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  1. Thank you for your input. I have followed your comments on this board and Oceania’s and we did actually participate on a roll call for a cruise we both took on Azamara. I have been reading the comments here and there were several favorable posts that made me think we should consider Silversea. I innocently asked if there was any benefits for X and Azamara customers, since it sounded interesting from the reports and I have not been following regularly since the pandemic hit. Thanks for your explanation of Venetian rewards.
  2. You know, that is really rude and not worthy of an answer and from a CruiseCritic Host? Please ? Give me a break!
  3. Fine. And I do not NEED to sail with them! Thank you very much!
  4. Again......I was not asking for status equivalency or full reciprocity......just some recognition of loyalty with Celebrity and Azamara!
  5. I am not asking for complete reciprocity, just some recognition of my loyalty status to help entice me to book with them. Even a one category upgrade or some OBC.
  6. Guess SilverSea is doing so well with its current client base that they can’t bother to entice any of us X and Azamara cruisers to try them.
  7. It would be nice if there was some recognition for booking SilverSea, if you are coming from RCCL family.
  8. Is Celebrity status combinable with SilverSea? Since SilverSea is under RCCL umbrella?
  9. Believe you are correct. I have heard it makes if difficult for servers on M Class ships if you try to order from MDR menu from Suite DR or AQ DR because the galleys are not near each other.
  10. Yes, we docked at Itea. It was Quest, 12 night Mediterranean cruise Venice to Rome 9/20/2010. It was between Corfu and Valletta. Haven’t seen that port stop offered for a LONG time!
  11. Another interesting port was Itea Greece. From there, most of the ship took excursions to Delphi. That was a fascinating stop to be so close to visit Delphi. That was in 2010.
  12. Looks lovely! We were supposed to stop here in 2017 on an Oceania cruise and never made it in due to bad weather. We missed two or three posts that cruise. Then again, Oceania seems to cut ports pretty easily! Looks like we missed a great port. Maybe some day in the future! Enjoyed your pictures.
  13. Alicante Spain was another beautiful port!
  14. Best cruise ever was Venice to Rome on Quest! So many memorable ports on that cruise! Venice wit the memorable sail away at sunset, Koper, Kotor (the most beautiful sail in and out ever! ), Split, Corfu, Valletta, Taormina, past Stromboli at night, Sorrento with overnight, and then Rome. Best ports! An overnight in Sorrento allowed us to drive the Amalfi coast and get all the way to Ravello and then the next day see Pompeii before sailing out of Sorrento that evening. Highly recommend those ports!
  15. Sad to see you sign off !, hope we see you return! Thanks for everything, Stay safe and best wishes! Hope Azamara realizes how important your role is to us!!
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