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  1. arubagirl07

    Celebrity Solstice Cabin 1549

    Does anyone have photos or videos of cabin 1549? We just booked this room on our Alaskan cruise next year and now I'm worried the view would be better in a different cabin. Thank you in advance for all your help!!
  2. arubagirl07

    Alaska NCL Joy

    We are looking to travel next May to Alaska on the Joy. My question is this, is there an advantage to having an aft balcony when traveling to Alaska? Thank you in advance for your help!!
  3. arubagirl07


    We are traveling with our elderly parents and we are looking for an Excursion to see the highlights of Jamaica. Possibly a plantation and we would like to have an authentic meal. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance! Sent from my SM-G920V using Forums mobile app
  4. arubagirl07

    Carnival Splendor Help

    Great, thank you!!
  5. arubagirl07

    Carnival Splendor Help

    Great, thank you!!
  6. arubagirl07

    Carnival Splendor Help

    Just a few questions: 1) Where is the Mongolian Wok? 2) Where is the best area for sunbathing that's not loud (other than adult serenity area)? 3) Do the Ocean Suites have a refrigerator/microwave? 4) Any tips/tricks? Thank you in advance for any help!! :D
  7. arubagirl07

    Carnival Ecstacy

    Thank you!
  8. arubagirl07

    Carnival Ecstacy

    This is a girls trip with my mother and adult daughter. Here are my questions: 1) Is it best to arrive at port around 10:30 a.m.? Or, do you have another suggestion. (We have FTTF) 2) Are there secret decks on this ship and if so how do we get to them? 3) Best place/deck for sunbathing and is like the Sunshine and you have to get out early for a chair? 4) Best place for lunch on embarkation day? 5) For handicapped parking, is this in a different location than the building and is it still free? Thank you in advance for any help you can give!!! :)
  9. arubagirl07

    Carnival Sunshine Review 6-19 through 6-27

    Did you print your menus from this link? We are also celebrating our 25th on the Sunshine and we are very excited. Although there are some negative reviews, we are looking forward to our trip and plan to have a great trip. Thanks for the review.:)
  10. arubagirl07

    12 pack bottled water, $2.99 in FunShop

    Thanks for the heads up!! I ordered my water!!:D
  11. arubagirl07

    Carnival Sunshine FTTF

    Congrats!!! I was surprised it was available!! Looking forward to a great trip!!!
  12. arubagirl07

    Carnival Sunshine FTTF

    We are traveling in July and I checked this morning, not available. BUT, just checked a bit ago and they were available!!! So excited that I was finally able to purchase this. Now, the countdown begins!! Yeah!!!:D
  13. arubagirl07

    Sunshine Texting Question

    I currently have Verizon cell service. I would like to be able to text or what's app my children when we travel on the Sunshine and I'm looking for advice. Do I need to get the cruise package with Verizon or just use the internet package on the ship? Can I use regular texting or do I need to get a special app? Thanks in advance for any help!!!:)
  14. arubagirl07

    Carnival Sunshine Suite

    Great!! Thank you so much for the video link.
  15. arubagirl07

    Carnival Sunshine Suite

    Currently booked in an Ocean Suite 7212 on Deck 7. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Is there a refrigerator? Good cabin location? Thanks for any advice!! :)