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  1. Have done several 4-dayers out of Long Beach on the IMAGINATION and INSPIRATION. Always enjoyed them for "what they were worth". Used them for sandwiches cruises in between longer cruises. Always found these ships in top condition (for their age) and easily absorbed the drunken first-timers and lushes. I must concede of late they have a much rowdier inconsiderate crowd, however. I suspect my cruise on the PANORAMA in January will be considerably different, as most 7-dayers are. Have also cruised Princess. A world of difference for sure.
  2. LOL . . . . an old Cruise critic argument for those that like to parse words and phrases. It's part of or an amendment to the Jones Act . . . pick one.
  3. They're used to it and probably have a very elaborate "what if" algorithm that can knock this out in minutes. The part that keeps them up in the air is the direction of the storm and the speed of the storm. Will the port be closed or stay open? Is there enough time for the ship to leave the port and get to hell out of the way of the storm, etc. What ports on the itinerary will be open? What airports will be open ? Once they know all of this, then click click bang bang and the printout has the answer. 🙂
  4. Fulfills the foreign-port requirement. (Jones Act)
  5. If you select the $5 charge for chats is that PER DAY or for the cruise ?
  6. I quite agree. A lower Mexican Riviera would also be nice. Have done an 8-day on the SPIRIT to Ixtapa//Zihuantaneyo, Manzanillo, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. I think she'll eventually make trips to Hawaii and even Vancouver. This surprises me also, as the other lines don't have a big presence here in LA. Used to be a race between the big three as we all left Los Cabos about the same time heading home. Blowing of horns and crossing each others wake . . . fascinating. 🙂
  7. Carnival would just as soon the P&Ds move on. They complain the most and probably spend the least. The probably spend less on photos, spend less on tours and excursions (book the internet) and often avoid the slots in a casino that has no gaming authority. They wisely do they heavy drinking in the ports more often pass on bingo. Not an ideal client demographic for a cruise line. That being said, I love Carnival. Always know what I'm getting and no surprises. Cruise new or near new ships exclusively (not refurbs with new names) with the exception being those gracious old Fantasy Class ships out of Long Beach. And those nubies, god love'em, blowing a couple house payments in the casinos, excursions and bars make my inside passage a bargain. If I book early enough I can even get an inside cabin that's actually an outside cabin with portholes! 🙂
  8. Same here. On my puter, but not on my phone. I'm sure it's an abbreviated application for obvious reasons.
  9. Down at the BOTTOM of your posts . . . click on it and it lists your cruises.
  10. Coevan, click on "expand signature" on any one of your posts and the list is there. I think the poster meant "signature" instead of "profile".
  11. And there are many here that have been cruising Carnival for decades that are simply lamenting the fact that their favorite cruising product is diminishing year by year in many ways. Trying to be objective about it and harassed by the "cheerleaders" who will follow Carnival into cruise line hell if no changes are made. I still haven't cancelled my upcoming cruise on the PANORAMA, but Tapi's comments makes me search other lines with more intensity. I've also cruised the BREEZE out of Galveston, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary, except what I would consider abnormal crowding at times and half-hazard bathroom cleaning.
  12. Been cruisin' since the early 80s and I don't recall ever paying anything extra. Little envelopes were left on your cabin desk on the last nite for tips to those you thought deserving. A bus TOUR of Vancouver Island and the famous Buschart Gardens was even included on one cruise from LA to Vancouver.
  13. Very true, Philly, but it's that price point which draws the newbies and young families and necessitates the minimum staff, eventually decreasing the upkeep, cleanliness and quality of the product. And there is nothing wrong with that. That is Carnival's demographic today. The blue&gold carders buy every photo, take every tour, love $6 beer and drop a house payment in a casino that has no gaming authority overseeing it. Very successful business plan. I applaud them. Of 32 Carnival cruises, my first one in the early 80s was $599. I'm booked on the new PANORAMA in January for the same price ! Identical itinerary, my favorite, I've done it a zillion times. There are no miracles. 38 years later there has to be some cutbacks of services, although volume probably picks up a lot of that. Grumpy old fart nearly 80 years old, I can't quite Carnival. Tried Princess. Loved it, but that was a fluke of a price on the first cruise of the season of an Alaskan cruise. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. With Carnival I know what I'm going to get and there are never any surprises. And I accept that the product is going to diminish year after year. But Dulce makes some excellent points.
  14. You're obviously confusing the MDR (main dining room) with the YTD (your time dining) service. Altogether different animals. I was responding to your MDR comment and as you can see from the previous poster this will only result in slowing up the whole process for everyone, which is why they wouldn't do it.
  15. Several years ago I also cruised on a Princess ship. First thing I noticed was the world of difference to the details. Was on the BREEZE a year or so ago and not that impressed with the direction Carnival is going for ME. I think they are appealing to the newbies and families with children. This is fine, just not for me. I think I'll try Princess again soon. Maybe this is where old Carnival cruisers go after decades of cruising with them. ? Have the PANORAMA booked for January but will look again at the Princess itineraries in the future. And, I agree, there is very little difference in the pricing these days.
  16. The implication is well-founded. . . It is NOT new. 🙂
  17. How do you get the wait staff in the MDR to "speed up" just for you ? Unheard of . . .
  18. $3 for one bag . . . $5 for two
  19. Yes you can. Go to guest services with your plane tickets and they will approve you early off no matter what designation you are.
  20. Rumor or Thread-creator, one of the two.
  21. Backpackers Motto: TAKE only memories . . . LEAVE only footprints. 🙂
  22. I've always DOUBLED the appetizer in lieu of skipping the salad. You'll get plenty of food.
  23. Years ago it used to be a nice birthday cake delivered to your dining table. Lately it was reduced to a cupcake with a candle on it ! 🙂
  24. 32 cruises never bought it, but this time I've bought the insurance as it will be my first cruise where I'm over 80 years old. 🙂
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