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  1. Several years ago I also cruised on a Princess ship. First thing I noticed was the world of difference to the details. Was on the BREEZE a year or so ago and not that impressed with the direction Carnival is going for ME. I think they are appealing to the newbies and families with children. This is fine, just not for me. I think I'll try Princess again soon. Maybe this is where old Carnival cruisers go after decades of cruising with them. ? Have the PANORAMA booked for January but will look again at the Princess itineraries in the future. And, I agree, there is very little difference in the pricing these days.
  2. The implication is well-founded. . . It is NOT new. 🙂
  3. How do you get the wait staff in the MDR to "speed up" just for you ? Unheard of . . .
  4. $3 for one bag . . . $5 for two
  5. Yes you can. Go to guest services with your plane tickets and they will approve you early off no matter what designation you are.
  6. Backpackers Motto: TAKE only memories . . . LEAVE only footprints. 🙂
  7. I've always DOUBLED the appetizer in lieu of skipping the salad. You'll get plenty of food.
  8. Years ago it used to be a nice birthday cake delivered to your dining table. Lately it was reduced to a cupcake with a candle on it ! 🙂
  9. 32 cruises never bought it, but this time I've bought the insurance as it will be my first cruise where I'm over 80 years old. 🙂
  10. For something over and above their normal duties, of course. Otherwise, no. It's a personal choice.
  11. There's your Carnival choir comment, who, obviously is also a marine architect. 🙂
  12. Cell phone service should be excellent in the port, however there are other factors which could screw up your leave early plan. Early morning fog could cause ship to port LATE, immigration clearance could meet with some glitches are just some of them. If you SELF-DEBARK and everything else goes well you have a fighting chance, IMHO. Long Beach airport is close by and easy to move through. What could go wrong ? 🙂
  13. Have sailed on all four Spirit Class ships and without a doubt these are my favorites. A "Goldilocks" size in my opinion.
  14. There's your answer, folks. Change the passenger to public space ratio and it's got to affect the crowding in the popular venues. Pretending it doesn't happen only makes you a member of the Carnival choir.
  15. LOL, I guess it's a male thing. I've washed my hair with bar soap when necessary, but women are quite different it would seem. When I take my ex with me she goes through a conglomeration of hair treatments when she washes her hair. Baffles me, but she has fantastic hair, so maybe you're on to something. 🙂
  16. There are no miracles. Marine architects spend a lot of time working with a key factor in their design criteria, VOLUME OF PUBLIC SPACE PER PASSENGER. When this ratio is ignored in refurbishing a ship by merely adding more passengers to the ship you expect a different result ? 😂😂
  17. I always liked the Body Wash and Shampoo I got in the shower dispensers. Souvenir Run to take home FINE, to drink on the cruise, NO. Sorry, don't ever drink tea and I thought Aunt Jemima was the standard on which all others were graded. Silly me. 🙂
  18. I'm now living with my son in Socal so I'll only be an hour away. The arriving in LB earl idea was to provide a "buffer"against car trouble coming from Arizona. Still might do it, however. Thanks for your input.
  19. I once booked a cruise the DAY OF THE CRUISE. Hardest part of the booking was convincing the Carnival rep that I was, indeed, aware that that cruise sailed TODAY. $99pp for 3 days on one of the old Fantasy Class ships. Had plenty of time -- 15 minutes to pack and 20 minutes to the port. Easy peasy. This was all before 9/11, however.
  20. I cruise solo mostly so I pay double. On my limited budget this means an inside cabin (if I'm lucky and book early I can get an inside-priced cabin with portholes). 🙂 Shower, change clothes and sleep, if I must, are my cabin requirements. I cruise for the sea also and I never find difficulty in finding a "private" space if I desire one.
  21. The INTERNAL SPACE and OPEN SPACE comparisons says it all . . . just find me a well-kept-up Spirit Class and I'm a happy camper.
  22. Thank you Kimb, will check this out this afternoon. I'm no longer living in Arizona with a 5-hour drive to the port, but back in SoCal only an hour away, so this will be my major consideration in choosing whether or not to use a hotel pre-cruise or Carnival's parking structure. I drive a rather rare hardtop convertible pickup (Chevy SSR) so security of my truck is also a serious consideration. Carnival gets the nod on that. Incidentally, a site I went to lists Carnival parking at $17 per day whereas most of the questions on the subject list it as $20 per day (it seems like it was $19 the last time I was there cruising the SPLENDOR). I didn't check Carnival's site, DUH ! ! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to my "education". Having cruised out of this port so often I should be knowledgeable about this, but always lived close to the port (20 minutes at one time) and it was never a consideration.
  23. Get a huge glass. Fill it 2/3rds full of strawberry ice cream. Add milk. Stir in some of that great World's Best Vanilla you got at one of your ports and VAVOOM . . . you have the best Strawberry Smoothie that money can't buy. 🙂
  24. No scooping necessary. Think Foster Freeze.
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