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  1. ....and kids there were! At least 11 of them and one as young as three years old? It wasn't an issue as most of the older ones were really fine and no problem. However, I could have done without the three year old. When will people learn - must they disrupt others vacations? That all aside, the trip was fabulous! I had a great time! Patong I could have done without - mainly because I was travelling alone and it was a little scary! I was unaware of the whole "sex tourist" concept in Thailand...call me naive? However, once I got on Star Clipper all was good with the world. It was an interesting passenger mix - I was the only American. There were single people although they tended to travel with families and friends - I was truly the only solo. I met wonderful people and had a great time. The trip was just what I wanted...lots of beach stops!!!! The James Bond excursion was FABULOUS and I now own lots of new pearls! The bar was not pricey?? My total bill for the week and I was a lush, dinner wines, drinks, tips, a polo shirt, massage and excursion was 700 US$. For the RECORD...my cell phones worked everywhere - no problem at all! I found the internet did not work unless you were near a port. I did not find the food bad at all...in fact, it was just fine. Loved the fact I could get a cappuchino at the bar - big plus! Smoking was limited to two areas of the ship and did not appear to be an issue?????? I would absolutely recommend this route and Star Clippers!!! xoxo :)A
  2. I just got back from that route.... It was great! Patong Beach is a little scary because I was traveling alone and really was not aware of the "sex tourist" deal there. However, once I got on Star Clipper it was fantastic. It's a lazy beach stop trip! The ship is fabulous and you will have a really great time!
  3. Thanks again for all the info!!! Really appreciate it!!!! Figured it would be all couples -- am cool with that if they are cool with me! Sounds like lots of people were in their 30s - hope that holds true on my sailing? I hear you about the "unfit" launch situation. I am a longtime WJBC'er and I often wondered why they would let some of those people aboard as it is the same situation! I also could never figure out why anyone would bring a kid (I mean under the age of 10) but every trip there were some unless it was an adult only sailing! Well, I have to pack as I am leaving tuesday...it also looks like I am on a different route. Looks like you were on Southern and I am on Northern. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)A
  4. WOW those pictures are amazing!!!! Thanks so much for sharing...you have one heck of an eye! :)A
  5. Hmmmm- Ok well not that flattering of a report and sounds like you didn't have a great time. I guess the really good news here is that I am a smoker and I am German (technically Austrian) so sounds like I should fit right in. Also - I love the fact that there are no towns and this is a beach trip - that is EXACTLY what I am looking for! Actually, the Euro is in a better place than it was when I was in Italy in June - and I am not a big drinker so I can live with that. Curious, I am guessing the crowd was older and all couples? I am young and single but figure I will be pretty bored...and please tell me there were no KIDS!!!! Thanks for all your help -- I will look into a Plan B just in case I don't make it to Bangkok - best to be a bit prepared...? Thanks! :)A
  6. Thanks - I do understand the political issue in finite detail :eek: I guess the good news is that if something does happen I am in Phuket for a night and Bangkok for 3 nights and can will be able to have phones and internet. I seriously thought about NOT making this trip! However, it is what it is, and I am looking forward to sailing on a TALL SHIP AGAIN - especially on this itinerary!!!! So - look for me on CNN:D I leave LAX tuesday...this may be the biggest mistake I have ever made...guess I will know soon enough? Did you at least enjoy the cruise? xoxo :)A
  7. Thanks but it is way too late to change the flights. I am flying first on Thai and cannot lost the 6K on this ticket. I have been keeping up on the Bangkok news and so far it looks like the new PM has issues but hoping the airports don't close. I am also going to Bangkok after the cruise for 3 days - but I already know to be very careful! Can you give us any details about the cruise? I thought the ship had internet and phone service available? I do have an two international GSM phones and am planning on bringing a laptop? I know once you are remote at sea even the GSM won't really work - but what about the internet on the ship? Their website advertises it? Thanks for any help?
  8. Please tell us more! I am booked on Star Clipper 12/27. I booked my own air and am flying via Bangkok! I know when I tried to cancel when the airport mess happened that Starclipper said I was on my own - they were sailing from Phuket and would not refund! I would be VERY interested to hear about your trip! Thanks!
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