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  1. Just read on the other site he was found and brought back to the ship. Amazing work staff!
  2. There is another question like this from January 25. Recommendations are I agree with Raices. The food is very good. Next to Raices isLa Cueva Del Mar
  3. The private session is different. I believe if you will go to the photo area and speak with them, they will do a picture with all of you. They are very accommodating. We had our 50th and they went out of their way to get us great pictures.
  4. Sad that you feel this person who responded so negatively to you is a “friend”. ANY day on a cruise to anywhere is a better day than working. I’ve been to the Bahamas. Nothing wrong with this. You have 6 more days on this cruise. Go, enjoy and don’t consider this person’s remarks.
  5. There is a shuttle to take you places but you have to get off the ship and up to the area to catch it. There are some trees around and the chairs are movable. I only remember loungers though.
  6. There is a great site that has all the information. Www.eatsleepcruise.com. Has the menus, costs etc
  7. DaNana


    The Tram is part of the Rain Forest Adventure. Like a ski lift. There is a zip line and a tubing adventure.
  8. DaNana


    A friend just went a link to the Saint Maarten Rain Forest Adventure. This is not the water taxi. This goes up the side of the mountain. Thank you for responding.
  9. Someone mentioned a tram their friends have done at this port. Anyone have info on it? I’ve tried her and other places without finding it. Any information appreciated.
  10. We used to cruise with RCI out of San Pedro. They stopped when Mexico was not nice to tourists. Keep hoping they will return. Then we don’t have to spend a day flying across the country.
  11. There wasn’t one this time last year and I am doubting one has been added. You night check with one of the recent roll calls.
  12. You might want to ask this in the destination area for Roatan.
  13. I have mine available for tours, dining, drink packages and my cruise is May 2019.
  14. This is only for things you are doing with RCI.
  15. These photos have made me think more about staying on the ship and less tours!
  16. I am loving your review and so happy to have found it! Amazing photos. My DH wasn’t impressed that I would want an expensive camera! Unbelievable color and clarity! Thank you for sharing!
  17. So glad you found your way back and I found you! Never stayed inside as I would want light. Friends stayed in one with the video that brought in the outside. They loved it.
  18. I certainly hope nothing happened to our favorite blogger. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  19. Our family had the cabin decorated. They weren’t with us. I really liked it. We’ve celebrated many cruises at our anniversary time and never saw announcement of Anniversaries. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  20. I was on that thread. Please note we did not have the same. We celebrated our 50th on NOS November 2017. Our cake was much better plus they brought a cake to the table from the dining staff. We had a great time. Would do it again. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. Agree. We’ve been on several at Thanksgiving and they start the next day. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  22. So sorry for your loss. May all your beautiful memories lift you during this time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  23. My DH was deathly is our first cruise. He got food poisoning at a very elite hotel fro breakfast the morning we boarded. Love how mom has continued to lead you along to new adventures. Look forward to the rest of the story! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. We actually took Brita bottles with filters. Never had any issues and used in all the different countries. No need to buy water. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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