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  1. I have gotten many price reductions in the past. It is the reason I stopped using a travel agent. I did a courtesy hold on the reservation on line. When I called on the phone to get my price adjusted just 10 minutes later, the price was gone. All the grands were booked. I was in a junior suite. I told the rep I even did a courtesy hold on the price and gave the RCCL phone rep the info. I was moved up to a Grand suite for only $25 pp more. The current price of that grand suite for that courtesy hold. This was before final payment. A courtesy hold only last 24 hours in the past. Not s
  2. I'm on an October cruise on Oasis and plan to drive from Florida to board the ship. We were hoping that NJ will enforce the 95%+ vaccinated!
  3. I have my cruises missing too! I have two booked and nothing is listed. One in October and one in December.
  4. I have done both. They are very much the same. I was going to mention Wonderland is on Symphony and not Oasis. Oasis has Chef's table. Both are pay restaurants. For the price difference and better date, I would go with Oasis. I like both ships! You can't go wrong! Enjoy
  5. I have been on NCL many times. I have also been on over 20 RCL cruises. I choose RCL whenever I have a choice. My father in law invites us on lots of cruises. Even staying in the Haven is not as good as a regular room on RCL. Don't get me wrong. I love the Haven. But the rest of the cruise is much nicer on RCL.
  6. I use Whatsapp and the wifi package. I can call or text anyone in the world that also has whatsapp. It works great!!!!
  7. I would draft an email to Bailey with a subject line having AstraZeneca Vaccine question. I think an uneducated phone rep had no idea how many countries are using that vaccine. Besides you may get an uneducated check in agent so having a reply from the top with help. They do answer if you have an issue like this.
  8. At the cost of the drink package, I wonder if Star class and having the drinks included might not be an easier way to handle it.....LOL...
  9. There are new changes too. If you are diamond and above you get a certain number of drinks on your card you can use at any bar all day long. This is a change to the old policy. I have 5 drinks and I don't think I could possibly drink 5 drinks up to $13 each on a cruise each day. I figure some people might find it cheaper to just pay for a few more each day and it might be cheaper than the package.
  10. I meant suite lounges. I am still used to calling it a concierge lounge- suite lounge.
  11. I was wondering if some of the concierge lounges ( that share space with Coastal Kitchen ) are planning to use the drink area for coastal kitchen dining tables so they can be more spread out and still accommodate more people for dinner? This might be a solution on some ships? There won't be a drink area but we have all those drinks on our cards. They need to make changes for social distancing and trying to make everyone happy. Plus, the main dining room will get crowded as they increase cruising capacity. This way suites and pinacles can still eat in Coastal kitchen for dinner.
  12. Glad RCL is staffing it up for a test cruise. It give me some home for our October cruise.
  13. I read that D+ will get 5 drinks under $13 at ANY time of day at any bar. It might be cheaper to just charge a few more drinks a day than getting the package? I don't think I could drink 5 a day but just a thought? Each ship will do something different anyway. Charge the cheapie drinks and get the 5 more expensive drinks for free?
  14. I sure hope Oasis 10/17 happens.... It is my family's cruise come back! Looking forward to cruising again and all are vaccinated!
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