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  1. I really hope I get to take my cruise but I have a list of places within an 8 hr drive that I have been wanting to visit. I'm blessed to have such dilemmas.Canada seems to have VERY strict lock downs. I grew up In Michigan and they are really struggling. I say Daily, "I'm so glad I live in Florida"
  2. I live in Cocoa Beach and most of us are NOT wearing a mask it is not required I will NOT wear one on a cruise. If a vaccine or mask is required next summer I will cancel my Greek Isles cruise
  3. Greek Isles cruise on Odyssey next June is currently $77 pp per day!! No thanks!
  4. I didn't realize that, Thank you!
  5. I'm on the fence about my Odyssey cruise in The Med next summer! Party because I'm out of work, partly because I'll have to buy plane tickets by the end of the year & things are just so uncertain I agree waiting til final payment to see how things pan out is probably the best so you don't have any regrets..That's what I keep telling myself
  6. Even when cruising with my hubby I usually end up at lunch alone & sitting in the Solarium alone while he's off in the smoking section by the main pool. I think some people just can't imagine being alone. ENJOY!!
  7. I do believe they Have to claim at least 8% The minimum wage for servers now in Florida is $5 an hour. It still pays better than some jobs though if you work in the right place
  8. I'm doing Greek Isles on Odyssey in 2021 & with this ship the 7 nighter has just 4 ports with late stays in Mykonos & Santorini.. I too was worried about being able to relax & enjoy & I really think this itinerary lets you do that.
  9. I really appreciate this tread. My husband is a restaurant server & relies on tips so he is a big tipper & we are going to Rome and cruising the Med in 2021. I'm a bit relieved as I'm trying to plan a budget & it's interesting to hear Europeans feel almost insulted by our over tipping. It's such a part of our culture. So glad for these other points of view!
  10. The May 21st 9 nighter I was also interested in disappeared yesterday too but I was pretty set on the 7 day or I would have called.
  11. I booked my 7 night Greek Isles on Odyssey last night. oddly the price was $115 less than on Tues. It said Flash sail when I was checking out. I was waiting for a sale this weekend hoping for some OBC but since they rarely offer much OBC anymore I just booked it. got the cabin I wanted. Now I just have to wait 534 days!
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure we'll be doing a 7 nighter on Odyssey since the 9 night is so darn expensive. I kind of like the longer days in port on the 7 night though. I'll feel less rushed. Didn't care as much about missing Crete but we'll be bummed to miss Ephesus. And mid-ship is cheaper that Aft or Forward on Odyssey. I wonder why since it's the opposite of all other Royal ships
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