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  1. If we wanted to go to the Dak Shack would we take the #10? What street would we catch the jitney on? Thank you
  2. I completely understand a business increasonf prices. It is a business after all and there is demand. What I would expect is advance notice and a gradual increase. Going from $129 to $209 is ridiculous. I am following a trip report of someone currently on the Bliss and if I had not read about this increase I would have been very upset and disappointed when we cruise the Bliss on the 16th. I had planned to try and get passes and If I had been successful I would not have paid the increased price. With exchange it would have cost me over $500 cdn. I just can justify or afford that.
  3. Loving your report. We are in the Bliss March 16. So excited you got Vibe passes. I really want to get them as well but to clarify are you saying they are now $209?
  4. What a professional looking video. Can I ask which beaches you were at?
  5. Thanks for the update. I have friends on this cruise - it is their first cruise so hope it does not scare them to future cruises!
  6. That is great! Maybe he can request it and ask to hold everything but the Woodford!!! Kidding aside if the Bliss is the same as what you experienced on the Epic he will be happy.
  7. Does anyone knows what the cost of the Woodford Old Fashioned is? Last year is was 17.95. Just curious if it increased.
  8. Loving you pictures! I hope the weather gets better for you. If possible can you see if Bong is still on the ship in the Mojito Bar? Hoping he is on the ship when we swim March 16th!
  9. Hello fellow Canadian! Has this not been a horribly cold January?? I am in Northern Ontario and it was -45c with windchill today. I am excited to cruise vicariously through you. We cruise the Bliss in March 16th. Do you have any plans to try and get a Vibe pass?
  10. Did you happen to get a picture of the drink menus showing the increase?
  11. Has anyone done any of the wine or drink tastings on the Bliss? What ones are offered? We did the Chocolate and Wine tasting on the Escape and loved it!
  12. I don’t have a one and done but just wanted to say we sailed Escape twice and loved it! Cruised the Getway after and was a bit disappointed as we really missed the DBH and some of the other food options on Escape. We cruise on the Bliss next and are super excited to try it out.
  13. My cabin is booked under GTY as that was all that was left in the category I wanted to book under. The day after booking, I was assigned a room and I am fine with the room. Not great not horrible. Today under the same category a actual specific room became available. Would I be allowed to switch into that room? Unfortunately (without having to get into it) I Had to book with a travel agent so I cannot call NCL directly and ask.
  14. I love the skewers of roasted pineapple at Moderno.
  15. The exact same thing happened to me. I was trying to book the Bliss for March. It came up as available when I clicked on check availabile sailings. I also called and I was told it was only for December and January sailings. I Chose not to argue.
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