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  1. New to celebrity and looking at booking a 9 day cruise for next May. How often does celebrity offer reduced deposit incentives? I really do not want to shell out almost $1000 CDN at this point in time.
  2. I am looking at booking a cruise for May 2021. We really like cruising on NCL and are 33 points away from platinum. Our favourite Ncl ships have been he Escape, Bliss and Getaway. We just did the Dawn this past March and found it a little too small for us. I have narrowed it down to two cruises. Both are nine days and have a very similar Southern Caribbean itinerary. Ncl getaway interior with the gets all 4 perks plus gratuities is $4700 Canadian. Celebrity Equinox interior including classic drink package and gratuities included comes out to $3030 Canadian. That is a huge difference and is seriously making me consider trying Celebrity. Anybody have any thoughts on comparing the two cruise lines? We do enjoy sitting at different bars in the evening having drinks. We’re not big on shows. We do like to participate in trivia and different games throughout the cruise. And we are in our mid 40’s and early 50’s.
  3. Did you notice if a Woodford Old Fashioned was available and was it included in the drink plan?
  4. Here is a screen shot of my first bid in CDN and the new one in US.
  5. I am a Canadian Cruiser and previously all my bids have been in CDN dollars as that is the currency that my cruise rate is booked at. I cancelled my bids today as I need to change my CC and when I went to resubmit my bid the amounts are now in US amounts. Has any other CDN cruisers experienced this?
  6. Thanks for posting the menu from Encore. It has a lot more variety for sure and looks really good. I hope it is on the Dawn when we go in March.
  7. On Thursday I booked an OV partially obstructed and my only option at the time was a accessible room on the Dawn for March 15, 2020. I would have preferred not to book accessible as we do not need it but no other option for obstructed view. I just got the bid email. $250 (CDN) was minimum bid for a mini suite and $200 (CDN) for balcony. Seemed a bit high but I was happy to get the option. Now I just have to wait and not keep going in and upping my bid!
  8. We have been sailing with NCL since 2016 and I have not noticed a change in the lunch menus in the dinning rooms. We always like to have lunch in the dining room but it would be nice if they added some new menu items. Dinner menus in general also have been the same. Does anyone know how often Ncl introduces a new menus? This is not a complaint of the actual food as we find we enjoy all of our meals. And I am specifically referring to the complementary dining rooms and not the specialty restaurants.
  9. Can anyone tell me if there are better then average interior rooms on the Gem? Not so much in relation to location and floor level but more in regards to space and room layout.
  10. Bong was on the Bliss this past March 16-23 sailing!
  11. Quick review of the balcony room we had March16-23 on the Bliss. Originally we had a interior GTY. Approx 2weeks before the cruise the price of upgrading to a balcony GTY was about $400CDN so we jumped at it. We were assigned cabin 9768 and it was fantastic. Biggest surprise was the size of the balcony. We were able to fit a lounge chair on it plus the two chairs and a table. One thing people should be aware of is that the balcony looks down onto Food Republic so you do lose some privacy. It did not bother us but some might not like it. As a side not if anyone is currently in that cabin we left a bottle of cgampagne in the small side cupboard. Hope someone enjoys it! Really enjoyed the Bliss! I have included some pics of the room, balcony and looking down into Food Republic.
  12. Thank you for the explanation. So in the end it really does not affect the consumer?
  13. I am looking at booking a cruise on the Jade in January 2021. While on the NCL website looking at the deck plans I noticed that the stateroom types change after November 20, 2020. I took pictures to show what I mean. Anyone have any insight to what NCL is doing?
  14. If we wanted to go to the Dak Shack would we take the #10? What street would we catch the jitney on? Thank you
  15. I completely understand a business increasonf prices. It is a business after all and there is demand. What I would expect is advance notice and a gradual increase. Going from $129 to $209 is ridiculous. I am following a trip report of someone currently on the Bliss and if I had not read about this increase I would have been very upset and disappointed when we cruise the Bliss on the 16th. I had planned to try and get passes and If I had been successful I would not have paid the increased price. With exchange it would have cost me over $500 cdn. I just can justify or afford that.
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