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  1. I think the offer is very fair. We rebooked to leave at the end of August. Hopefully travel will be back to normal by then. Just as a single data point, with the 125% credit and a one-to-one comparison (we are rebooking the exact same cruise with the same options, same cabin etc) we ended up ahead about $200 which almost covers the private trip insurance for the original trip. Basically a wash.
  2. A few years ago we booked a Viking "free air" cruise. We have a lot of FF miles and I asked what the price would be without "free air" and the price was less expensive- maybe $800 per person I can't remember exactly. I booked another cruise a few months ago with "free air" and asked the same question. They said the price would be the same whether or not we took advantage of the "free air". So I think it depends on what price the airline is consolidating the flights for. Also maybe Viking's agreement with the airlines is to purchase X number of flights per month and they have to meet a specific quota.
  3. I can't say exactly how Viking made everything right because when my sister spoke with them they wanted things settled privately. I will say that what they did was very fair considering my sister did not go on the trip solo because the original representative said she'd have to pay even more money to travel alone as I said in my first few messages. So my sister did not go on the trip due to the unfair additional supplement which would have been more than she paid (paid in full ) for her and her husband. So over the next few days after missing the trip she worked with some supervisors to come up with a very fair solution having to do with a future cruise credit. I'm sorry I can't say more than that because my sister asked me not to. I can say that she didn't get any money back, nor did she expect to.
  4. My sister worked with Viking to find a solution she found fair.
  5. My sister and her husband are going on a Viking cruise that they paid for a year ago in full including airfare tomorrow. Unfortunately her husband got a retinal detachment two weeks ago and is not allowed to fly. Viking said they wouldn't give any money back or allow a substitution in the room of another person. They came to terms with this and my sister was going to go alone tomorrow. Then a HALF HOUR AGO 7:00 PM Eastern a Viking person called and said they had to pay another $4,000 as a single supplement immediately because he isn't going. SO in addition to paying for two people IN FULL one year ago they want another $4,000 right now. Have you ever heard of something like this happening?
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