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  1. alanbab

    What is it really like in Britannia Club?

    Many thanks for your reply this is really helpful. re your comment: we have been allocated an early sitting on a group table So it would appear if we were allocated a group table we would have a set dining time. That doesn't match with what I have read which I thought was dine whenever you please. So glad you posted this information - thanks.
  2. alanbab

    What is it really like in Britannia Club?

    Thanks for this excellent report. Can anyone say how likely we would be to get a table for 2 in the restaurant? Early saver fare brings the cost down considerably and for us the only benefit of select fare would be the free coach and port shuttles which would not add up to the several hundred pound price difference. Our recent cruises have been with Azamara and Oceania where its turn up at any time dining (within the opening times) and a table for 2 guaranteed if you are prepared to wait. Any information gratefully received. Many thanks.
  3. alanbab

    Beach house on aurora

    We dined at the Beach House on Aurora in June and it was so good that we went 3 times! The steak on a hot stone is excellent. Yes to get the time that you want I would book. Enjoy.
  4. alanbab

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Totally agree with Selbourne who's views mirror ours. If implemented will be a bad move on behalf of P&O - we always paid the auto gratuities which was an issue for many Brits I know BUT - as the saying goes BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!
  5. alanbab

    Azamara Pursuit Hotel Director

    I agree with you Gaz and also for this cruise the Executive Chef is Dhani but no further detail and with just 2 weeks to go no detail on the AzAmazing evening reportedly in Rhodes.
  6. alanbab

    video of the Pursuit

    Fabulous and many thanks
  7. alanbab

    Soot on Aft Balconies - Britannia

    I have not sailed in an aft cabin on Britannia but have sailed in aft cabins on other ships and yes soot can be a problem. I don't think that you can ever guarantee no soot. All that said Britannia is a lovely ship and I would go for it. Ask your steward to leave you a supply of cloths in order that you can sort the problem quickly. Our next cruise is an aft cabin on the former P&O Adonia soon to sail as Azamara Pursuit! Enjoy
  8. alanbab

    Entertainment Reports

    Does anyone have an update on the entertainment on the ships and in particular what is planned for Pursuit.
  9. alanbab

    Aurora Fjords Review

    We too were on this wonderful cruise and agree with all the positive comments above. We also enjoyed the Rauma railway having done the Flam Railway on a previous cruise. We would recommend the trip from Stavanger to the flower island - Flor og Fjaere - it is quite simply stunning. Do take the included guided tour by the owners if you go it was very interesting. Sadly the weather was poor but managed to keep reasonably dry on the island although very windy. We also visited the Beach House 3 times and the steak on a stone is fantastic - just a nice change from the Medina restaurant although we thought that the food in there was very good indeed.
  10. alanbab

    Booking excursions on board any cheaper?

    This reply from Homeless Bear is the one to read everyone. The traffic around Naples and indeed the Amalfi coast is horrendous - I would not think of doing an independent excursion!
  11. alanbab


    According to "What's in port" website - its an 800m walk or there is a free shuttle bus..
  12. alanbab

    Entertainment Reports

    We too are polite Brits and will stay through the performance no matter how bad - I think it is extremely rude to walk out during a performance. We are not with Azamara until September so hopefully things will have improved by then. Enjoy the rest of your cruise and thanks for all the updates.
  13. We have never sailed on Azura but we have sailed on Ventura. We have, however sailed on both Eclipse and Britannia and we would choose the beautiful, classy, understated Britannia.
  14. The ship excursion information for the trip to: Scenic Rauma Railway in Norway states under Essential Information There are 3 steep steps to embark the train. I have contacted the Rauma railway who tell me that the trains have level access. Has anyone done this trip with P&O and if so please can you advise me who is correct? Many thanks
  15. alanbab

    Azamara 2020 itinary survey

    I completed the survey in the UK today no problem and on turnaround ports I added the fantastic port of Liverpool. Liverpool is a much visited port now for big ships and I understand has been providing turnaround facilities for small ships for some time. I think there are plans to provide turnaround facility for large ships and no doubt somebody will give more information on this. Liverpool has its own small airport but is just an hours drive up the motorway from Manchester International airport.