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  1. Thanks to everyone that replied to my query, your insight has been most helpful. We'd done some of our homework looking at the ports of call for these two cruises and were already leaning toward cruise #2. With your input I'm convinced that these are the ports we want to visit on our first TA. We had also pretty much decided the Veendam was our ship of choice because we expect it to have a charm that likely isn't as prevalent on newer ships, and we think a Lanai stateroom would be wonderful. (Please let me know if I'm dreaming here) In addition, they're not building any more ships like the Veendam, (Statendam Class) however, I anticipate Holland will build additional ships like the Nieuw Statendam, (Pinnacle Class) Thank you RuthC, and we don't want to miss this opportunity. One thing we hadn't considered was the additional entertainment and dining venues available on the Nieuw Statendam. While there are 7 sea days in a row before reaching Fort Lauderdale we're pretty low maintenance and don't need much. As long as we can sit out in the sunshine with our books and an occasional adult beverage. We also enjoy the pool and hot tubs if it's warm enough. 17 Days at sea sounds just about right... Can't wait.
  2. Hi all, My wife are I are excited at the prospect of our first cruise with Holland America, and we're also excited about our first visit to Europe. Looking at the two TA's offered by HAL in 2020, We'd appreciate your opinion on which cruise you find most appealing. The two ships (Veendam and Statendam), sail on different dates in Oct '20, and have different durations, but for this query, let's call these things equal and just consider the experiences at each port for both cruises. Both ships have 5 ports of call, the ships both embark / debark at the same ports. Cruise #1 visits Palma De Mallorca, Spain - Cartagena, Spain - Malaga, Spain - Cadiz (Seville), Spain - Ponta Delgada, Sao Migual, Azores, Portugal Cruise #2 visits Toulon, France - Barcelona, Spain - Alicante, Spain - Malaga, Spain - Cadiz (Seville), Spain - Funchal (Madeira), Portugal Are any of these ports favorites, or piqued anyone's interest? Are there any must see/do experiences at any of the ports? Thanks for your thoughful consideration, Tom
  3. I remember talking with one of our room stewards about about crew food. I was told the food was good, but the menu was repetitive. I was left with the impression you could tell what day of the week it was by what was being served.
  4. I can't promise you'll find grits onboard from every port, but cruising from Galveston, New Orleans, and on Carnival from Mobile, Alabama, we've found grits for breakfast on every sailing.
  5. I believe Royal last cruised from NOLA in 2014, and then returned in December 2018. Vision of the Seas will stay until March 2019. I like Royal in NOLA even if it's only seasonal. We're sailing on Vision OTS Feb 16 WooHoo!
  6. I submitted a (positive) review last September for a cruise we took we took the month previous. It hasn't posted. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  7. All, I'm encouraged by your responses, and I'm hopeful that those regrettable experiences we had on those last few (Royal) cruises were isolated, and that it's just unfortunate that they were back to back for us. We're looking forward to coming home to "our" cruise line again. I know we're still going to sample Celebrity and Holland America at some point in the future. Variety is (after all) the spice of life. But not too much. We're so close to Diamond! Woot! Thanks for taking the time to share your insight.
  8. We took our first cruise in 2006 (Rhapsody of the Seas) and have managed to cruise once or twice a year since. We haven't cruise exclusively with Royal, but have spent more nights at sea (Emerald) with Royal than all other cruise lines combined. For years we really enjoyed the Royal Caribbean experience, then it seems like the effort to upsell everything really ramped up. Not so bad at first, but the offer to upgrade your cruise experience went from reminding you of an offered option, to following you down the promenade nagging all the way and not taking no for an answer. Not much different than walking by the shops in Cozumel. We cruise to relax, not to be hassled. Our last cruise with Royal was in 2016, where we were badgered enough that we decided to take a vacation from Royal Caribbean. We've taken 4 cruises since then with competing cruise lines, and while we were offered "opportunities" on these cruises, we weren't made uncomfortable about it like on Royal. So here it is a few years later and we've booked a 7 day on Vision of the Seas from NOLA this February. We like Royal Caribbean. We find them a good fit for us, and feel like they're a "cut above" similarly priced cruise lines, but the upsell experience is exhausting. Does anyone else feel this way and moved on to one of the premium lines for a better experience?
  9. I can imagine the whole superstructure of the ship vibrating while it's running. I think we'll pass. Y'all enjoy.
  10. We've been to Nachi-Cocum 4 times and we're going back next February. They have a nice private beach (no vendors), a chlorinated pool with swim up bar, and hot tub. You get a pair of loungers and a small table under your own palapa (once we were under a coconut tree) They're not shy with drinks, or service, and lunch is plentiful and delicious! (Try the coconut ice cream). We've seen families enjoying their day, but without water toys, there's not a big draw for kids, so it's generally quiet and relaxed. Always friendly, always clean (restrooms too). Makes a perfect beach day for us.
  11. We sailed on the Emerald Princess Mid May 2017 spending a lot of time on our aft balcony, and can't imagine cruising Glacier Bay without one. Words can't begin to describe the views from that vantage point. It was surprisingly comfortable on the balcony (jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, vest) until at the end of the day when the fog rolled in, and then it got nippy fast. We didn't see any whales from our balcony, but went on a whale watching excursion in Juneau and saw a dozen or more humpbacks, and hundreds of eagles.
  12. Thanks teague38, for taking time to answer my query. That's exactly what we needed to know. Other than packing, we're ready and raring to go.
  13. Hey all, While we're seasoned cruisers, we'll be cruising for the first time out of New Orleans in just two weeks. We booked Fulton, but I don't understand how the shuttle works. Can we arrive at the garage with all our luggage and they shuttle us and the luggage to the port? How about coming back? I heard some stuff about luggage and an elevator that completely evaded me. But can I assume they'll shuttle us and our luggage back to the car when the Dream (Carnival Dream-Pun Intended) is over? Thanks!
  14. Coffee snobs here. We were on Fantasy last April and were impressed with coffee onboard. Probably the best coffee we've had on any cruise, and it was consistent throughout the ship. So high fives for the folks on Fantasy! We're holding our breath for our cruise on Dream in 2 weeks.
  15. If that's $200 per person for $400 total, I'll admit, I'd be tempted. But we spend time on our balcony. Maybe they can sweeten the pot and add $50 OBC?
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