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  1. We are booked on the Grand for Sept 2021. I'm concerned that it might get cancelled if Canada does not allow ships to dock in Vancouver BC. Alaskan Cruise tours are selling out fast because so many people have cruise credits to use. We have already been bumped from an August 2021 cruise on the Sapphire because it is being rerouted. I've been told that Alaskan Princess cruises MUST port in Canada - to keep it an "international cruise" whatever that means. I have already booked hotels and airline tickets. Private Excursions are next but some are very hesitant to book now. I'm concerned that some might be out of business by September.
  2. OK I need some honesty! How hokey is the Lumberjack show? We will be in Alaska Sept 2021. We have Princess on board credit to use in Juneau or Ketchikan. We do not like hokey Disney like shows (sorry but Im being honest). Maybe the duck boat tour? Probably will use some for the Tram in Juneau. Thanks for some guidance!
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