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  1. This is exactly what the FBI did almost 40 years ago with Frank Abagnale ("Catch Me If You Can"). Great one hour speech on Youtube with his entire history. He outlines the one of TWO things that must happen for someone to "get in": Someone has to do something they weren't supposed to do, or someone failed to do something they were supposed to do. An interesting one hour with the character the movie was all about.
  2. . . . and the cheerleaders are uplifted with, hopefully, less cancelled cruisers asking for a refund and electing to keep their "gold" in Carnival's pockets.
  3. Yes, PANORAMA has it. I thought they were brilliant. Took a little while for some of the guests to catch on to them, but getting in an elevator and have it NOT stop at the floor you wanted will educate you fast. 🙂
  4. Yes, this was my experience also, although it's fair to think many changes will take place during post Covid cruises. The Rock Revolution and Celestial Strings were only being done on the PANORAMA at the time, and again, no reason to believe these shows will still be around when we return. Both were absolutely TERRIFIC ! I'm sold on YTD dining these days. Go early and you won't miss the shows. Hard to get preferential seating however with the new Showroom seating configuration, however. Guests tend to "camp out" there very early.
  5. Whenever the vaccine is effective enough that the cruise lines can dump the masks, distancing, and other protocols, I'm ready. I'll get the shot (shots) and bring the proof.
  6. Just EXACTLY my position and sentiments. I'll wait for an efficacious vaccine or dump cruising forever 40 nights short of Diamond.
  7. Yes, just got my 2nd flu shot and pneumonia shot for the season, and I was amazed at how much my shoulder hurt for such a long time (3-4 days). I don't remember this pain in the past when getting a shot. Weird, I thought.
  8. Germany or Spain is on the bubble right now, but won't be for at least a year. In the middle of buying a condo in Bullhead or Laughlin. 🙂
  9. "long time" is very subjective. I am, however, plotting and scheming for another trip to Europe. Loved my London trip several years ago and looking forward to something in the future sans cruising. Too many cruises apparently as I must be jaded. Not going to play the early cruising rules that will most likely be in place. Just not cruising to me. 🙂
  10. 34 Carnival cruises; have never done a ship-sponsored tour or excursion, so I'm probably a no-no for cruises in the near future. If I can't mix with the locals and go my own way, I'm just not interested. Masks and distancing would eliminate me anyway. I'll wait for an efficacious vaccine, show proof of it and walk on board.
  11. I quite agree. And it's science that is providing the "artificial" of herd immunity. May take like the 2nd shot I got a few days ago for the current strain of the common flu, although the shot I also got for pneumonia was a one time and I'm good. Who knows ? by the time we whip Covid19 . . . it may have morphed into Covid20 and the game will start all over again. Nature does this every day on our planet. Biologists call it "thinning the herd", where the weakest are pulled out of the herd to make it stronger to compete with other species.
  12. There are a bunch of us that can drive to the port that want an inexpensive 3 or 4 day getaway at a cheapo price, however.
  13. "To attempt to stay cheerful in a dire situation; to proceed with a task, ignoring an upcoming hazard, hoping for a good outcome."
  14. I thought if you cancelled a cruise BEFORE Carnival cancels it you always pay a penalty.
  15. Was booked on my 2nd cruise on the PANORAMA for Aug but it got cancelled. I only had the deposit so if I book for 2021 I hope the deposit transfers. It was small ($100) and I have 'til 12/31 to decide. Waiting to see how everything all plays out. Not going to do the mask, distancing, ship-sponsored tours only cruise. Will just wait.
  16. This is what I was anticipating also . . . . was there a reason the deposit might not transfer ?
  17. Have cruised on ALL of the Spirit Class ships. IMO, the "Goldilocks" of Carnival ships. Always a great time.
  18. Yes, I would agree. If, of course, we're talking about "normal" cruising sans masks, sans distancing, sans ship-sponsored tours, etc. An efficacious vaccine changes all of this naturally. Nobody boards unless they have the shot and immunity and that's that. End of Pandemic.
  19. Exactly. Only SPREADS the net worth of a company over more stock holders, thereby diminishing the value per share.
  20. Not out of Long Beach, a major consideration for those avoiding airfare.
  21. Part of "remaining competitive" is providing inexpensive 3 and 4 day getaway cruises at a very reasonable price. I always thought the Fantasy Class was well maintained and a bargain for someone that wasn't interested in a disneyland on the top deck . . . just transportation to and from interesting ports with decent grub on the way. And the glitter as one walks through these Joe Farcus ships was always a treat. 🙂
  22. circa 1983 or 1985 on the Carnival Tropicale 34 cruises 153 days on Carnival 1 Princess 1 NCL 1 Paquet Lines
  23. That was EXACTLY the reason for using the ice cream/sunburn metaphor . . . to show, in a very obvious way, how CAUSE and CORRELATION are so easily confused. It happens every day (especially in politics).
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