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  1. The Sheraton resort is wonderful. We paid a total of 119. for four adults to have a day room. I made the reservation using Sheraton's 1-800 number. Beautiful, clean beach. No crowd and plenty of water toys available with just a show of room key. I HIGHLY recommend this place. We were trying to decide between the Royal British close to the dock and the Sheraton. I think I made the right choice. Looking from the ship, the Royal British hotel has a very small beach area. I personally would not recommend the Jitney #10. We took one there and found it a bit unnerving. I would say I felt very vulnerable. My hubby said we were doing a cab back to ship! Twenty dollar fair for four adults, but worth it to be dropped off right at the pier.
  2. We just got back from our Carnival Magic trip. Since we had already done the Atlantis a few years ago, we wanted something reasonable and relaxing. The Sheraton will not disappoint!! It was a beautiful clean beach and not crowded at all. We had a day room for 4 adults at 119.00. We called the 1 800 number for Sheraton to reserve the room as a day room. Very nice to be able to shower and clean up before going back to the ship. There were plenty of water toys available- all we had to do was show our room key to use them. Traveling there--- Took the Jitney 10 to the hotel. Have to say it was a little scary and crowded. We were the only ones to get off at the hotel, a few people got off at a public beach, and the rest were locals riding. It ate up a lot of our time as well, sitting and waiting for the bus to fill up and making stops. Even though I had wrote the directions down that were given on this site, finding the Jitney line up was not so easy. We had to stop and ask continuously. We decided to take a cab back to the ship just to make sure we were not delayed.
  3. My husband and I did the Carnival Junkanoo Beach and shopping excursion. We hated it! The beach area is very small and people are crammed like sardines on the beach. There were never any umbrella's available to rent - all sold out by ten a.m. There were not any seats left in the cafe area, so when I asked if they could come up with any more to accommodate their guest, I was told by a worker I could rent a chair for 5.00 and bring it into the cafe area. We left early and even skipped the shopping part. I felt like I wasted money on that excursion. I paid for my adult children to attend the Carnival Junkanoo cooking experience and they loved it. They said the chef was entertaining. They thought the two hours of beach time was too long and they were not impressed with the beach either.
  4. I was highly disappointed with our Junkanoo Beach excursion. People are crammed like sardines onto a small beach. They don't have enough umbrella's to meet the demands of the crowds or sitting space within the cafe area. If you love overcrowded beaches and have no need for an umbrella, you might like it. I could not leave the place fast enough-hated it. I don't know anything about the other location, but only can tell you I would never recommend Junkanoo.
  5. We sailed on the Sensation at the end of last summer. (not sure if the ship has had a face lift since then-I do know it got a new pool/play area) As a family, we were very disappointed. Had that been our first cruise experience, we probably would not have a desire to ever cruise again. We had sailed before on the Conquest and with RC Majesty of the Seas. The Sensation is old and worn. Yes, it's "kept up" well, but not a luxery or classy feel at all. My teenagers referred to it as the Barney boat. Around every corner was the feeling you were trapped in the 80's. Our bathroom reminded me of a Motel 6. The sink was chipped and then touched up in several places with paint that did not even match the color of the sink. The televisions must be 20 years old. I will say the food was up to par with the other ships. Can't complain about that or service in the restaurants. The biggest difference we noticed on this sailing was a total lack of information and friendly customer service. Compared to our other cruises where the details for the day were either told to you by the cruise host on loud speakers in your room as well as detailed in the daily written papers, Sensation lacked information. There seemed to be "missing information" and never anyone really willing to help you. We were told by one worker we did not need our passports when we got off the ship, just our sail card. After waiting in the line to disembarc we were told we had to have them, so had to go back to the room, get them and then wait again in line. None of this was covered in the daily papers or "morning talk" We came across several rude personel. I remember we got up and left one of the games because the guy who was running the game was so apethetic and the heavy smoking going on around us. It was in a packed lounge where they allowed people to smoke while this "family game" was going on. Basically, I would never sail that ship again or recommend it. Here's a hint if your family wants a quiet, unpacked place to play cards-try the theater. During the day it's seldom used and the round tables in the back with curved benches was the perfect place to have a good card game. There was one other family in there doing the same, but the place is huge, so we felt like we had the place to ourselves. Now, about the Bahama's!!:) We made a reservation at the Comfort Suites and got the Atlantis package by making that reservation.(of course we never used the room) Atlantis was everything we had hoped for and more. The highlight of our trip!! We spent time on the beautiful beaches and more time on the lazy river, slides, etc. Highly recommended-especially for families with kids. We are returning next summer (on a different ship) I have not checked to see if you can still make reservations at the Comfort Suites to get the Atlantis package. I hope so because it was much cheaper that way! Enjoy your trip--we sorta looked at the ship as only our vehicle to get to the Bahamas. Instead of getting there in a Cadilac, we took a an old Ford. Regardless, it still got us to where we wanted to go!
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