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  1. .No outdoor giant screen on the Zuiderdam.
  2. Did this off the Summer Solstice cruise on the Zuiderdam 2018. Yes it was worth it. We were not the type to need to see every nook and cranny; we went thru on our own and did not stay with the tour. We enjoyed the views and the people watching. You do not have to stay with tour! Just get the time you need to be back on the bus and enjoy yourself. It will be crowded. It always is. If you have the chance to spend loads of time in France then it would be great to watch the light change thru evening but we did not have that luxury. I would do it again.
  3. If you booked directly with HAL, you get an emailed booking confirmation which shows “Beds Requested” in the upper right quadrant. It will show the bed configuration. It can be changed if it’s wrong by calling. It’s never been wrong for me upon arrival in room.
  4. The Crows Nest is pretty tame and there are buffer areas between where the Deck 10 cabins start and the higher traffic areas of Crows Nest. Buffers include the Future Cruise office (starboard) and an open gathering room (port). The bar area is on the port side and forward and it is quiet.
  5. We very recently did a college visit trip where we flew into Buffalo (from New Orleans), rented a car and drove over the Queen Elizabeth Peace bridge to Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Embassy Suites at the funicular which was convenient. It was a Canadian holiday weekend so it was unusually crowded but we had gorgeous weather. It was well worth it. The boat ride into the Falls was hokey but a lot of fun; looking at the pictures, everybody on the boat is smiling and laughing. Our trip took us back over the same bridge to go see New York’s universities but it would have been delightful to keep driving further into Canada. Accept and expect delays at the bridge. The Canadian officer was friendly and charming; the American border officer was nasty and threatening in tone. I would love love to do the trip you are planning.
  6. Have you looked at Royal or NCL? Depending on ship, they have rock climbing walls, go karts, pool slides, zip lines, Flo-riders, ice rinks, and any manner of distractions. You will also have staff insisting you Have Fun. Does that sound like a match?
  7. Do what you need to do. That said, in umpteen land and cruise trips with my kids abroad I have never been asked for documentation other than passports per usual and I've never volunteered further information.
  8. Thanks all. I guess there is no definitive answer to the immigration question but it would seem odd to go thru twice. I am really looking forward to this cruise on the Zuidy; it will be our 3rd trip on this ship. Looking forward to Capt van Hoogdalem's pithy morning greetings. Yes lobster is going to play a starring role! Also hoping for some fall foliage.
  9. Hello. We will be on a southbound sailing from Quebec City to Ft Lauderdale. The first US stop is Portland, Maine and there are 3 more American stops before FLL. My question is: will we have the customs/re-entry procedures in FLL or not as we will be in US territory for a week prior to disembarkation? Also would love to hear any suggestions to things to see and eat during this sailing. Thanks!
  10. The VF balconies are actually my favorite. Maybe I should book guarantee next time. Yes, you have to stand but you get an uninterrupted view to the waterline. I like seeing the sea before it gets churned up.
  11. Ive taken two cruises on HAL both on the Zuiderdam post-drydock and there was no smoking indoors at all. There was smoking on the aft pool deck on the left side and one spot outside on the promenade and that was it. It was marvelous to walk thru the ship without a thought to encountering the dreaded haze.
  12. I’m thrilled that there will be options. I don’t drink much (and can not justify getting a whole bottle) but when I do drink, I like to see the stars in a glass. Thanks everybody and I’d love to see an upcharge list!
  13. Thank you. It’s good but it’s the American sparkling not champagne.
  14. Which champagne is offered by the glass on the Premium package? I tried to do a search but it’s pretty hopeless. Not talking about sparkling, cremant, or cava. I’m on the Infinity in the Med Sea this summer if that makes a difference.
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