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  1. Yes, we received the invoice for the L&S almost immediately on May 3, via email. It showed an Amount Paid equal to the deposit for the 2020 cruise, plus a bit more. When I asked about that, the rep simply said not to question it, it was a bonus. Later, I realized that the "extra" was the same amount as the planner package. Waited to see if the credit would also come through on the cc, but that never happened. In mid-June, I called again, but then they said that the credit had been applied to Amount Paid for the new 2021 cruise. Still hoping that we get to cruise next year...
  2. In early May (before final payment), we did the L&S for our Aug2020 cruise to the same cruise in 2021. We received an email that the cruise planner item ($102) would be refunded to the original method of payment, our credit card. Waited a month or so, but no refund. When I phoned again, rep said that the amount was applied as a payment against our 2021 cruise instead. They offered to arrange a refund to our credit card (eta another month or two), but then the final payment on the next cruise would be higher by the same amount. We opted to leave it as a prepayment against the 2021 crui
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