.
  11. shopril

    Another Passport ?

    Can I take the paperwork to Post Office to renew our passports? I just want to make sure I have everything right before mailing them off. When we originally got them the pictures were not correct which caused a delay.
  12. I too am a hot dog lover. Was glad to find them in the deli, but very disappointed in them. They were worth the wait from the grill, but not from the deli.
  13. shopril

    Soggy Dollar Bar

    Went there in Jan while in Tortola from the Carnival Breeze. Had a group (20 people I think) and booked with BVI tours. Only took about 25 minutes to get there. We were there for about 4hrs. The excursion thru Carnival does fill up fast - was full weeks before we sailed. They were only there for 2 hrs and cost about twice as much. I loved the beach. We are not really into the booze, so only bought the T-Shirt. Would do it again.
  14. shopril

    Photo Rewards???

    There were rewards for for the number of pics bought. I think the first one was a pic of the ship, then there was an insulated cup that you can put your picture in. Also if I remember right there might have been a frame of some sort. The final gift was a flash drive that contains several pictures of the the ship. they will also load all the pictures that you have bought on it (for an additional charge). Don't recall how much but it was less than $10. I also do not remember how many pics for each level. Hope this helps some.