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  1. Glad to see you’re keeping your sense of humour up there. Stay safe.
  2. Good news and I’m sure the peace of mind will be worth more than $100. We’ve all learned a lesson from this. The real test of any company is how they handle problems. In both our cases (and many more for sure) they’ve failed dismally Agree, never again.
  3. Great news and good luck with handing back that booking.
  4. Full refund received in our bank account this morning. 🍾🍾 Thanks to all for your messages of encouragement and especially jland and Balsam12 for sharing info on the steps you have taken. Balsam12, I hope you get some action and your refund quickly, and hope you'll post the outcome here. I wonder how long we'd have been waiting if I'd done nothing. I have now unsubscribed from that TA's mailing list, I was only staying on it to be sure they are still 'afloat'.
  5. Looks like another TA to avoid. They aren't doing themselves any favours by trying these devious methods to keep their clients' money. They'll end up cutting their own throats because people will be booking direct with the provider and not using a TA, as voiced by most people on this thread, me included. The real test of any company is how it acts when things go wrong.
  6. Update: Today I received a call from the ACCC in response to my email. The very polite person said that although the TA I've dealt with is not at the top of companies they're looking at as they've had more complaints about others, they had a meeting with them last week to discuss issues concerning refunds (I assume following on from my email to Rod Sims). He said that my refund has been processed by the TA; I told him they did send me an email advising this yesterday. So I don't know whether it was the intervention of AFTA or ACCC that resulted in our refund being actioned by the TA, or
  7. Just received an email from the TA: "This is a courtesy email to advise you, we have now processed the refund back to your original form of payment. The refund should appear back to your account within 72 hours." I'm not cracking a bottle of champers just yet. Will post here when (let's be positive) I've received it. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook. Maybe those of you who are could look and see if other people are having the same problem? This shows they can get the refunds done if someone makes enough noise.
  8. Just checked my deleted emails, I had marketing emails from them on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week.
  9. Jland, I get marketing emails from them about three times a week, which makes me even madder. They should redeploy whoever is putting their offers together to the finance dept to help get through their refund backlog. I expect they are hooking in some new bookings so getting some money in. They are a very big company with a sister company in the UK, I don’t think they’ll collapse.
  10. The creator of this thread also gave the agent’s name, see Post No 1. Seems like you have found it? As I said before, I can’t be the only one in this situation with this agent but I can only find a couple of other complaints referring to them.
  11. I've now put all the details in writing to AFTA, who promise to follow up with the cruise agent. I was impressed that Celebrity (USA) rang me this morning, regarding my email to them. They confirmed that they refunded my full deposit to the cruise agent on 05 October. That means they have been holding on to my money for five months. That is utterly disgraceful. I'll wait until the end of this week, then if nothing has happened, try my Federal MP (thanks!). We really should not have to go through all of this to have our own money returned.
  12. Exactly. Not sure how one goes about it but if this continues to drag on and I have time, I may look into it.
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