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  1. I don't post alot, but I thought I would weigh in, as a new mom. DH and I were the couple that couldn't imagine taking an infant on a cruise After we found out we were expecting we started planning our yearly cruise as usual with the full intention of leaving our 4 month old with my parents for the week. After Parker was born and our life adjusted, we couldn't imagine leaving him behind. He wasn't going to be old enough for a cruise with us, so we have postponed and are taking him in November, when he will be 14 months old. DH and I evaluated the activities we like to do on cruises (early seating dinner, my afternoon naps in the room and desire to walk around or read a book) and decided that Parker would fit right in. Parker is the exception to many rules though. He is a very happy baby and always has been. Has slept through the night since 6 weeks, even if he awakes at night he does not scream. I realize some babies might, but I anticipate him possibly being hungry and have a bottle ready to mix for him. He fusses quietly if he wakes, I had him a bottle and he's right back to sleep. DH and I take him to movie nights with friends and out to restaurants regularly (at least 3 times a week) and the only "scene" he caused was when he got choked and scared. DH grabbed him up and took him out. I know that Parker will love cruising based on his easy going attitude. What I'm saying here, is I would NOT book until after the baby is born. That way you know he/she will meet the age requirements and you can get a general idea of the personality. Some babies are very needy, some are colicky. I would not want to hear a colicky baby all night. There is a board here for family cruises that has tons of information on what you would need,etc.
  2. I haven't posted in a while, but figured this is the place to go to answer our curiosity. DH, I and some friends were sitting around talking about a vacation for this year (in addition to our annual cruise) and we had talked about hanging out in New Orleans (or Galveston). Then the discussion came up on how we should try to get a last minute deal on a cruise, if they have an opening while we are down there. I know that there are some people on here that live close to the ports and have gotten last minute cruise deals. How does that work? We wouldn't be missing out on a vacation by not being able to get on the ship, but it seems like an adventure in the making, not knowing if we were going to be staying on land or going out to sea. Any input would be much appreciated :)
  3. My DH and I usually plan a cruise with a large group of friends, family, and co-workers. On a particular Conquest cruise (out of NO) my in-laws invited an older lady who worked with them. All she did the entire time was complain, the best complaint; however, was....are you ready for this?..... the plastic laundry bags (the ones they have in the drawers) made too much noise when you moved them around:eek: . We decided another trip with her was way out of the question, but I do hate it when a plastic bag makes more than the normal amount of noise. :p
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