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  1. Cruise Date: 5/30/2020 Panorama out of Long Beach, CA Cancelled with online form requesting full refund: 4/13/2020 Received credit for excursions to my credit card 5/22 (39 days) Still waiting for cruise refund to be credited, but it has only been 40 days. I'm feeling very optimistic since the excursion charges have now been credited. Super sad that we won't be leaving on our cruise in 7 days; we were treating our 12 year old granddaughter and she was soooooo excited. Thankfully, she has been a trooper and understands the situation. Hopefully we can plan something equally
  2. I am due to Sail 5/30 out of Long Beach and am up in the air about cancelling this far out. I thought I only had until 3/31 to make my decision but when I went to my travel website to look for any updates (I did not book my cruise directly thru Carnival) this is what I saw. Has the deadline now been extended up to 3 days prior to 5/31?? What are others doing in regards to late May sailings? Carnival Cruise Line Coronavirus Information IF YOU BOOKED PRIOR TO MARCH 6, 2020 AND YOUR DATE OF DEPARTURE IS BETWEEN MARCH 6, 2020 AND MAY 31, 2020: You may cancel up to 3 days before
  3. We are cruising in early June 2020 with our 12 year old granddaughter with port stops in Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. We have booked Stone Island (Mazatlán) thru Johann & Sandra and are looking at a Dolphin swim thru them, as well, in PV. What has been your experience with this tour company? Their prices are much better than those offered by our cruise line. Any suggestions for excursions/activities in Cabo? Is there a beach near where we tender that is within walking distance? Thanks so much!
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