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  1. Looking for a beach with loungers, shade, food, and cigar friendly. Any suggestions?
  2. That's what I figured but wanted to be sure. I believe I can figure out which one the Horizon is when I see her! 😄 This will be our first time on a "new" ship so we can't wait!
  3. I have the address for the Miami port as: 1015 North America Way Miami, Florida 33132 Which should be the address for Horizon's dock but which terminal do we use? Terminal D - 1435 North Cruise Boulevard, Port of Miami, Miami, FL 33132 Terminal E - 1265 North Cruise Boulevard, Port of Miami, Miami, FL 33132 Trying to determine the exact address to give to the cab driver. Thanks.
  4. There are no legitimate places to buy Cuban cigars in Nassau. I have "heard" that they have some in Atlantis but if they do they will be crazy expensive. You can go up to Graycliff Hotel and visit the cigar factory there. Again, they are expensive too. If Nassau is the only island you're going to on this trip forget about Cubans and take your own sticks. Several islands have an LCDH. If you are going to others let me know, or do a quick check online. ONLY go to LCDH's when you're in the Caribbean to ensure you're getting the real deal!
  5. I'm here...every now and then. How can I help?
  6. We'd need access to bathrooms, food, and drinks. Is that available at Dominicus?
  7. Would you say this is the best beach resort in La Romana? Or would you recommend a different beach stop? Thank you.
  8. The last time we were in Curacao we went to Blue Bay Resort. Is that still a popular beach spot? Can you still do a day pass there? Are there any others you would recommend? Thanks.
  9. All walk off. We're booking this cruise also for May 4th, 2019.
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