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  1. My travel agent got the answer that we can't have 2 different promotions? I did mail in the form Best Price Guarantee.
  2. yes. Unfortunately in addition to the heat, forecast of high 90's today, we now have smoke from BC, Canada, so the gondola is closed. Thankfully we bought a window A/C a few weeks ago, so the house we hope will stay below 80 degrees.
  3. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Yes, it is Mt Rainier, but with the loss of snow, it doesn't look like the iconic photos of it. Here's a photo from last October. We're taking the gondola to the ski resort on Friday. The temps here in Seattle are forecasted to be mid to high 90's, so it's a way to escape the heat for the day. https://www.crystalmountainresort.com/
  4. 😞 The mountain has lost all the snow due to the 100+ temps a few weeks ago. It doesn't look like Mt Rainier.
  5. haha! not in Seattle! 85 and we're roasting!
  6. awesome! I'm originally from WI and so love any cheese! Plus, I find cheese to be so unique to each country we visit. Wondering, do they have gluten free crackers? We enjoy wine, so this will be awesome!
  7. Thanks. DH is picky and doesn't eat stuff he doesn't know. Shrimp and cheese are a "yes"!
  8. I didn't know you could request substitutes for canapes? How? Thanks
  9. My DH does as well, served in 1980s. He ordered a veterans id card so he doesn't have to carry his original paperwork. I know some say he doesn't need it, but our TA has said otherwise, so a card will work.
  10. We brought 8 bottles back onboard in Barcelona as we were on a B2B and had been wine tasting all day, Priorat region. It was late, 6pm? , no one to check our backpacks. We had kept the stickers from when we paid corkage at other ports, and the next week at sea we brought wine to dinner with a sticker on it, then I'd remove it and put it in my purse for the next night. The wine was yummy and much less expensive than onboard so we were prepared to pay corkage. DH has learned that if the port has the xray on land, part of the port, they won't check for wine, but if the xray is on the ship, be prepared to pay corkage for wine brought aboard. We've brought port from WA before and no one questioned us, but that was Celebrity.
  11. I did get the Pro. I'm going back to Apple today so will ask them.
  12. I bought some today but I wouldn't say they're noise cancelling. I can hear myself typing on the computer. 😞
  13. I had forgotten that Princess doesn’t have many quiet spaces. We’ve been cruising mostly on Celebrity. I’m interested in getting noise canceling headphones, any recommendations?
  14. Thanks, we got his phone 8/2017. I do see that it's Android 9, so hopefully should work. Our cruise isn't until November so we'll wait to enter our data to see how everyone else handles the updates. I've plenty of frustrations in life, getting an app to work for a cruise doesn't need to be one of them!
  15. I'm from Seattle. It gets quite crowded with personal cars dropping off and picking up so taxis, buses, etc. are in the parking garage. There are simply not enough lanes for vehicles to be stopped for long. Enjoy your cruise!
  16. there's actually an app to help with while you're at the airport https://www.portseattle.org/page/sea-tac-app
  17. I've seen references to the fact that an Iphone needs to be an 8 or more recent. What about Android? DH's phone is a Samsung S8, works just fine. Does he need a newer phone? Now Samsung is up to 21!
  18. Thanks, I posted on this site because of the current issue of sailing out of Florida. We usually have booked our own excursions through groups found on CC, but realize we need to book ship tours at this time. I'd be frustrated to go on a 10 day cruise and not be able to do any excursions!
  19. We're booked on Crown Princess sailing 11/16. As of this date, it will be the 2nd cruise for this ship. I'm hoping it will happen, but not confident due to disagreements regarding asking for vaccine status. I'd like to book excursions to get what we want before they fill up. Am curious as to what others are thinking.
  20. any thoughts on current status of sailings? We are booked on 11/16 Crown Princess from FL.
  21. We used Uber 4 or 5 times in Santiago, Chile in 12/2019. One older man took us on the scenic route. Uber credited us 75% of the cost later as he didn't take the most direct route. I asked about this to an Uber I just took in Wisconsin a week ago. He confirmed that the most direct route has to be taken, or close to it, or the driver will be penalized.
  22. We're booked on a cruise from Sydney to Hawaii, stopping in New Zealand in April 2022. What are the chances of it happening? Thanks
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