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  1. Does anybody see their promo beverage package for a Eurodam sailing? We booked on the NS with free grats/dining/shore ex discount (which technically expired back in April) and the free inside cabin. Still not seeing a complete final booking confirmation.
  2. I can still get in to look at my October booking in the Med Sea but it does appear blocked for new bookings. I am assuming we will be cancelled. The ship is in the Bahamas still to obtain CDC approval. Probably want to redeploy to the Carib. Of course this is pure speculation right now.
  3. This is my question too. She has a charter Oct 9-19 in the Med (sigh not my crowd) so maybe?
  4. How do you "police" this on a cruise ship? Do we assume non-vaccinated people will comply with mask wearing and be diligent in their interactions on and off the ship? I can tell you the answer to that. It is far more straightforward to make the minimum safety standard to be fully vaccinated.
  5. I would suggest to look up videos on YouTube for MSC cruises. It shows clearly the reduced # of pax, the chairs spread out, and no masks required when at the pool. They require masks when guests are forced to congregate in tighter spaces such as disembarkation.
  6. Hawaii has been offering vaccinations to merchant mariners for months.
  7. I’m sure surgeons don’t like wearing masks either. Maybe there should be a consent form. Doctors who feel masks are useless should not be forced to wear them. I mean maybe only 2% will die of infection. Insurance can cover that. I mean, open heart surgery already carries risk. What’s a little more give or take? Yeah sure.
  8. I think there are historical reasons why some are hesitant that are valid but can be changed with information and support. I think some people only like alternative facts as opposed to plain old facts. I think some people aren’t internet savvy and can’t figure out how to get an appointment. I think some people are waiting until their friends get it and confirm that it’s okay; kind of a herd mentality instead of just immunity. And I think some people embrace and hold tight to their biases that are simply political and illogical.
  9. Got my 19yo his 1st Pfizer this weekend at a mass event at a local stadium. The vaccinators said anybody in the same car could also get it so long as over 16. Anybody. In. The. Car. Get yourself vaxxed so we can cruise.
  10. I received my vaccinations fairly early on thru work. Our company provides specific specialist care to a large population of people with a chronic condition that is highly susceptible to adverse outcomes if they get COVID. I received the card as shown earlier. Recently when I went to my personal care provider with no affiliation to my company, she immediately had access to my vaccination records and it included the COVID vaccination information. Also last year upon acceptance to college, my kid had to provide a vaccination record under an official seal which we easily requested online
  11. You linked a site about children’s vaccination records. Not equivalent.
  12. There is already a CDC database containing the ID info including names and addresses and vial IDs of anyone who receives a COVID vaccine. I would think they will create a window into that system for travel providers (and others) similar to a No Fly list where names are matched.
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