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  1. Yes, several weeks ago, I got notice of the cancellation of my PANORAMA cruise scheduled for Aug 15th.
  2. It would appear, some were only cancelled through JULY, not August.
  3. Always try to get one on the Fantasy Class ships. Have to book early though, as they're usually gone in no time. The long walk to almost everything except the main showroom is their only negative, although debarkation is a cinch. 🙂
  4. When this is all over (if it ever is), there will be major changes to a multitude of corporations, especially the brick and mortar operations. Everyone is just trying to hang on, get through this, calculate the damages and make the necessary adjustments to survive (if possible) and get on with it.
  5. Or entering any grocery store or liquor store in California.
  6. Excellent realistic view and analysis, IMHO. There will never be anything like the "normal" again until we have a vaccine. It'll have to be a near 100% successful vaccine, also. PROOF of vaccination with this vaccine will have to be provided right along with boarding pass and passport or you don't board. And, as EscapefromConneticut states, the costs will go through the roof. Retired, it'll probably be the end of cruising for me. 34 cruises, always had a ball, Thank you, Carnival. 🙂
  7. Exactly ! Since my 25th was a solo I got credit for the DOUBLE amount since I was paying the DOUBLE amount. Had I had someone cruising with me (I sometimes take my ex wife), I wouldn't have. 😃
  8. Incorrect . . . You can use it on your 50th cruise, but have to inform them so they can give you the OBC on it.
  9. I used mine on a January cruise on the PANORAMA. 🙂
  10. Was on her in January. Loved this ship. Had booked her in August again, but cancelled now. No telling when she will cruise again. I'll wait for the vaccine, I think.
  11. So many of these posts remind me of a Neal deGrasse Tyson's adage: "to know enough about the subject to think you're right, but not enough to know about that subject to know you're wrong"
  12. Actually relieved my Aug PANORAMA cruise is cancelled. If "social distancing" is going to be the rule of the day onboard, I'm not interested. With all the mayhem, confusion and turmoil that will produce, I'll wait for the vaccine.
  13. Could be. I'm not all that familiar with which ships "normally" cruise out of east coast ports. The west coast got clobbered in this release.
  14. Read the news release. Carnival lists which ships will be sailing.
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