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  1. I was amazed at how Carnival managed to get all their employee home in what looked like a very ordered well-thought-out plan.
  2. Loved her and my second cruise on her was cancelled . . . booked on her again in November.
  3. 34 cruises on Carnival, I never noticed it all that much. A simple "no way in hell'" usually sets the pattern for future hawking when you're recognized enough that they don't even ask. Tickles me. :-) I always thought Jamaica was the ultimate in persistent nauseating hawkers (especially Ocho Rios).
  4. Require proof of Covid vaccinations and this all goes away.
  5. I get a kick out of them. Sometimes I actually open them and find out all the restrictions and conditions, sometimes it's old hat and something that's offered ANYTIME. Easy to delete. Interesting to know that they have such an interest in this cheap cruiser - - a beer a day, no ship tours EVER, seldom gamble, and cheapest inside cabin, etc. :-)
  6. I get at least one a day, also. Sometimes two . . . most are for free CHEERS (I'm not much of a drinker anymore) or Australian cruises . . . nothing out of the West Coast, although I'm booked on the PANORAMA November. I don't mind . . . easy to delete them.
  7. Put it in your casino account. Go to the casino cashier and pickup the cash. I've done it several times.
  8. I thought I had safely booked for November also. Now, just holding my breath.
  9. You missed the point . . . In both cases Carnival HAS YOUR MONEY to burn on future cash disbursements.
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/7620769/bc-cruise-ship-reaction-feds-extend-ban-2022/
  11. Excellent post, BlerkOne, and so dead on. 34 cruises and I always loved to return to the "good ole days" on the Fantasy class. Have lived 30 minutes to an hour from the Long Beach port and enjoyed the short cruises at giveaway fares ($99 pp for 4 days several times and NO airfare). I always enjoyed them as a "sandwich cruise" in between cruises on the newer ships. A walk through the ship is a Farcus nostalgia experience to be enjoyed. I always thought they were fastidiously maintained and loaded with true sea-loving cruisers. These 8 ships put Carnival on the map allowing them to dominate the
  12. I cruised the PANORAMA a couple of weeks before shutdown, had another cruise in October cancelled on her, took the refund forfeiting the $600 OBC and then recently booked the PANORAMA for Nov2021. I frequently take my ex wife with me on cruises, but my ex has said she's not going to get vaccinated (thinks there is some plot to alter our DNA, which the vaccine does, incidentally). I point out the Saulk, measles, Rubella vaccines, but seemingly no avail. It's idiotic, IMHO, I'm 81 and she's 70, but won't budge. My question is, will Carnival allow me to cancel her because she doesn't want to take
  13. There are ways to get around the "exorbitant amount of margin built into onboard purchases" . . . calculate the tips that are taken out and put the remainder into a casino account. Ca$h in the casino account. Voila ! I'm with you, I seldom buy anything onboard (unless it's the last night at sea) and always collected my OBC this way, although there is talk of Carnival eliminating this way out, thereby NOT allowing you to collect all your OBC.
  14. Well then, when we get to the FINAL PAYMENT date, sometime in August, will Carnival be able and willing to tell me if those mask, distancing, tours conditions still exist ?
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