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  1. I can't say exactly how Viking made everything right because when my sister spoke with them they wanted things settled privately. I will say that what they did was very fair considering my sister did not go on the trip solo because the original representative said she'd have to pay even more money to travel alone as I said in my first few messages. So my sister did not go on the trip due to the unfair additional supplement which would have been more than she paid (paid in full ) for her and her husband. So over the next few days after missing the trip she worked with some supervisors to come up with a very fair solution having to do with a future cruise credit. I'm sorry I can't say more than that because my sister asked me not to. I can say that she didn't get any money back, nor did she expect to.
  2. My sister worked with Viking to find a solution she found fair.
  3. Just a quick update. My sister and her husband have been talking with another Viking supervisor who has been very helpful and much more customer service oriented than the person who called them the night before the cruise. Our whole extended family has done river cruises with Viking many times and have always thought they had great service, food etc onboard which is why we've all sailed with them a number of times. This particular ocean cruise was the first Viking ocean cruise any member of our family would have taken. I'm not sure what the end result will be for my sister in this case but I will say she and her husband feel better about Viking now.
  4. Um, she did take responsibility. She understands that she didn't have insurance but she was paid in full for two people! So when only she goes she is expected to pay for two people PLUS $4,000? You have to be kidding. Again, the entire cruise for two people for 10 days, two nights in a hotel in Rome, two airfares were paid in full. They understood they would get no money back because he couldn't go due to a medical issue. Now Viking wants $4000 MORE so she can go ALONE! They said she couldn't step foot on the ship if she didn't fork up an extra $4000.
  5. They did not have insurance. That’s why my sister was going to go on her own when her husband had the issue with his eye and was not allowed to travel. So Viking was going to keep all of the money from the original booking for two people including airfare and an additional two nights at a hotel and they were extorting an extra $4000 for my sister to travel by herself
  6. Yes it absolutely was no refund AND an additional $4,000. Plus they booked air through Viking and no refund there either. Had they booked air on their own I believe my BIL would have been able to get a future air credit because of his medical note. Also they had a two night hotel extension and Viking won't refund that either. But as I said before their initial huge objection has to do with the $4,000 Viking was extorting less than 24 hours prior to her flight. Since she didn't go because of the $4,000 she now feels like Viking should do more for them.
  7. Thanks for the good thoughts about my brother-in-law. He had this surgery about six weeks ago. They thought he would be healed by now but there’s a bubble in his eye which prevents him from flying due to pressure issues. He could go bond if he flies. It was an emergency surgery. Viking is looking further into this now following my post on my sisters behalf on Facebook so I’ll keep you posted on what they say tomorrow.
  8. She won't go now. They told her if she tries to board she will be denied unless she pays. She's worried if she goes she'll be stuck in Barcelona.
  9. Just saying this again, Viking called her last night at 7pm to extort this fee and she was due to fly out tonight- basically 24 hour notice with the extortion fee.
  10. They didn't have insurance. So they aren't complaining that my brother in law's fees wouldn't be recoverable (although sad he has the eye issue and can't fly...) My sister was going to travel alone knowing nothing would be refunded but they were paid in full for two people . They paid in full a year ago. What is outrageous is they want ANOTHER $4,000!!!! They refuse to pay any more and Viking said my sister would be denied boarding unless she paid this ridiculous extortion fee for no reason! She has already paid two full fare cruise fees.
  11. They did make it clear only one was cancelling. Neither are going now because they aren't going to pay the ADDITIONAL $4000. They've lost my whole extended family as customers and believe me I will let everyone I know about it.
  12. I don’t know if Viking cancelled and rebooked or how they accounted for things when my brother in law Emailed to say that he wasn’t able to go because of his eye condition. All I know is almost immediately after he sent the email they received a phone call from Viking saying they had to pay 4000 more dollars. Then after they got off the phone and hour later the booking was not in the system anymore
  13. when he called a few weeks ago when he had the eye surgery Viking said to call is he wasn’t going to be able to go. At no time did they mention the fee. It is despicable to charge $4000 more than the fee already paid for two passengers when only one is going. They had another cruise booked to Asia which they cancelled because of this. They’re going to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General, TV stations and anyone else that will listen and broadcast this incredibly unfair and what should be an unlawful practice .
  14. The flight is tomorrow and they sail out of Barcelona Tuesday ! It’s unreal. They aren’t on Facebook but I posted something on their behalf which I can’t find now. My sister has been especially distressed because she is packed and ready to go but now she’s not going to due to the ridiculous extra supplement fee
  15. I promise you they paid in full for the two passengers and are not refunding any of that and want an additional $4,000 . That’s why they are outraged.
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