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  1. I just got off a ship with the new paper square bottles. The water tastes terrible. Made me gag! It is spring water not purified water like they had before. I love drinking water all day and this water was horrible tasting! I hope they rethink this.
  2. This is what I have always heard about Cats. No way to shorten it. I love the show Cats. I went to it 3 times with my daughter. We had a reservation for one of the shows. The other two times we stood in the back and waited for people to walk out the first 15 minutes. Always got great seats.
  3. Always try to fly in the day before. Never the day of the cruise. I have heard too many horror stories of people not making the ship. As for the storm hitting on Sat-Sun., it does not look like it will be easy to make it to the port if the storm stays on course. But the storms never do what you expect. It could hit the Carolinas and skip Florida. Having been a Florida resident for over 28 years, the storm track changes hourly. We don't even start to worry until it is a day or two away and right on top of us.
  4. I had to cancel and rebid yesterday. I was called by the bank and told my credit card had been compromised. I had used it a few weeks ago to bid. So I had to cancel and put in the new card number. It worked fine for me. I too was nervous it would get screwed up.
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