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  1. Last cruise I was on was the Sunshine in September 2018 and I went in Red Frog Pub and asked about trivia and they said they weren't doing it anymore. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. I would be disappointed as well after sailing on the Sunshine twice now. Serenity on Sunshine is the best!
  3. I would be disappointed as well after sailing on the Sunshine twice now. Serenity on Sunshine is the best!
  4. Blue Iguana has delicious breakfast burritos. Also, if you want to avoid the rush at the buffet on lido, deck 5 has a smaller buffet and it is good as well.
  5. It's usually on the first day and I believe it was around $20-$25.
  6. I love getting those snacks. I hope they don't take them away!
  7. If it is a cruise to Cuba, I believe you HAVE to have a passport. Correct me if I am wrong....
  8. I loved Bojan on the Sunshine earlier this month!
  9. Really? I was on that same cruise and did not experience any of that. Where was your cabin located?
  10. Thank you for all of the ideas. I will run it by the group and see what everyone thinks.
  11. We don't fly out until 6:30 p.m. on the day of disembarkation. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what we can do that provides some kind of luggage storage as well until our flight out of Orlando Sanford airport? Thank you!
  12. If you are up for some culture and good food, I love going to the Bayside Marketplace. They usually have Cuban music and dancing, the view of the bay is beautiful, there are a bunch of restaurants and shopping there, as well.
  13. The breakfast burritos are amazing!! Can't wait to have them in a few weeks!!!
  14. I am doing the Sunshine September 8th. Wondering if they will have the beach bags. If so, I don't want to bring mine. Dilemmas. HAHA
  15. I have actually called because friends of ours who were going on the same cruise received a call from Carnival to upgrade so I figured, what could it hurt. So I called and they put me in contact with the woman who gave them the upgrade and she offered us one as well. We went from an inside to an aft extended balcony for $200 each on a 7 day cruise.
  16. Ah, ok. I will be on her next month! Can't wait!!
  17. Do you know where and if they are removing a restaurant in its place?
  18. There already is a Guy's Burger on Sunshine. :)
  19. I will be on that cruise as well! I was on the Sunshine in November, not having the regular nightclub was a bummer but still loved the ship!
  20. I ran into just the opposite. My friend booked our cruise through her travel agent. My name and VIFP number are on the reservation on Carnival's website but I do not receive any e-mails. No sure why that is.
  21. The Sunshine is my favorite ship but that is the ONLY thing I am not happy about.
  22. Thank you. I couldn't get that link to work. Maybe there is another link.
  23. Mine came from Ohio and I'm in South Carolina. I ordered two $100 last Monday and they came the following Friday. Four days later. And, if I remember correctly, the other two that I ordered only took four days also.
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