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  1. The ship's time is ALWAYS her home port time. This would only change if moving from one HOME PORT to another as in a transition cruise, for example.


    Occasionally, the ship will announce LOCAL TIMES but, this is only for a convenience to the passengers who have appointments locally. The ship's time never changes.


    I've cruised this itinerary many many times and have never seen differently. The ship's time will always be PACIFIC (Long Beach). I think the OP mistakenly posted Puerto Rico instead of Puerto Vallarta, one of the stops in this itinerary.

  2. On 9/6/2019 at 9:24 AM, jimbo5544 said:

    It would be interesting to know how many rooms are comped or severely discounted for gamblers and the affect on population on the ship.


    The gamblers pay for that cabin. Just in a different way even though they aren't aware of it or willing to admit it. 🙂


  3. Once a day in the morning is fine with me. A solo cruiser, I'm used to making my bed and keeping my cabin desk and bathroom in an orderly condition. I'm seldom there, shower, change clothes and crash for a few hours if I must. I would prefer the stewards enter my room and look upon it as a "break" for a few minutes. Piece of cake.

  4. 4 hours ago, bury me at sea said:

    "Earning it" is a strange way of thinking about it.  Take enough cruises, qualify for the next level of perks.

    I have no idea why the color of the S&S cards matters.  Mine lives in my pocket until I pull it out for a purchase or to get off and on the ship.


    Same here. I feel fortunate to be able to cruise as often as I do. The color of the card is insignificant. Lately, I give my Platinum gift to a newbie cruiser as well as the pin. (unless it's a Tervis tumbler 🙂 )

  5. 2 minutes ago, jbethel11 said:

    But, are people willing to cruise the same itinerary over and over, even if it's on a new ship? I suspect a lot of cruisers will choose the Panorama for the ship itself, and not for the destination.


    For me, yes, but I'm just enthralled with the sea and cruising. I've done this itinerary many times even flying to these destinations often in the past. Before I retired most of my employees were from Mexico so I loved going to Mexico. But, you make a good point.

    Carnival typically mixes an Hawaii cruise into the choices. Back in the day a 10-day to Hawaii and then a 10 day from Hawaii to Vancouver for the summer Alaska cruise. She could easily do an 8-day to the lower Mexican Riviera with Acapulco, Ixtapa and Zijuantenejo (sp?).  I did that on the SPIRIT out of San Diego. Maybe even a cruise up into the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) like Princess has done. A trip up the California coast to Frisco or even Vancouver isn't unbelievable.

  6. 4 hours ago, Illbcruzn4life said:


    We cruised from there many years ago and wouldn't do it again. The west coast does not even enter into the equation when we are figuring out where we want to cruise.


    Ironically, that's exactly what this west coast cruise would "enter into the equation" as well as the equation of many west coast cruisers. Airfares being $300-400 to fly to the Mecca of cruising in Miami has a definite effect on the cost analysis for many cruisers on the west coast. And a new ship on the west coast may be the determining point.

  7. I would have to agree with Saint Greg. I almost always cruise solo and at a price that would be almost identical to the NCL solo cabin price. Sometimes the inside cabin I get has two portholes for the same price ! I have no need for the mixers and get-togethers in the NCL lounge, I'm sorry, but I find them primarly aimed at the socially inept, IMHO. I don't recall any specific meetings for singles cruisers either.


    I would, however, support Carnival building a ship which has a floor of tiny minimal cabins aimed at the solo cruiser. I'm seldom there  . . . shower, change clothes, and sleep if I must. 🙂

  8. 18 hours ago, Markmom18 said:


      I bet you're a great person to cruise with, such a positive attitude!  I guess because I'm a planner & do research before trips & vacations, I'm not too surprised at our general accommodations (example Carnival Inspiration ).  


      With the Internet, the OP could have easily accessed info, tips, read Trip reports etc etc. Maybe a lesson to take forward on their upcoming adventures! 🛳🙂


     I also wanted the mention that growing up  (age 5+) my parents & their friends & kids, would take 2 week August vacations to Lake Mohave! We're talking the 60's to early 70's.  


    We LIVED on whatever beach the 'Dad's' decided, when they took the boats out to scout for a great private one,  usually about 15+ minutes from Katherine's Landing. At our HOT sandy beach "home" we put up tarps, a tent for storage,  lounges to sleep , covered with sheets we'd dip in the lake to try to keep cool during the desert nights. 


    Everybody did their business up the hill ... ewww .... , we ate, slept, water skied, with our boat "''Ol Yella' we did Bonzai runs at dusk. Then woke up to flat water, more skiing, sun & flies.  


    Bullhead was a tiny city, my Mom was thrilled when they opened up a real grocery store (Safeway??), Laughlin ... oh wow... only a few places. Our kids treat was Banana Splits up at the Dock at K.L. And going to Brandi's Mexican restaurant in Bullhead once. Great memories ! 💛💛





    Yes, Bobbi, loved it there. I retired there 5 years ago from SoCal. Currently living in SoCal with my son (medical emergency), but plan to return there soon. In the 60s used to take our jet boats to K.L. every weekend we could. Back when Laughlin was one two story wood structure, the Riverside. Owners (the town is named after) and dealers lived upstairs, bars and casinos downstairs. Water ski all day and drink, gamble and whatever all night. Now there are 9 casinos and hotels there. Glad you have so many good memories of it, also.

  9. I cruise the Fantasy Class ships of Long Beach, the INSPIRATION and the IMAGINATION frequently. I use them as a sandwich cruise between larger ships with longer itineraries. Fun to play "remember when" while walking these beauties. The ELATION used to do the premiere 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise in years long gone by. These babes are the ships that put Carnival on the map in the early 90s. With a reputation of being "party" ships, they never failed to live up to it. At times I think I only got 2 hours sleep the whole cruise. Great memories. 🙂

  10. LOL . . . the first past guest party I went to had a 4 X 8 portable table with finger sandwiches and potato chips with a huge galvanized bucket on the floor, filled with cokes, 7-ups and ice. There were about 12 guests participating. It was held at the entrance to the aft showroom where the rental tuxedos were hanging/stored. 🙂

  11. 1 minute ago, PhillyFan33579 said:


    Not sure I understand your comment. All of the ships you mentioned are smaller ships. I understand Carnival has sailed from the West coast for a long time. But they didn’t put one of their bigger ships (Dream or Vista class) out there until Panorama.  And if you look at posts on this site or do mock bookings online, you will see lots of good deals on Panorama, which leads me to believe demand is not as high as Carnival hoped for.  


    Not sure I understand why you don't understand. All the ships I listed were large ships in their time period (you probably weren't around then). I booked the PANORAMA about a year ago, got a price about the same as the SPLENDOR another "large" ship which Carnival had out of Long Beach for quite some time. Forgot to mention the MIRACLE which also did well out of LB.

  12. Just now, sanmarcosman said:

    Gary, you know people will say the Panorama holds thousands more guests than the Jubilee 🙂  I think it's great Carnival is testing the waters on the west coast with a new Vista class ship. I hope they have success here.

    Jubilee as well as the Tropical and the Elation WERE BIG ships at the time they did the 7-dayer out of Long Beach. The SPLENDOR (cruised her 3 times) was certainly not a small ship either. The PRIDE was my favorite (also a large ship for Carnival at the time)

  13. 8 minutes ago, PhillyFan33579 said:


    You have to consider the itinerary too when comparing prices. There is a reason Carnival has not put a large ship on the West coast prior to Panorama. No doubt Carnival will be watching bookings closely to see if the West coast can support a larger Carnival ship long term. 


    The West Coast did so for years . . . the PRIDE, TROPICALE, JUBILEE, SPLENDOR, ELATION, and now the PANORAMA. Identical itinerary.

  14. PANORAMA for sure. No airfare for this SoCal guy so that's a big plus. Have been booked on the January 18th cruise for over a year. Have done this itinerary a zillion times on the SPLENDOR, the PRIDE, and back in the day, the ELATION and the TROPICALE. Love it. Used to fly to these ports frequently. Never a problem. Safer than LA in my opinion or, God forbid, Long Beach !

  15. On 9/4/2019 at 3:25 PM, moviegal said:

    Ah, bummer. I live a couple of hours from the port and take that Ensenada short cruise at least twice a year (usually pay around $129 each for an interior cabin). Cheaper to cruise than stay home for the weekend, lol.


    But yeah, you have to lower expectations. The ship is super old, but still clean and comfortable. The flooding shower floor does happen, it's just a flaw in the old design. We've also experienced the super long waits for dinner (sometimes well over 1.5 hours), even at "off" times. But that's usually if we request a table for two. Whenever we've asked to sit at a larger table to share, we've been seated straight away. Plus, they have a Guy's Burgers and those things are so tasty, I usually prefer to eat there instead of fussing with the dining room.


    We LOVE Ensenada. There isn't much to do tourist-wise but I never get bored. We just get off the ship, walk around, have some coffee, cheap tequila, and tacos. The street food scene there is legit! Cheap and tasty. If you are in port on a Saturday, Hussong's has 2-for-1 margaritas that are super strong and super inexpensive.


    These cruises do have a deserved reputation for being party ships. The worst thing that's ever happened to us on one of those notorious "booze cruises" is that one night we came back to our cabin and somebody had vomited right in front of our door. We had to call guest services and I know they probably thought it was one of us who puked, but it wasn't. Super, super gross. 


    Other than that, we just hang out on the upper decks and relax. It's certainly not fancy (we also love cruising Princess out of L.A.), but I don't think you can beat the value. Not negating the original poster's experience, but there are some of us who dig the "crappiness" of these short little Ensenada jaunts.


    A true fellow Carnival cruiser, moviegal. I love to walk the down those neon venues admiring the glitzy glamour that Joe Farcus put Carnival on the map with. Those 8 ships took over the cruise industry, paying cash for their new builds and buying up other cruise lines like it was a hobby. So the bathroom turns into a minnie pool, the furnitue has a chip here and there, and Ensenada is hardly the garden spot of the Pacific (shines as a close by foreign port, however) 🙂.  The little town bars fill with Americans slammng down jello shots and drinking beer by the bucket for $1 per. And the street tacos are to die for ! I love it. I dig the "crappiness" of this short getaway sandwiched in between longer cruises. And always something very memorable is going to happen stamped in your memory forever. Leaving on the PANORAMA in January, but now I've got to do this run again. Maybe a naked lady will wander into the piano bar again ! 🙂

  16. No Vegas level stage shows. No FREE slot tournament (now 2 for 1). No waiter congo line Baked Alaskan demonstration. No flaming cherries jubilee at each table. No twice per day cabin service. No chocolate squares on the pillow. No tablecloths. No topless sundeck. No past cruiser Free drink/ Carnival commercial get together. No Steakhouse for $35 anymore (those greedy bastards raised it $3 !).


    NO INCREASE in an inside cabin rate from early 80s to today on newest ship in the fleet ! 😄😄

  17. 10 hours ago, Markmom18 said:


    Tell me HOW I can get that price fellow traveler!   🤑🤑.


    I'm paying just shy of $700 { regular weekday in Feb 2020} for a Solo Inside / 4 Day Inspiration  (bunk beds).  I do book the Past Guest Upgrade offer, a tad more money, but I prefer this method. And I pre-pay grats.  My 3 day this last Feb with my hubby, same Inside Cabin & Payment Option, was a little over $700.  🤔  


    BTW! Why is their 4 Day cheaper than a 3 Day?? Anybody? 









    The cruise was out of San Diego (I think), not the Fantasy Class normal port at that time. This was a Pack'n'Go offer made the day before the cruise in order to fill the ship. Happened many years ago during a strong economic downturn (I'm guessing 2007 or 2008) when filling ships was problematic for cruise lines. I always take the cheapest rate of the cheapest week offered to Platinum guests I get in my e-mail and varies, but around $169 DO for a 4-day (sometimes less). Probably higher today because of the strong economy and current popularity of cruising.


    4-day is cheaper because of supply and demand. Easier to fill the weekend 3-dayer Drink-til-you-Puke cruises because people don't have to use their vacation days. The "locals"  can leave work a couple hours early on Friday, party Friday, Saturday and Sunday, get off the ship early Monday and show up for work to get caught up on their sleep ! 🙂 Back in the day when NCL did these same 3 and 4 day runs, I had a fellow contractor who did this weekend run frequently. He was a heavy drinker and gambler and would get the call on his phone at 11:00 am to race to the port and board the ship. His cruise was FREE. Only had to pay port charges ! I'm sure NCL did just fine with the drinking and gambling on his account.


    I now only do the 4-dayer . . . (much quieter, for sure) 🙂



  18. Have done several 4-dayers out of Long Beach on the IMAGINATION and INSPIRATION. Always enjoyed them for "what they were worth". Used them for sandwiches cruises in between longer cruises. Always found these ships in top condition (for their age) and easily absorbed the drunken first-timers and lushes. I must concede of late they have a much rowdier inconsiderate crowd, however.


    I suspect my cruise on the PANORAMA in January will be considerably different, as most 7-dayers are.


    Have also cruised Princess. A world of difference for sure.

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