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  1. Mt. Rigi and the Lake Lucerne boat cruise are also very easy to do on your own; we did both. The area of Luzern where you will be staying is compact and walkable. The old town is very scenic and very easy to see on foot.
  2. So far, our favorites are Decanter Hotel in OSJ and Marriott Stellaris for a great beach hotel. You don’t mention a price range — neither is a budget pick — but both are super nice and good value for the price.
  3. Glad to see this mentioned. A treadmill is very important to DH, and he was dismayed not to be able to use it on Star Pride without hitting his head. I read a ton of reviews before our trip, and none pointed out that the treadmill is unusable except by short people. Thank you for mentioning this. Sorry you had such a bad experience. We mostly enjoyed our Windstar cruise, but we also had some customer service issues. If their customer service was as good as Viking’s or Celebrity’s, we would probably try them again, but it just wasn’t.
  4. DH and I never had a problem on ~1,200 passenger ships even in rough seas, but were both quite ill on Star Pride. Windstar Guest Services will give you free meds, but if you are not sure how you will do, I would have your own med supply and take them proactively. They take much longer to help once you are already sick, in my experience.
  5. DH and I have Verizon TravelPass on both our phones, and neither of us has ever been able to get a usable signal in the Caribbean. Only in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas have we been able to get spotty data, not good enough to rely on. Voice was OK in PR and the USVI, not elsewhere in my experience.
  6. I don’t agree. I have a small, narrow face and need to use a child-sized half mask for a good fit. I cannot use my hubby’s half mask, and vice versa. Yet we can easily swap a full face mask back and forth.
  7. Full face mask is *much* easier to use, no lessons required. Buy one and test it in a bathtub. If you want fins, the shortie swim fins are almost as efficient as long fins for surface snorkeling, and are much easier to pack and carry.
  8. I’m sure it’s great, all the Viking excursions are! If you are thinking of skipping the included Marksburg castle tour because Viking describes it as “ strenuous”, you might want to view their video or Google some reviews. It does have some uphill walking and some stairs, and is slightly more aerobic than the other included tours on this cruise. However, Viking’s description greatly overplays the difficulty, in my opinion (and the opinion of several posters on this forum). On our cruise, a nonagenerian in the Slow Walkers group was able to do it. By all means, do the Koblenz tour if you are more interested in it. But don’t be afraid of Marksburg if you would find it interesting. Unless you are in a wheelchair or use a walker, it should be doable.
  9. Since you won’t be diving in a full-face mask, all you have to do is raise your head, lift the bottom of the mask, and drain it. It pops back in place much more easily than a traditional mask, so this is no big deal. You actually can blow air out just as you would in a half-mask, but it’s easier just to surface. Also, in my experience, unlike a half-mask, a full-face mask rarely floods, because they don’t leak as much. I think they are far easier for kids to use, or adults for that matter! With a half-mask, it used to take me several minutes to get all my hair out of the seal, adjust the strap to be snug but not tight, defog, etc. With the full-face, you just pop it on and go. I understand that people are comfortable with what they are used to, but I wish the nay-sayers would just try the full-face. Unless you are a diver, they are just easier and less hassle.
  10. Our walking tour guide said to look out for “psychopaths on the cycle paths”.
  11. I loved the WWII tour, but it was largely historic, somewhat picturesque, and not at all interacting with locals. From your description of your interests, I think the Village tour would suit you better. Our tablemates said it was lovely. CarolynFH gave you a great suggestion with Breisach. On our AB, there was plenty of time to walk around Breisach in the afternoon, after either of the Colmar tours in the AM. The Viking front desk was handing out large, detailed maps of Breisach, supplied by the local TI, showing walking routes and points of interest. Breisach is charming; I think you would enjoy it.
  12. Robin, There are several river docks in Basel. You can check the schedule here: http://m.port-of-switzerland.ch/wAssets/docs/Steigerplan/import/wAssets/docs/Steigerplan/import/Steigerplan.pdf You will not be able to see your assigned dock area until 2-3 weeks before the cruise. So you’ll probably want to have a transfer plan for each location. If your hotel is in old town Basel, you can easily take a tram from the St. Johann dock. If your dock is Dreilandereck, public transportation to old town is more challenging.
  13. Hi dis2cruise, Sorry, I can’t recommend a company since I have always had excellent luck with the taxis at SJU. I have never waited more than a minute. Just bumping this, hope you get an answer.
  14. That is a pretty short time. Would your son maybe enjoy running around and flying a kite on the lawn by El Morro fort? Would cost practically nothing, and great views.
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