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  1. I've never had any issue with anyone refusing US dollars in English-speaking Canada, but typically if you give cash they don't exchange at true value -- either at par (USD$1 = CAN$1) so you are losing a little bit of money, but hardly worth worrying about if you are not spending much. You can always get Canadian dollars at an ATM, but you will incur some transaction costs that may not make it worth the bother. Credit cards appear to be accepted nearly everywhere. I've charged the cost of a donut and coffee at Tim Horton's.
  2. Summit (same layout) cabins 9104 and 9106 were surprisingly quiet. While located below the end of the buffet restaurant, where the ice cream is served, there was hardly any noise from above.
  3. Thanks for all the replies and advice. Frankly, I don't need the specific wine list, just a general understanding of the variety and price range available on the ship, which the pictured list did quite well. I was hoping to see what was available in the under $40 range, so I got a general sense. For anyone who cares, I am packing a couple of mid-priced bottles (retail around $25-$35 each). The white is a Muscadet, the red is from Tuscany.
  4. Breakfast has been available on disembarkation day on every Celebrity Cruise that I have ever taken. Usually, service starts fairly early. Main dining room service may be from a slightly limited menu, as I recall.
  5. If the availability of the onboard credit doesn't impact on whether you are going to book, there is no harm in requesting the credit. We got a decent deal on our cruise (prepaid gratuities and a very fair price for Aqua class) and I was not counting on the credit, but asked for it and received it. If you are only booking if you get the credit, call Celebrity and let them know how important it is that they answer your question. If they can't give you an answer, then don't book.
  6. Thanks so much for posting this. I know what to bring and I see what I might purchase on board. It's worthwhile, for me, to pay the corkage fee for two bottles this trip.
  7. I am hoping to see a contemporary wine list, for comparison, to decide whether to carry on wine or just go with a choice from a wine list. Unfortunately, the Google images of wine lists appear to be for lists from 15-20 years ago. I'm sure that if someone posted a wine list from the main dining room, or from Blu, I would be able to figure things out properly. When I say a wine list, I am referring to a list of wine sold by the bottle. The Google image that lets me know that Celebrity sold a bottle of 2002 White Zinfandel for $20 gives me no useful information. I can tell that the list is from 2003 or 2004, but all that tells me is that the list is too old to be useful for comparison. I won't spend $100 for a bottle of wine that retails for $20, but I will spend close to $50 for a bottle that retails from $20. As an aside, I checked the Celebrity website and looked at the wine that they highlight as examples for their wine packages. The two wines noted in their $119 package retail for around $10 a bottle. The two wines noted in the more expensive package retail for around $15 a bottle.
  8. Google did not help me all that much. I saw a lot of old wine lists and, even though I was searching for Celebrity Cruise wine lists, got a number of Princess Cruise wine lists and other cruise lines' lists. If you got a hit on a list that is clearly for Celebrity and clearly less than 5 years old, please post a link. Thanks.
  9. We are traveling soon and I have had no luck finding a current wine list with prices. I know that the corkage fee is $25, so it makes little sense to bring a $20 bottle if a similar wine sells for less than $50 in the restaurant on board. If you have a photo of a recent wine list or a link, it would be appreciated.
  10. I am shocked that no one mentioned Barney Greengrass. If you are looking for a place that exists in NYC and not elsewhere, where locals eat, you should look into this place. Ellen's is cute, but it is all tourists all the time. If you want to go to a Brooklyn Diner, go to a diner in Brooklyn.
  11. As a lower Manhattan resident, and also as someone working downtown, I may be able to give you some more recommendations if you specify your choice of cuisine and price range. For example, if you would like Italian food, there are a number of venues inside of Eataly, which is among the closest places you will find near the World Trade Center with good Italian food. If you want to eat on the water, there are a couple of places with good food in the area. If you enjoy Japanese food, I would recommend Takahachi.
  12. It sounds like some context is needed is specific cases -- Bermuda shorts in Bermuda, kilts as formal wear for those of Scottish heritage, and I am sure there are many other examples. Staff should be able to tell the difference between appropriate clothing and not adhere to arbitrary rules. Personally, I am not keen on anyone who would be old enough to wear long pants at a British school dressing in shorts for dinner, but find general neatness a better standard, if much more difficult to define. If you would not look out of place poolside or at the beach, you are probably not dressed for dinner. If you are dressed for dinner, you should look out of place sitting next to the pool or on the beach. I am, of course, always correct and no one else's opinions matter.
  13. Congratulations on being the first gay couple to go on a cruise ship!
  14. Thanks for sending the game room photo. In the photo, I only see one table appropriate for game playing, as the other tables appear to be at knee height if using the chairs in the room. Is there more than one table suitable for cards and other games?
  15. I have a quick question about space for playing board games, as you posted a picture of people playing a game of checkers in a bar area. Do they have any area designated or appropriate for board game play? We were on the Summit last year, and they made arrangements for us to use QSine a few times during sea days, but overall it was difficult to find space and we were asked to leave a number of areas where we attempted to play games. We are booked again this year, but were hoping that the renovation would have changed the situation from last year. Separately, doesn't Celebrity offer an excursion of some sort for B2B passengers on turnaround day? As a New Yorker, I have never been on a B2B sailing with Bayonne as the turnaround point, but I have been on a few B2B sailings elsewhere and always had the option of one or more excursions.
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