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  1. jaku4058

    Conquest Review for 7-29-07

    We were in 8277 and had a great time. The food was great as you stated and the Filet Mignon was something I will never forget....well that and the Chocolate Melting Cake desert that we had pretty much every night. We were in Monet at the 8PM seating and we preferred the late seating because it did not make us rush to dinner and if we were on board we just ate a late lunch. To the lady that went postal because my wife sat on your lounge chair that had a towel blow off in the wind, bite me. You were a nasty one and need to learn to play well with others. My wife got up, and we moved, no big deal, an no need to react like we took your last meal. And the fact that you got up and left 10 minutes later means you will pay for that move in some way I am confident. Jamaica was ok, but I won't go back. We had a blast on the Canopy tour zip lines, but we were not comfortable there and no American tourist should. Grand Cayman, we had 10 in our party, we did the snorkel and sting ray thing but we chartered our own boat for $500 so that was $50 each and we only had 10 people and all people we knew. Spent more time doing what we liked and had a blast. Cozumel, did the booze cruise on the catamaran right there on the pier. Was great, snorkelled, but was hesitant as we saw two sharks from our room that AM in the water below. Went to the private beach and back. Did Senor Frogs, got hammered at Senor Frogs, but it was a blast. I will say this, on the 7 day cruise you are done when it is done. Maybe all the nights of smoke at the Blackjack tables, all the days by the pool, and the sun....but when it was over, it was good and just right.
  2. jaku4058

    Margaritaville and Hard Rock

    Margaritaville I do not recall, there is a Hard Rock very close to the pier. And there is a Senor Frogs right at the pier so you are very close.