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  1. We'd do B2B Muster Drills if we could cruise again!
  2. We can't wait to cruise again. Probably have to do something special like a Transatlantic, or Southern Caribbean or Florida / California via Panama Canal, maybe Alaska again.
  3. Saw this article on TMZ.com and thought it sounded great since we have 2 cruises with Carnival coming up this summer. I'm not familiar with this source, and since it's an "exclusive" I wouldn't know how to verify the validity of the article. I haven't heard John Heald say anything about this. It's not mentioned in the "Travel Advisory" at Carnival.com Anyone? Thanks, https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/01/carnival-cruise-line-full-refunds-credit-coronavirus-patients/
  4. Well...It depends on the ship. They don't all have the same venues. On our next cruise (Carnival Breeze from Port Canaveral) we'll be choosing from Guy's Pig and Anchor Smokehouse Cucina del Capitano (Pasta Bar) Blue Iguana Cantina Lido Marketplace Seafood Shack $ Guy's Burgers Pizza Pirate Deli Probably going to check out the Pasta Bar first. If it's to busy, the Seafood Shack will be our next stop.
  5. There wasn't a lot of noise under the galley to bother us during the evening, but kitchen activities for breakfast begin around 3:00 in the morning. Pans being knocked around, machines (mixers?) running, didn't hear voices, but lots of loud banging sounds. Maybe we just got lucky. And it happened every morning.
  6. Just an FYI... But I looked Jack's FAQ (Feb 11, 2020) https://www.jacksshack.tc/faq Says lounge chairs are complementary and umbrellas are available for rental @ $10
  7. We've had coves on Magic and Dream, and have one upcoming on the Breeze, But like others have said, you want to stay out from under the galley. We shoot for under the excursion desk or guest services.
  8. We took our first cruise on Fantasy in April '18. And to be frank, we were less than enthralled with the Fantasy in our new home port. Our experience being just "ok". We' were pretty let down with the whole experience. We then cruised on Carnival Dream last fall, and then with RCL in Feb '19. (Both 7 days and fabulous cruises) and then we were looking at a 15 month stretch before our next cruise on Carnival Breeze in May 2020. No way were we going to be able to wait that long. We had the time opportunity, so we decided to try the Fantasy again just two months ago. Just a five day to Costa Maya, and Cozumel. Because we've been to both of these ports multiple times, we stayed on the ship both port days and had the best time. The food was really good everywhere on the ship. The ship was super clean like I've never seen on any ship. Service was excellent on all accounts. We felt genuinely welcome by staff and crew. We had a great cruise! And I know it may sound crazy... But with the exception of our first cruise on RCL Rhapsody of the Seas (the one that hooked us forever), and the magical experience we had on Emerald Princess (Princess Cruises) in Alaska, this may have been my favorite cruise ever. Take a 30 year old ship, with no steakhouse, no Cucina Del Capitano, no Bonsai Sushi, no Mongolian Wok, no Pig and Anchor, only a handful of suites with balconies, (can't afford) and smaller everything. Mixed it with a fabulous crew, good eats and drinks, and some Carnival magic, and suddenly it seemed like everyone onboard was smiling and having a great time. We definitely made friends with Carnival Fantasy this last trip. We're looking forward to seeing her again next September.
  9. It's reasonable to assume that you'll dock at the Puerta Maya pier since Carnival owns it.
  10. We enjoyed a wonderful cruise on Fantasy last month. Wait stations in the MRD appeared to be well organized and clean. But I can't think of a time when the MDR didn't look good. All the serving areas in the Lido buffet were kept as spotless as possible. Spills were rapidly cleaned up, tables were pre-bussed and cleaned quickly after being vacated. Even saw crew cleaning the recycling stations inside and out, as well as the underside of the self-serve beer stations. Seemed like there was always someone hovering around the condiment statiiions ready to clean anything outside Guy's and Blue Iguana. Clean seemed to be the order of the day every day.
  11. Looks like improvements to the channel and turning basin are on the way. https://businessalabama.com/port-improvements-approved/
  12. We love our balconies, and spend a lot of time out there. Sailaway, coming into port, watching sunrises, sunsets and the stars. We've had Cove Balconies on both Dream and Magic. The rooms were under either the excursions desk or the guest services desk, so fairly forward, and we've never been chased away by ocean spray or foul weather. You won't get a much sun in a cove, and you'll have more privacy. Really enjoy the closeness and the sound of the water. We tried different room types and locations across 3 cruise lines and the Cove Balcony is easily our favorite.
  13. We fell in love with Cove balconies on the Magic a few years ago in a cabin just 6 doors forward from yours. We had no issues with noise or smells at all. Great room! We've also enjoyed a cove on Dream and are looking forward to our cove on Breeze next May. As for those "funny" smells onboard... They can happen anywhere on any ship. Enjoy your cruise!
  14. Just got back from Carnival Fantasy last week and being a scotch drinker, I wasn't paying that close attention to the bourbon selection. But I think I remember seeing Maker's Mark, Crown Royal, Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's. More and better selection at the casino bar that elsewhere on the ship.
  15. Just got back from a fabulous 5 day cruise on Carnival Fantasy out of Mobile, Alabama this morning. Already have the itch for Carnival Dream out of Port Canaveral next May. (Only 239 days to go)
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