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  1. OMG!!!:cool: I had to post before I read through the thread especially after seeing your intro video which is so AWESOME!!! It was really great to meet you on the flight today! It was like I met a celebrity. I finally unpacked( well attempted to at least), ate and now I will be soaking myself into this great review. Until we met up in the skies ( or sea) again! Take care, Adena.

  2. If we dock at Curacao at 2:00 pm would we be able to visit a beach for a reasonable amount of time? We would like to take a taxi to a nearby beach and spend as much time as possible there before it gets too dark and or dangerous and be able to get a taxi ride back. Any suggestions?

  3. I have a reservation with SAS to pick us up at our hotel. They state that hotel pick-ups start at 11:00am. Does that mean we will be picked up at 11:00 or a little after that depending if they start at other hotels? If we get picked up at 11:00 what time will we get to port of Miami? Thanks.

  4. Don't know its name, but my wife LOVED this drink last year! We're sailing Saturday on the Panama Canal cruise---I figure she'll spend the 15 days searching the bars to find it again!




    Second...Please try to complete a review of your March cruise. I wish could have joined you on this.

  5. minniem64 - We personally did not have any problems with bugs/insects for the 4 nights we were there. Although we weren't happy with the hotel, our room did seem to be clean.


    Our flight arrived around 6:00 a.m. and had no problems with a late arrival. We had booked the night before to make sure we would have a room. I had emailed the manager to make sure they would hold our room since we would be checking in after the required time per pricelines rules.


    You can read my full review on tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g34227-d84407-Reviews-Ocean_Sky_Hotel_Resort-Fort_Lauderdale_Florida.html


    Thank-you. I am sure I am worrying about nothing.

  6. I'm going in April, please keep me posted as to how it was. Looking foreword to your review. Have fun!!!!



    UOTE=eurodl;36582057]I won this hotel on priceline. We'll be checking in this weekend. When are you going?


    We will also be there in April. We won a bid on Priceline. I am scared because we are arriving late at night and a few reviews mentioned cockroaches and bed bugs and I don't want to be dealing with that at 1am.

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