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  1. Beware! I had a tower waterview king booked for night prior to my cruise in Oct. no one to,d us the hotel is under major renovation until we checked in. We were told we could not have our tower view king and had to stay in one of the low rise buildings and no refund in price! Needless to say we were not happy. This renovation is supposed to be ongoing till at least January. Suggest you call so you do not get the surprise that we got.
  2. I was just there for a stay prior to cruise. The hotel is undergoing a major renovation! i booked a tower waterview king and didn’t get it. No one told us they were renovating until we checked in. Suggest you call them directly to make sure you don’t get a surprise like we did! The towers were closed down for renovations.
  3. There was a Putu at the Martini bar on Equinox in Oct.
  4. I would take a M class ship any day over the S Class or Edge (haven’t sailed on Edge yet, but I like the layout and size of M class). Our next cruise is booked on Revolutionized Summit. Looking forward to seeing the changes. Love the Aft C 1’s for the large balcony or the FV cabins. Sky suites are fine, too. I am surprised there are no people saying they like the M class best. Are my spouse and I the only ones who still prefer M class? To us, they just feel “like home”.
  5. I was looking at purchasing the essentials package, but I am shocked to hear it doesn’t get you better wine......can you explain? Aren’t there better wines available on a premium package? I thought it would be like upgrading to Celebrity’s premium package which does include better wines? How do you get better wines? Only by purchasing a bottle?
  6. I just checked the list of amenities for AQ class on X web site, but it does not list sparkling wine. We board in a week. Would be happy to see it, but not expecting anything.
  7. Calicakes, did you find the breakfasts to be pretty good? the pics you posted looked quite good..... did you happen to notice if they had a selection of herbal teas available?
  8. Thank you so much for the review! I have really enjoyed it and we board in 2 weeks. We also found the luminae menu too limited for our taste and decided to return to Blu, as Jim said earlier, we are a bit apprehensive about it. I really liked his suggestion about ordering the 4 Oz filet from the children’s menu! Thank you again and have a safe trip home! Thx for taking your time to do a live blog!
  9. Certainly better than the old shower chair used as a footstool.
  10. Randi, keep us posted. We will see if they deliver any kind of proper footstool to you, although I don’t know where they will find one! I sent an email to Celebrity One Touch about our disappointment with the removal of the footstools a day or so ago and just received a phone call from Celebrity. We need to keep bombarding them with comments about the footstools and perhaps over time if they get enough comments things will change!
  11. Wow! Not even in the desk drawer? I am packing now so I will have throw the magnifying mirror in the pile 😔
  12. I think we should start e mailing Celebrity and posting on social media our displeasure with the removal of the footstools! Just sent my email to celebrityonetouch@celebritycruises.com
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