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  1. Blog is current up to Monday. Internet has been giving me a few problems and yesterday we were gone all day. A few observations: Lovely ship, great crew. We have enjoyed the excursions thus far. Food: My husband is a Vegan and they are doing a great job with food for him No issues with water levels My only complaint is the mattress is way too hard and being in an aquarium class room while cruising is noisy. Make sure you have earplugs. N-
  2. Viking has kept us so busy I haven't had a chance to post. Munich is a lovely city with very friendly people. Viking gave us a wonderful guide-funny, very entertaining and educational. Neuschwanstein (sp) Castle was amazing. It was a picture postcard day to view it. First blog is up. Nancy
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the wealth of information I found on river cruising here. Most of my questions were asked before, so I was able to find answers. We have only done Ocean cruises, so this will be a new experience for us. We leave Thursday to fly to Munich for a pre-extension to Munich and Salzburg. This will be a first as well since we have never paid for a pre-excursion . We usually just fly in a couple of days early and do things on our own. However, we will be traveling with a group of 10, so we just went with what everyone else was doing. We actually only know 4 of them. We got the Viking Air Plus so we could pick our flights - Philadelphia to Frankfort then Munich, with a good layover. Hopefully, the internet will cooperate and I can do a live report as we go. I will try to include a few pictures as well. I also have a travel blog. The link is in my signature. There is no sign in required and you can view it without creating an account. Nancy
  4. There is a Des Moines in Washington as well. It is right by the Puget Sound south of Seattle.
  5. That was great! Thanks for posting that link. We leave in one week and will be seeing the castle on Saturday that 14th.
  6. Safe travels and enjoy your cruise. I look forward to following along. Nancy
  7. I didn't say it would be. I just said I found them accommodating and that may translate to their river cruises as well and would be worth investigating.
  8. My husband is also a Vegan. We are taking our first river cruise on Viking in 3 weeks, so I can let you know how it goes with them. We have informed them that he is Vegan and will follow up on board. As an aside, we have sailed with Crystal and they were very good at accommodating his diet. Nancy
  9. I am enjoying your blog, although I did have to log in to see it, but maybe that is just me. I look forward to reading more. Nancy
  10. The one thing I always enjoy about your videos is how they make everyone smile. It's like opening up a favorite book and knowing you are going to enjoy the time you are spending. Looking forward to it. Nancy (the third)
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