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  1. Are future cruise certificates covered by ABTA/ATOL bonding seems like the original question needs flagging up again as it feels like we are being ignored. A reply would be much appreciated and I have to say as a fairly calm and considerate person I too am losing faith inAzamara.
  2. Bonnie please can you push this one again for us.
  3. This topic is in danger of dropping out AND we still don't have a reply. Any news please?
  4. Well said I totally agree with you Grandma Cruising
  5. To quote UK Tog "Now we learn that Virgin is in trouble we have to take the current financial services adage “ no one is too big to fail” to the front of our minds". I am wondering where the credit card companies come into this if all else fails. Can we go down that route. Our May cruise is cancelled and out TA is going down the FCC route. No idea when we would be able to take a cruise again being over 70 but I am thinking wait and see. Someone made reference the other day that if we claim a cash refund then the TA is also paying back their commission to us - that in itself brings on more problems.
  6. alanbab


    I totally agree with you asnaleah - we are already planning 2021 holidays and none of them include AZAMARA!!!
  7. Many thanks for your replies everyone. So it appears that there may very well be 2 places where we dock and I'm guessing that it may not be known until near to our arrival which disembarkation point we use. So I shall contact a transfer company - 'Friend in France' gets very good reviews and also does tours if that is of interest to anyone. I will message them with our pick-up point when it is known. I will let you all knowhow I get on. Cheers everybody!
  8. Has anyone disembarked Azamara in the Port of Nice? It appears that there are a couple of places in the port where the ship may dock. I am wondering would it be better to pre-book a taxi to the airport or will there be taxis waiting at the port. Any help would be very gratefully received. Many thanks.
  9. Many thanks for your reply this is really helpful. re your comment: we have been allocated an early sitting on a group table So it would appear if we were allocated a group table we would have a set dining time. That doesn't match with what I have read which I thought was dine whenever you please. So glad you posted this information - thanks.
  10. Thanks for this excellent report. Can anyone say how likely we would be to get a table for 2 in the restaurant? Early saver fare brings the cost down considerably and for us the only benefit of select fare would be the free coach and port shuttles which would not add up to the several hundred pound price difference. Our recent cruises have been with Azamara and Oceania where its turn up at any time dining (within the opening times) and a table for 2 guaranteed if you are prepared to wait. Any information gratefully received. Many thanks.
  11. We dined at the Beach House on Aurora in June and it was so good that we went 3 times! The steak on a hot stone is excellent. Yes to get the time that you want I would book. Enjoy.
  12. Totally agree with Selbourne who's views mirror ours. If implemented will be a bad move on behalf of P&O - we always paid the auto gratuities which was an issue for many Brits I know BUT - as the saying goes BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!
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