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  1. Food is so suggestive but here is my opinion. Jacques definitely goes to the top of the list. Never had a bad meal and everything is delicious. When we were sailing up on the French Atlantic coast they had the best mussels they brought on board that day. Their dover sole is fabulous. Next up is Toscana. Always had a good meal. Osso Bucco is excellent. Third is Red Ginger. The duck and watermelon salad is great and so is the sea bass. We had one inedible dinner. I believe it was the beef short ribs. Our friends who ate there earlier ordered the same and sent it back so just a bad piece of meat so I'll give them a pass. If you want extra spice just ask. The last is Polo. We had many a bad steak and swordfish dinner. The swordfish on multiple occasions was rubbery and the steaks tough and full of gristle. We decided to keep the reservations and order either filet mignon (hopefully medium rare if they listen to you), lamb rack or crab cakes lol. The lamb rack is good but so are the baby lamb chops at breakfast in the main dining room lol. They use to have a fabulous Iberico Pork chop but it is not on the menu anymore. The pork chop available is different and you can taste the difference. The veal chop was good as well. They say their lobster is from Maine but it sure doesn't look or taste like any Maine lobster we have eaten in New England. No one will go hungry and all the restaurants make for an enjoyable meal.
  2. Hope it does but Australia has said it probably would not relax its travel restrictions until at least mid 2020.
  3. Who is Mike? What group? So confused but nothing new for me. I knew who Steve is but not Mike.
  4. In the past the transfers were airport to ship and ship to airport only if you used Oceania air. Also, the transfers were not included if you used Oceania air and took the deviation (i.e. came if early, stayed after cruise). Things might have changed but I doubt it.
  5. The poster Richard Albrecht posted this morning. This is his post: "Hi everyone - back for brief update and then I’m bowing out again. Just wanted to clarify that I deleted my posts and left the group voluntarily. I was not removed by the admin or anyone else. As you can imagine, we’re mentally (and physically) exhausted from the entire ordeal. I’m not complaining, as this type of travel is an enormous privilege, but it became overwhelming keeping up with questions and comments (partly because I was obsessively checking every time I got a notification!) and frankly, we’re gutted it ended this way and this quickly. Sitting in our hotel last night it all came crashing down and we just need some distance from it all. We board our flight in about 2 hours so until we clear customs at JFK, it ain’t over yet! I shared our experience because this forum has truly kept us informed and it seems to be the best place where we can learn of and from the experiences of others. Thank you to everyone for your support and positive comments - they truly helped. Safe and pleasant travels to everyone. For us - it’s peace out (until we book the next trip )"
  6. How is Viking financially sustaining themselves running these cruises?
  7. Who else is traveling to Iceland and are they having these issues?
  8. But to get to some of these tours you need to go by bus. The question is how long must the "contact" be before you need to quarantine?
  9. By the time they load people onto a flight from Akureyri to Reykjavik (if enough seats are available), unload luggage at airport, and load them onto buses to hotel, would probably take longer than 5 hour bus ride. They will need a PCR test to get on the plane back to the U.S.
  10. Both Crystal and Silversea offer low single supplements but they are high end and have higher fares to begin with. The only reason Viking is offering a no single supplement is that they can't fill their ships during these trying times. I find it very shabby that they will not honor the new offer especially since their ships are sailing only partially full and people are now cancelling due to the Delta variant.
  11. Will Oceania provide PCR testing on board before disembarkation or is the passenger responsible to find his own?
  12. We stayed at the Hotel Jazz and the Hotel Acta Atrium Palace. Check the location and pricing. Our first time in Barcelona we stayed at the Hotel Praktik Rambla which is a boutique hotel in a 500 year old building. We had a deluxe veranda so the room was a decent size. As much as we liked this hotel it got too expensive for what you got. We like staying in the Eixample neighborhood and make a point to not stay near the Ramblas.
  13. I concur with the others. One hour to connect in CDG is way too tight and bordering on the impossible. Planes are flying full so if you miss the connection who knows when the airline will put you on the "next" flight out.
  14. Don't these cruises return to Malta as well? Are they not going to let them back?
  15. We were on an Oceania cruise in 2012 that took in the Canaries and loved it except for Casablanca. Lanzarote is amazing. We took a private tour with Lanzarote Experience Tours and they were great. In Agadir, a private tour to Taroudant was arranged by another cruiser and it was very nice. We didn't do anything in Agadir itself since we were out the whole day with the tour. We walked around the town in Santa Cruz de La Palma and went up to the black sand beaches. Nice town.
  16. You are a brave soul. We did a 12 day road trip and decided to stay in Seydisfjordur so not to go through that tunnel south to north. Scary. Our luck had us going over the mountain in a total fog in. Couldn't even see the road until we came over on the other side on a lower elevation. The picture from the hotel is lovely.
  17. Did you have to drive through the one lane tunnel?
  18. We were there in the middle of June. I know nothing about the "old fish factory". It is a very small village but very quaint. We were driving the entire ring road and made a stop there.
  19. There is a lovely little "museum" crystal shop here. It was very interesting. If you get to wander freely you should go.
  20. You can drink your duty free spirits purchased at the airport on land. No need to wait to be out in international waters. Enjoy. Wishing everyone great weather.
  21. We purchased wine at the duty free on the way in and consumed it in Iceland.
  22. The duty free is a good place to pick up wine etc. to bring onto the ship. Alcohol is very expensive in Iceland. The only other place to buy alcohol (other than bars and restaurants) is the government operated liquor stores which are few and far between in the countryside outside of Reykjavik.
  23. We flew SAS to Paris and stayed a few days and then flew Air France from Paris to JFK in NY. SAS at the time was cheap and had the most flights out of Bergen.
  24. Several years ago we stayed at the Athens Gate. Great roof top bar with a view of the Acropolis, close to the museum and walking distance to the Plaka. Very reasonable. We shared a cab to the port with another couple we met on CC.
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