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  1. The apparent (4 nighter) dates that will be affected will be: (based on dates that can not be booked at this time on Cruising Power) There are several dates in 2021 also. nov 04 2019 jan 20 2020 feb17 2020 mar 09 2020 apr 06 2020 may 04 2020 may 11 2020 aug 03 2020 aug 10 2020 aug17 2020 aug 31 2020 sep 14 2020 sep 28 2020 oct 12 2020 oct 19 2020 nov 02 2020 nov 09 2020 nov 23 2020 dec 07 2020 dec 14 2020 dec 28 2020
  2. We cruised on the Sun in June and did not get it added to our history nor the points for over three weeks. Called Norwegian and the rep added the points and updated history while on the phone.
  3. I agree. A few weeks ago we (2 of us) got on the Sun four nighter for under $600 because of the Cuba fiasco. The Mariner of the Seas was way higher. We are booked on the Mariner in late August for a reasonable price and then the Sun for 10 nights in September at a good price with the free drinks. After that the Sun will be less attractive unless prices drop significantly. Our recent Sun booking was the first time on that ship and we liked everything about her, including being so close to home. However, the price must be right to get us back after the September cruises.
  4. Actually the open bar was $5.00 per day. The daily gratuities added to your account were $20.50 pp versus $15.50 pp per day on ships without the open bar. From now on (as of July 7) the gratuity add-on at time of booking will be 20% if you choose the drink package. Still don't know what gratuity we will have to pay (if any) on our Sept 2 and Sept 7 cruises.
  5. Sorry, after booking the Sept. 7th cruise. I had the July 7 change date on my mind.
  6. As the e-mail states (which we got after booking the July 7 five nighter on the Sun) we will get the premium beverage package loaded onto our seapass cards. And yes, with this program, the bartenders \ servers will have to ring in every drink order and pass out the receipts to the guests. This will certainly have an impact on service at the busy bars - like the pool bar on embarkation day when there are guests in five lines, ten deep, waiting to get a drink!
  7. ???? Best to call Norwegian. The reps seem to have a written statement, re change, at their desks now.
  8. Yes but I looked into the Sky and saw Stars! metaphorically
  9. Exactly like it has on any of the other 15 ships. From now on, with the Sun and Star, you will have to either buy the drink package or chose a cabin category that lets you chose one of the five freebies (Free at Sea program), or all of them, or something in-between. This is how it has been for a long time on the other ships.
  10. It's now becoming more "official". A Ft Lauderdale Norwegian employee called me today to see if we were going to book the September 2 Cruise on the Sun that we had on-hold. During the conversation I asked him if the Open Bar on the Sun and Sky would be eliminated. He said that he had in writing that any bookings made after July 7 - for sailings on or after September 2 - would no longer include the open bar. Also, we got an e-mail from Norwegian regarding our September 7 booking. It stated: Thank you for choosing to sail with Norwegian Cruise Line. In an effort to have consistency across the fleet, beginning September 7, 2019, the Free Open Bar offering on Norwegian Sun and Norwegian Sky cruises will no longer be available. Guests may continue to enjoy unlimited open bar as well as other value-added offers through the brand's Free at Sea program. Guests who booked a cruise which included Free Open Bar will still be able to enjoy free unlimited beverages with the Premium Beverage Package at no additional cost. This will be automatically applied to your reservation. Norwegian Cruise Line's Premium Beverage Package includes a variety of spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 USD as well as unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants and on our private island, Great Stirrup Cay. Guests with bookings that already include the Premium Plus Beverage Package remain unchanged.
  11. You obviously do not get sarcasm and you like to chastise. Sorry to find that out about you. So sad. By the way, I do not persuade a staff - they chose what, and are in control of what, they want to do and do not want to do.
  12. When we were on the Empress I talked to the HD and he said Miami told him that, under no circumstance, would he be allowed to set up a Diamond Event like the one on the Majesty. However, and this must remain a secret between us, the Schooner Bar did not swipe my card after the first night and I could drink as many as I wanted - this, of course, being quite unofficial. I will never tell the grease I use to apply to the wheel.
  13. MSC Cruises crew member rescued a woman after she went overboard from the cruise ship MSC Seaview while the vessel was docked at the port of Genoa, Italy. The incident happen on Monday, June 17, 2019, at around 10 pm when a 43-year-old Irish woman jumped from one of the decks into the sea after a fight with her husband. https://crew-center.com/msc-crew-member-rescues-passenger-after-jumping-cruise-ship
  14. You know, I just did a search and the only source of this announcement has been CruiseRadio dot net. Why has it not been shown on Norwegian's web site or on Cruise Critic (other than this thread)??!!! I heard it from the CruiseNext consultant on the Sun last week when at his desk to book a September cruise. But later the next day asked the Hotel Director (now called General Manager) and he had not heard of any such change to the program. Something strange going on here.
  15. Per this link posted in another thread - https://cruiseradio.net/norwegian-cruise-line-stops-open-bar-on-two-ships/ Norwegian Cruise Line announced they are stopping the all-inclusive bar program on Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Sun, effective for voyages on or after September 7, 2019. Norwegian said in a statement, “Any guests sailing on Norwegian Sun and Sky after September 7, 2019 who booked a cruise which included Free Open Bar at time of purchase, will still be able to enjoy the unlimited open bar.” Guests sailing the two ships may continue to enjoy unlimited open bar as well as complimentary specialty dining, shore excursion credits, free WiFi, the option to have friends and family sail free, and free or reduced airfare, through the brand’s ongoing Free at Sea program. I have not seen the statement directly from Norwegian. And I also see the Free Drinks showing on their bookings beyond Sept 7. Not sure how this is going to play out but we booked the Sun for Sept 7 the day before the announcement and will book Sept 2, since the price just went down, today. We get cheapest guarantee insides and expect to get the free drinks while having to pay $20.50 pppd gratuities instead of the normal $15. However, it seems that their announcement says that any bookings made on, or after, yesterday, September 21, will not include free drinks regardless of what is showing on the booking web page. The higher category, more expensive, cabins will allow for choosing the drink package via the "Free at Sea" Program. But then you also have to pay the 18% gratuity up front and will only have $15 pppd daily gratuity. I guess it is possible that they will honor the "Free at Sea" if it is still showing on the October booking page when you do your booking. But I personally doubt it. It's all rather confusing and speculative at this moment.
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