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  1. We still have our $200 OBC. We booked the Miracle for her 15 day round tripper from San Diego to Hawaii on April 5th of 2021. So we are still holding out hope that this cruise will happen. Just made our final payment on that cruise. You also should have gotten a pretty sweet (no cost) FCC from those canceled Mardi Gras cruises. Ours was around $1300 if memory serves, for the one way cruise down to her future permanent home in Florida. I'm guessing that the free FCC you got from the Mardi Gras sailings was transferred as "money paid" on your new cruise(s). If our Hawaii cruise gets
  2. "SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Cruise ships are scheduled to return to the Port of San Diego this week and through the new year, part of an effort by the cruise lines to reestablish ships in U.S. waters as a prerequisite to resume cruising in a post-COVID-19 world, it was announced Monday. Five Holland America Line ships and one Princess Cruises ship are scheduled to arrive beginning Wednesday, periodically docking at the B Street Cruise Terminal for fuel, food, supplies and services. ..." "The current arrival schedule is: -- Dec. 23: Holland America Koningsdam -- Dec. 24: Princ
  3. We are on that Hawaii sailing also and hoping it happens. We already had Mardi Gras' 16 night New York to Florida canceled due to ship yard delays. Then a B2B on the Magic due to COVID was canceled. If we do get to cruise in April, it will definitely be something to celebrate. As well as our 31st year together and our official 29th Wedding Anniversary on April 4th (the day before).
  4. Cabo is a tender port so I don't know of ANY cruise ships that actually overnight in Cabo. Most actually pull out by sunset (or earlier). Spending the night in town (to enjoy Cabo nightlife) is risky as well. While your ship may be fine the first day, the next day, the harbor could close due to rough seas (swells) and the ship would leave you behind.
  5. There goes our Oct B2B on the Magic. Our vacations are already planned out for next year: 2 week Hawaii cruise on the Miracle, and then 2 weeks in Cabo San Lucas at our timeshare in Oct/Nov 2021 celebrating our best friends "Medicare Qualification Event". So we will be taking our $1200 in cabin credit (7 day + 7day) and using it in 2022. Guess we have until Apr 2023 to use it. Lemonade from lemons.
  6. So I realized I should probably get started with the online check-in process for these mid October 2020 B2B cruises but ran into some questions. The check-in time offered was I think 12:30-1:00pm. Is it fairly common that people arrive early anyway and try to get onboard sooner? If we do arrive early, is there a place to sit if they make us wait until our designated time? We are flying in to FLL from San Diego the day before and will probably just stay in a FLL hotel and then Uber to Miami in the late morning. Our last cruise was 10 years ago so things have changed. Ho
  7. I think Carnival would be smart to keep a Spirit Class ship (aka Miracle) on the West Coast for the Alaska itinerary because they have a retractable roof over the pool area/lido deck. Also good for a couple of days on the Hawaii sailings because the Eastern Pacific, north of central Baja can be pretty nippy at times. Don't believe Radiance will have that feature (but could be wrong).
  8. Kinda hard to figure out how my original post that you quoted relates to children and where they stay (post 17 in this thread). And I certainly never made any suggestions ("Are you actually suggesting...") regarding children. But I'm sure you felt better after your rant.
  9. We have a B2B scheduled for mid October on Carnival Magic. We have the same Spa Balcony cabin for both sailings. First sailing is Eastern Caribbean, 2nd sailing is Western Caribbean. Biggest concerns right now are - will the cruises even happen, and will the Spa privileges even exist (thalassotherpy pool, etc). If the cruises get canceled - we'll survive. I'm fine with the $600 OBC they will offer (per cruise). We would push those cruises to 2022 as our 4 weeks of vacation in 2021 are already spoken for (15 night Carnival Hawaii cruise in the Spring and 2 weeks at our timeshare in Cabo San Luc
  10. I started getting Flu shots at the tender age of 17 1/2, courtesy of the U.S. Navy. I got one every year for those 24 years of service. Since then - I've continued to get one EVERY year like clockwork since 1998 - the year I retired from the Navy. During those 24 years, I've been all over the world, to include such garden spots as Mombasa, Kenya, Karachi, Pakistan, Jebal Ali, UAE. and many other locations with approximately 5000 - 6500 of my shipmates (aircraft carriers). Since my retirement in 1998, I've continued to travel to various countries both by air and sea. The end result - 47continuo
  11. Here are some of the important cliff notes "A vaccine in development by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford is based on a chimpanzee adenovirus called ChAdOx1. The vaccine is in a Phase II/III trial in England and Phase III trials in Brazil and South Africa. The project may deliver emergency vaccines by October. In June, AstraZeneca said their total manufacturing capacity stands at two billion doses." "The Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine was developed in the early 1900s as a protection against tuberculosis. The Murdoch Children’s Resear
  12. Actually - there are 3 vaccines that are already in Phase III (widespread human testing) or getting ready to start (Phase II completed). The New York Times has an entire section (non paywall type) that covers every single type of vaccine development and what Phase trial they are in. Two of the Phase III trials are from U.S. Based companies. Once one of the Phase III tests are completed and the results look fairly safe and effective. The FDA will probably grant an emergency approval for that vaccine. The other Phase III vaccine is the one being developed out of Oxford University in GB.
  13. Actually skridge - they market themselves as the FUN cruise line. I'm guessing widower's and single people like to have fun. We like Carnival for just this reason. Even the old folks like to have fun. That's generally true with RCCL but not as much and definitely not true with Celebrity in OUR experience. We like being around people who are fun, like to engage in conversation, and like to laugh. On Carnival - we have found that to include people of all ages.
  14. The cruise lines have to hold back a certain amount of Early/Late seating times based upon the historical average of how many people with guaranteed dining choices might be sailing. Could be Diamond, could be Suite passengers. Varies among the different cruise lines but they all have to do it. Once the remaining seat slots are filled by the rabble hoard and the wait list is full, that dining option will be closed. Say a cruise line determines that 26 Diamonds with guaranteed dining choice could be sailing on a particular cruise. Those 26 slots are set aside in the hold back until close to sail
  15. Smoking will be allowed just aft of the fantail. 😁 That's a Navy term, not a little bird.
  16. So if a stateroom costs $1000 - that would be $500 per person. 3 people would be 1500 (500 X 3). 4 people would be $2000, to be fair. I could work with that since my wife & I are just 2. Carnival would love it though.
  17. If my wife passes before me, I'll just stop cruising under the current rules. After 24 years in the Navy, I'll do just fine not cruising. If I pass first - I've already given my blessing for my wife to shack up with the pool boy (not that she needs my blessing). But if she remarries, she loses my military retirement Survivor Benefit Plan benefit. So just shacking up would be the best financial decision.
  18. But it is ok to charge a single person almost double? Or a widower simply because their spouse passed away. Because that is the current situation. Doesn't effect me, I'm married to my life mate, but I do understand Saint Greg's point of view. Deals for families are ok, but not for individuals. By what rational?
  19. As you wish JetsFan88. Our timeshare is a 2 bdrm Presidential (about 1600 sq ft). The second dining table on the balcony is perfect for morning coffee. In better times we would also get to watch the cruise ships sail by heading for Cabo, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta or the Panama Canal. Plus (also in better times) 50 or more Sport Fishing boats heading out looking for big game fish (marlin, etc). Now only a few sports fishing boats head out each morning. Our resort is at about 36% occupancy. 2 of the 6 pools have full service (food, drinks). The other pools are open right now but no service. 6 of
  20. View from our balcony. The golf cart path you can see is to move around the resort. It is built on the side of a mountain with suites all the way down to "toes in the sand". Some people do walk the resort but mostly we prefer the on demand golf carts.
  21. We have a B2B on the Magic scheduled for mid October so hoping that holds on. Right now - sitting on our timeshare balcony at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Cabo San Lucas, MX and enjoying our morning coffee listening to the crashing waves.
  22. Anyone who has read Saint Greg's fantastic cruise reports knows he always gets his money's worth from the Cheer's package.
  23. To use a RCCL term. Those 8J cabins are "hump cabins" and they should be just fantastic. We had a hump cabin on RCCL's Mariner of the Seas and it was the best. We even had an 8J booked (9366) for Mardi Gras 16 night repositioning cruise from New York to Port Canaveral. However - ship yard delays (pre COVID-19 even) canceled that cruise plus others. But we did get a nice FCC & OBC from it. We parlayed that into a 15 night Hawaii on Carnival Miracle next April. Back to the 8J cabins. The more toward the center of the hump - the deeper the balcony. The ones forward of dead center
  24. Still holding out. Our B2B on the Magic is scheduled for Oct 10 - 24. But a little concerned there will only be possibly 1 sailing before ours (Oct 03) to work any kinks out. Might be making a lot of lemonade from potential lemons during that cruise. But we will go with the flow.
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