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    Spirit Secrets or Do Not Miss....

    Shhhhhhhhhhh , okay another secret ... the buffet line around the corner from the Italian restaurant serves almost all the same food. ;)
  2. petesgirl

    Slots On The Dawn

    I won $1500 on the slots during the Blizzard cruise :D
  3. petesgirl

    Inside Stateroom size

    it was cruisestateroom.com and they have told me that NCL does not give out that information anymore .. it really is too bad.
  4. petesgirl

    15 Pounds In 3 Weeks??

    You follow that diet for three weeks, every other day. Once you have lost the weight you won't go back on a regular diet because then you'll gain it all back. You'll just eat a very balanced diet minimizing your intake of starchy stuff, alcohol, fats and sweets. :)
  5. petesgirl

    Gem 1st timer Help!

    PS Leaving from NY, the Atlantic can get rough so do be prepared with some sort of motion sickness remedies. Alternative antidotes are ginger and bracelets.
  6. petesgirl

    Gem 1st timer Help!

    Hi Tilly ... 1) the earlier the better/Latitudes/VIP 1st, no, just get there by 10, passports are always a good thing, just make copies of them. 2) Go to Walmart.Target and get Meclizine HCL 25-50 mg. three times a day and start day before the cruise IF you are prone to seasickness. 3) The food is generally great anywhere you eat. Discounts are usually given for pre-5:30 seatings 4) I would do ship excursions on a first trip. Remember, if you are on your own and miss the ship, you're in deep water. 5) Depending on your cell phone. If you have Verizon, all you have to do is call *611 on your phone and have international dialing added free of charge. The charges come when the phone calls are made or received. Some places are 99 cents a minute, others 1.29 and the ship is 2.49 !! Once the ship reaches port, it is supposed to turn off their cell towers so before placing a call, I would definitely make sure the towers are off. 6) Have a great time. All my friends say the Gem is gorgeous. :)
  7. petesgirl

    Mini Fridge On Sun?

    Monte, I'm glad to hear that the Sun is one of your fave ships as we'll be sailingon her next fall for DH's 70th ... I read some pretty horrible reviews about her food yesterday and was beginning to get worried especiialy since this will be by a long shot the most expensive cruise I have ever had to pay for. Cinci:)
  8. petesgirl

    Platinum Member

    Yeah, the luggage tags are multi colored and the clock didn't work. But it was a lovely gesture and my DH still has the clock sitting on his bureau ... we now have 7 clocks in the bedroom ... Cable 2 minutes fast, alarm clock 7 minutes fast (that DH doesn't know how to use, another alarm clock 4 minutes slow, NCL clock dead, phone/answering machine 1 minute fast, DH's rolex 5 minutes slow and mine right on time. Trouble is ... DH is the one that has to get up LOL :D. Mornings are fun. ;)
  9. PS I got married in 73 too, am 56 but got divorced after 30. I eat when I am happy :eek:. I need depression in a major way ;). Tink
  10. Hey Jan, I just posted after you on the thread before this ... it really is about avoiding all the "white starchy stuff" aka complex carbohydrates, sweets and alcohol AND drinking a gallon water. adding some unsweetened cranberry juice..I use Nature's Promise really helps a lot ... and that is the byword for all diets. Also ... on the cruise, as long as your legs are working .. never take the elevators except on embarkation and debarkation (or obviously an emergency) and you will be apt to lose weight despite NORMAL food, alcohol and dessert consumption. Always use the stairs as fast as you can. Avoid Mrs. Field's cookies in the casino ... they are purported to be 750 kcal each :eek:. Last cruise on the Spirit I had 3 before bed with a nice glass of milk. Couldn't figure out WHY I didn't lose any weight :p.
  11. petesgirl

    15 Pounds In 3 Weeks??

    At least 1 gallon of water per day (add some unsweetened cranberry juice (1C to 56 oz filtered water) in increments as below Alternate every other day : Wakeup : 16 oz of cran water each day Breakfast : 1 C cran water, 2 scrambled egg beaters - add some onions, broccoli, red pepper/fruit smoothie (frozen mixed berries, 1C cran water, add fresh fruits/melon, pineapple) Snack : 1 C cran water, Dannon light and fit yogurt / Wasa 7 grain crackers with almond butter 1 C cran water Lunch : flaxseed pumpkin bar (both days) or a huge mixed green salad with just enough lowfat dressing to flavor it. Have coleslaw with raisins and Newman's lowfat sesame ginger) and of course 1 C cran water with either Snack : apple/yogurt (as above) 1C cran water Cocktails : 1 C cran water and 2 Tbs of almonds or pecans Dinner : 4 oz ONLY salmon / pork, chicken, lean beef, any assortment of steamed veggies or salad you want. 1 C cran water Finish dinner by 7:30 and you'll be fine. Original diet called for (no cocktail but) bedtime snack ... with 1 C .. I was up all night peeing. You won't miss your coffee or tea or coke or wine or gin or vodka... you are so busy drinking a gallon of cran water you don't miss it. You might feel a bit dizzy on day 2 ... it will pass. You might get a tiny headache from caffeine/alcohol withdrawal - 2 tylenol I also made sure that I supplemented with 4 Omega 3 gel caps and 3 Flaxseed Oil gel caps. Good luck ... it worked for me. :) PS This was given because you asked. As with any diet, consult your physician :)
  12. petesgirl

    Children's program on NCL?

  13. petesgirl

    NCL Best prices for booking?

    I don't know all the ins and outs of this one but NCL was outstanding in their handling of the Great Blizzard Cruise of 2/06. It was the first time that they had had to live up to their "Winter Weather Guarantee." There were a number of people who couldn't get in. Many elected a full refund for another cruise, others were flown to San Juan and picked up there. Every passenger received a very nice OBC as we ended up not leaving till the next morning ... but what a beautiful sight - our " Lady " glistening in front of a backdrop of brilliant blue skies and mounds of white stuff. What a great job they did. :)
  14. petesgirl

    Questions about Spirit AB deluxe penthouse

    Nice to know that the suites have soundproof walls .. the balcony rooms didn't .. I could hear their (next door) phone ring :eek:. But that didn't bother me.
  15. petesgirl

    Spirit Secrets or Do Not Miss....

    Well, if I told you, they wouldn't be a secret anymore :p ... but, I can tell you that despite my 4 biggest problems with her, she is one of my favorites and I go on her in 2 weeks ! Unless she has been drydocked and refitted : 1) the hairdryers are the vacuum hose kind and will burn your hands long before your hair gets dry ... when I had a hair cut like Liza Minelli, it didn't matter but now that it's way past my shoulders I fear 'wethead' ... :eek: 2) staterooms balcony and below do NOT have a refrigerator ... :rolleyes: 3) the casino was terrible to me ... :mad: and 4) Le Bistro was very disappointing in that 50 % of the patrons had a view of the kitchen :(. Okay, I'll give you one secret ... the forward stairwells are red, the midship's are blue and the aft are green :D