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  1. So, MSC. MSC has a pretty good onboard product, especially if you're in Yacht Club. Otherwise--it's very much like Carnival-and their entertainment (especially production shows) are awful. BUT-Pre cruise? In comparison, the Medallion on Princess is like a Lamborghini, and the MSC pre-cruise experience is more Edsel. It's Bad. Really bad. So bad that they've sued their website developer, but somehow are locked into a contract to keep them. Nothing works. Just head on over to the MSC board and hear what they have to say. I've sailed with them once, and experienced it, and am sailing on them again next month, and I'm experiencing it again. Trust me, it's a struggle!
  2. Thank you for asking an intelligent question and inquiring if the walls are metal. It drives me crazy when people ask, "Are the walls magnetic?" Sure, lady. You can just hang all your metal accessories right up there on the wall. Who needs drawers? 🤣
  3. I wonder if this means the end of the Elite discount. I've always thought that Princess has a poor selection of logo merchandise. They have lots of folks onboard with an affinity for their brand, and they have very little that celebrates it, and definitely nothing very special.
  4. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, are both municipal operations run by their respective cities, so an agreement for Carnival in Long Beach doesn't mean that Princess has their agreement completed with Los Angeles. But I agree-just get me on the ship!
  5. I would love to see them call it Pacific Princess since it's such an iconic part of their history.
  6. I believe it's Elemis "Revitalise Me". A very nice scent.
  7. I agree! It smells like candy, but not in a good way. If I'm not in a Spa/Havana, I bring my own.
  8. I love the Panorama! It has fantastic outdoor seating areas, with great comfortable furniture. There is a secondary breakfast buffet in the Ocean Plaza that lets you escape the chaos of the regular breakfast buffet. The Havana Bar is great, with excellent drinks and music. I was in a Spa Cabin and found the thermal suite to be fine, and never over run. I never felt the ship was crowded. The only thing I don't particularly like is the setup of seating in the Liquid Lounge. I LOVED the Piano Bar setup; early in the evening it's open to the Steakhouse, so the music is pleasant standards; only later does the wall close and the piano bar changes into a sing-a-long style venue. It was a genius use of space.
  9. In Las Vegas, the Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York is $19-23, depending on the time of day--and it doesn't have an ocean view. Plus, it's a terrible, rough coaster! $15 is fine to me.
  10. You wouldn’t even notice an earthquake while at sea. A tsunami would only be noticed very close to shore.
  11. Yes, still booked on this cruise.
  12. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the "no Fettucine Alfredo" post!
  13. That's what I plan on doing. I don't need my room "cleaned" twice a day, but in the evening I would like fresh towels, the trash emptied and the beds turned down. I think when talking about twice a day "service", people confuse a room cleaning with a turndown. I was an Executive Housekeeper in a 1000 room hotel, and we had a fraction of the staff at night we had during the day, because a turndown takes just a couple of minutes as opposed to a cleaning.
  14. They also had a Resort in San Diego--The San Diego Princess. I stayed there back in the mid 90's. They had a ship model of the original Pacific Princess in the lobby! The hotel is still there, operating as the Paradise Point Resort and Spa.
  15. So even if the cruise is "fully vaccinated", it's still only required that 95% should have gotten the jab. I wonder if it's just for those 5% who aren't, rather than for a "vaccinations not required" sailing.
  16. And if you want to see the Carnival Miracle (and other ships) when they get to Seattle, this is a good webcam: Space Needle Panocam | Space Needle
  17. Heald said in his post that it would be getting a signature Carnival funnel.
  18. Correct. Coke's product is Pibb Xtra. I've had it on Carnival ships in the past.
  19. In the Suite Lounge on Navigator of the Seas, before happy hour that starts at 430, do they have any complimentary non-alcoholic beverages or snacks?
  20. The only thing I think that would make customs a thing is that you're out in international waters, buying a bunch of duty free stuff in the onboard shops. But who knows!
  21. California also has one as of yesterday. Optional to participate.
  22. When talking about Mexican Riviera cruises, I'm not sure why people say that the Pacific is rougher than the Atlantic. I have been on at least a dozen Mexican Riviera cruises, and have never felt any movement at all. I agree that if you're crossing the Pacific, that might be true, but unlike a Caribbean cruise from Florida there's no crossing of a big current like the Gulf Stream that I'm aware of. I've always found Caribbean cruises bumpier. Your mileage may vary.
  23. The "Mardi Gras" font is a throwback to the original Mardi Gras, which had the same font on the side of the ship. Here it is on a vintage brochure. I think it's neat that they are paying tribute to their heritage.
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