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  1. I was happy to see this thread started, because I hoped that we'd have a friendly discussion about cruising with a bike. Instead, what we have is akin to someone asking about the wine list and getting a bunch of ignorant comments about the evils of alcohol and the perils of uncorking a bottle incorrectly. I'm grateful for the thoughtful posts and good info this thread generated, and particularly to @WYB! and @True Trans Traveler for the photos.
  2. Take a deep breath. Wheeling or carrying a bicycle – even a FULL SIZED BICYCLE – on and off a ship is trivial, particularly if you're physically fit and used to handling it. As any serious cyclist will be. Storing it in a cabin, particularly a single cabin, doesn't rate a second thought. Pre-covid, it was common to see dozens of bikes in crowed commuter trains and stations, including subways with multiple stairs to navigate, in the SF Bay Area. Everyone figured it out. One or two onboard a cruise ship won't even be noticed. What if everyone does it? Then the
  3. They can sail out of the US, but they can't come back unless they stop in a non-US port first.
  4. Not if you're on the Sun going from Seattle to Alaska to Russia to Japan in October 😁. Which hasn't been cancelled. Yet.
  5. Completely ordinary when you're travelling with a bicycle. Taking a bike onboard a ship or on public transit, or navigating through a hotel is pretty painless. It's not going to cause any more distress to those around you than the stuff other people haul around. Like massive suitcases, scooters, luggage carts, shopping bags and (dare I say) children.
  6. I did a month-long bike/train/boat tour through Europe, and brought my bike onboard a river cruise ship in Hungary. They wanted me to leave it on the deck. I said I'd be happy to sleep on deck, but the bike was going in the cabin. That ended the conversation. It was a bit cramped – river boats seem to have tighter accomodations than ocean cruise ships – but workable. Sea-going ferries – Norway to Denmark and Denmark to Iceland – were even easier. Bikes are normal. On another trip, I brought a boxed bike on a Cunard transatlantic run. No problem. In my experience, if bikes aren't ba
  7. My theory – hope, really – is that as the UK eases restrictions on international travel, the UK cruises will open up to non-residents. Instead of "UK residents only", the policy could be interpreted as "only people allowed leisure travel in the UK". Right now, those are one and the same, but that could change over the next couple of months.
  8. +1 for no kids. It's just temporary, but I'm going to enjoy it when and if I can.
  9. Maybe so – I'm an optimist. California had a slow and rough start, too. But once the vaccination program scaled up, the number of people vaccinated daily increased rapidly. It's still confusing and chaotic here, but a lot of jabs are finally going into arms.
  10. Watch what happens in the UK over the next two or three months. If restrictions are rolled back on the current time table (international travel starting to ramp up in May and restrictions largely gone by the end of June), it'll be a case study for countries with similar circumstances. NZ is looking at full vaccination in October, Australia maybe by the end of the year. By that time, there could be relevant data from the UK to support a reassessment of current restrictions. I wouldn't bet on anything changing before then, though.
  11. The Sun still has Asian cruises on the schedule for the (northern) winter. I've been looking at its October trans-pac repositioning cruise, Seattle-Alaska-Russia-Japan. I don't expect that Japan will allow cruise ships, or any leisure travel, by then. But I'm hopeful that it'll go somewhere.
  12. Tried adding a shore excursion and a dining package to my July reservation, just to see what would happen. Got this response both times: i We’re sorry, we have encountered an issue updating your reservation. Please contact Norwegian for assistance
  13. My July Baltic cruise on Escape isn't available to book, but the reservation in my account is still active. I think it'll take time to re-set the whole system – do it step by step over a weekend.
  14. I know a lot of nurses. All of them have all the work they want right now. Including a couple of retired nurses who were called back. Hospitals seem to have figured out how to manage resources as case counts go up and down. There's also a lot more spare capacity in the system than there was a year ago, and it took some time to figure out how to manage and use it. Most of my RN friends went through a lot of shift changes and reassignments in the early days of the pandemic. It was a learning process. A big field hospital was built near where I live and never used. That do
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