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  1. RCL is taking back the 25% and saying that your cruise was not canceled due to global suspensions WHEN IT WAS. They seem desperate right now. Hours on hold and Hours of arguing even with the letter from RCL offering 125% for the suspension. Check your FCC's. They seem to go down in value magically.
  2. I fly a lot! A Lot! My son is a pilot I have benefit's. Flights are packed and have been since February. Its impossible to fly stand by now.
  3. You assume the cruise line will survive that long? They are not doing well at all.
  4. Anyone else reading between the lines here. Final payments are due soon. Why would anyone in their right mind pay final payment on Alaska 2021?
  5. YEP! exactly. Once FCC is accepted it throws the booking into an entirely different que. People are not taking into consideration that RCL accounting dept was all sent home to work and outsourced too. I have been speaking with agents that are working from home every day. It was not business as usual for the office end of RCL any more than it was the sailing end.
  6. I have relatives that still have antibodies 5 months post covid. (they donate plasma) My husband has had a positive covid test without getting sick at all. He has no intention of getting vaccinated. Royal is holding on to millions of dollars in FCC's right now. I see one big can of worms opening up.
  7. I just returned from Mexico and the resorts are doing the antigen testing for your return to the US at no charge. We had results within 4 hours on our phones (email) This is going to be a HUGE burden for the cruise lines if this CDC mandate is not lifted. A positive test within 90 days of return (we used) can be used instead of testing again, but as of now, a vaccine wont work. Resort guests are staggered with departure. A ship full of people all at once? I just cant imagine.
  8. I think, (correct me if I am wrong) Radiance of the Seas was going to refurbished NOV of 2020. I booked her for Christmas of 2021 and now I am worried about her condition. My favorite class, but hope she is in decent condition.
  9. Well that would be interesting considering I have a drink of some kind in my hand when I am out of my stateroom🤣 It would be impossible. If they mandate it, there goes their booze revenue.
  10. I'm sure it was in the agency's fine print. They charge fee's... Get a new agency
  11. Well my head is spinning. (actually rocking like crazy) rough seas first night and really chopping coming into Mia on last night. I have so many thoughts. The ease of embarkation and debarkation was seriously unbelievable for a cruise !! Pulled up, checked in, walked on. Yesterday had breakfast and walked off. No lines either way. Loved how easy it was to get around but missed the glitz a bit. Bar service was mostly horrendous. Yep, that bad. 😞 A few happy servers but overall, just bad. Impossible to get a drink actually delivered to you at the pool. Loved the bed and
  12. Thank you. Yep we are there sunday too. We will just take a walk. I really want to see and take pictures of the big yachts backed into the piers. We are a boat family and sending those pictures to the fam will be fun.. I look forward to lights of the city at night. I look forward to the ship lights in the port while tendering. I'll take it all in. Thank you again.
  13. We sail saturday. Assignment was made early this morning and WELL WORTH THE WAIT. 😍
  14. What is the very latest anyone has had a guarantee assigned?
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