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  1. Facts about me that will help provide pertinent advice: I am by no means a professional photographer. I won't be selling any of my pictures. But I may be getting some of them blown up for gifts or framing. My Antarctica expedition trip is not until November, 2021, so I have time to practice and learn a new camera system. I will carry my current setup (Nikon DX3300 with Nikon 18-300MM) as a backup. This is not a camera I researched and chose but was a gift from my wife that I have used to educate myself on photography. Well, I did replace the stock lenses that came with the camera because I wanted the least expensive option to cover wide angle and zoom without having to change lenses (which tells me I should've been using a bridge camera all along). I dabble in Lightroom and typically shoot in RAW so that I can play around in LR. I have a rudimentary understanding of aperture, shutter, etc settings and the ability to take decent pictures without the auto setting 😏 But I will never be confused for a professional. I plan on bringing my Hero 4 for video shooting while on a Zodiac (though the choice of primary camera and its video capability might supersede that thought) Budget is not the primary consideration in this recommendation. What I am looking for is a recommendation on a weather sealed super zoom bridge camera. I have done a lot of research and know what is out there. But I am looking for recommendations from folks who took the same path as I and concluded that a bridge camera is a better option than a DSLR with a bunch of lenses to cart around while trying to keep them dry. Questions are: 1) How much zoom is enough? Being a gadget guy, I am intrigued by the lure of a Nikon P950/1000 but I also don't want to come back from this trip with a bunch of fuzzy pictures because I zoomed out too far or couldn't use a tri/monopod at the time. Will 600mm do the trick? It seems like Sony and a few others are making 1" sensor bridge cameras that produce better image quality than the super long zoom cameras and 25x optical zoom. And I understand I will still need a lightweight tri/monopod. 2) I am specifically looking at a Sony RX10 Mark IV, but if there is something with similar features at a lesser price, I would look at that as well. I was enamored with the description of phase detect AF. I can't tell you how many times I have missed great shots with my current DSLR because the lense auto-focus wasn't fast enough (or I wasn't prepared with the right shutter speed setting ☺️). But looking thru the various photography magazines and reviews, it can be rated anywhere from best to not appearing (on a side note it's amazing how 10 different "authorities" on cameras can have such different ratings). I appreciate any and all inputs. I appreciate experience over theory and reading reviews is informational but unsatisfying. Thank you, Mark
  2. Thanks, Don. I did check with the TA and the cruise line re-did their Ts and Cs to be $500k min,
  3. I recently booked an Antarctic expedition cruise for November 2021 on Ocean Endeavor. Talking to my travel agent, she indicated that the ship requires travel insurance with unlimited repatriation and medical. I have found several insurance companies/policies for up to $1,000,000 repatriation. But I have not found any offering unlimited repatriation and medical. Does anyone have any experience with this ship or finding travel insurance with unlimited repatriation and medical? Thanks in advance.
  4. Whatever they do, expecting accurate answers today is probably unreasonable. Like a few said above, wait a few days until they get their act together. If you have shore excursions, dining reservations, drink pkg pre-paid, etc., go into your reservations now and cancel. Those will get credited back to your credit card, unless you paid with OBC. That is one less thing you'll have to worry about.
  5. Following up post-cruise. Mscinmia was exactly correct. He used his ARC card to check in. No issues other than a wisecracking security agent who claimed we needed to provide him a beer to let my son-in-law through. Coming back was a breeze as he got to use the facial recognition line and didn’t even need to meet with a CBP officer.
  6. Well, despite what my TA said it wasn’t straightened out. After several calls to Royal and to the TA, they finally agreed that what you said, mscinmia, is correct. He needs to check in with his ARC. Had I just gone with the first two responses from Royal, it would have been wrong. Goes to show you that Cruise Critic folks know what they’re talking about an calling the cruise line to talk to someone whose prime job it is to sell yo a cruise is not always the best approach. Now it took two more calls to finally get his name corrected, but today it all looks good.
  7. Thanks. Our travel agent actually called us last night because of this. It seems to be straightened out. Thanks for all the advice.
  8. mscinmia- Do you have person experience with this? Reason I ask is that I called Crown and Anchor Society and the person there said to input his passport. I realize he will still need his green card to re-enter the US, but they said entering the passport was the way to go. Hopefully they are right. But if you have personal experience with this, I would appreciate your response. To be safe I am having him bring his passport, ARC, and DL showing his US address. If it weren't the fact that his passport has the two last names and his other two IDs don't, I don't think it would matter much. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. These have all been helpful. I do plan on calling Royal Caribbean today and then my travel agent to get the name changed back to match his green card. Will let you know what they say in case someone else encounters this issue.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I did that and his name is updated. What I failed to mention is that he is a legal alien and so has an alien residence card. Should I put his passport in the check in or his alien residence card (Royal has either as an option). And the kicker is his alien residence card doesn't have the second last name. So now his set sail pass matches his passport but not his alien residence card. Color me confused. I think I just have to put in one and have him bring both documents.
  11. My son-in-law is Hispanic and his passport shows two last names. But the cruise reservation was made only using his “First” last name. Will this create a problem at check-in? I have heard that cruise lines can be extremely picky on passports matching registered names and have denied boarding when they don’t match. I know I can call Royal Caribbean and get the name changed on the reservation, but wanted to get some feedback from people with similar situations. Thanks in advance.
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