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  1. I have noticed on several occasions that WCMC is in the desert section of the buffet. Usually after dinner late. Probably trying to get rid of them for the day.
  2. Before retiring I had to look for a "window" where I could be away from my business for a week at a time, so I had to book last minute usually 3-4 days out(once the day of the cruise). Now with more freedom of movement and with constant Platinum offers I'm booked as far out as Jan.2020 on the PANORAMA. When I get antsy I just book a 4-dayer I "sandwich" in to appease the addiction.
  3. I always put a semi-cardboard (divider on folded shirts) inside with my name, cruise ship, date and cabin number (maybe an airline might need it when you're traveling to the ship ?) . . . then on the back for going home I have my name, address, cell#, and internet addy. Never know when everything else may be GONE !
  4. Many times, in fact all the times I needed to get from SoCal to Florida. Weather was never an issue. Always took the RED EYE, leaving about 12:30 day of, non-stop, arriving Miami, Orlando or Fort Lauderdale around 9:00. Grab a cup of coffee and croissant and board shuttle to the port around 10:00. Many trips, never a glitch (knocking on wood). Frequently sleep the entire flight. Even fell asleep once before take-off and had to be awakened by the stewards when everyone was off the plane ! 🙂
  5. I quite agree, you will definitely get these charges back. Also would like to know how and when the port fees are returned. Have heard OBC and other say in a check a week or so later. I also would go with the NO SHOW route. Don't stir the pot. Stay calm and breath through your nose. ☺️
  6. I can't remember, I'm sorry. It strikes me on the Spirit classed ships it's the one directly off the Atrium Bar.
  7. If I'm cruising solo I always take early MDR. Don't want to sit ALONE. Nowadays I take early seating whereas in the past wanting more time in ports I took late seating. Time wears us all down. 😊 If I'm cruising with a cruisemate I always take YTD. If we get a great server we request that server throughout the cruise. Frequently go to the Steakhouse 2 or more times on 7-day cruises (Spirit & Pride). I don't think the Imagination, which I've cruised on several times, has a Steakhouse. I will stand corrected.
  8. I'm following this thread because I'd like to know if I can add a passenger to my already booked solo cabin in January ?
  9. I always dine there are least twice during a cruise. Magnificent selections and extraordinary service. Love it. This restaurant always seemed to be about half empty when I've been there. If I could swing it, I'd dine here every night.
  10. I've booked a cruise on the same day. Hardest part of the booking was convincing the lady at Carnival that I had the correct date. She kept saying, "But, Sir, that ship sails today !" I lived 30 minutes from the port, always had a last minute bag ready to go, 3 shirts laundered and boxed, dual toiletries already there. Wham bam, I'm gone in 10 minutes. Even have time to call my ex and see if she wants to go also (at that time half an hour away). Homeland needs the manifest ONE HOUR from sailing.
  11. I hope it's considered still "on topic", but how much does the HUB app cost?
  12. Excellent point, PhillyFan. Static indeed for decades, IMHO. My first cruise on Carnival in the mid 80s we paid $499 DO for an inside cabin on the TROPICAL. Last cruise on the SPLENDOR the price was the same for an inside cabin. There are no miracles. Just bargains even today.
  13. LOL . . . how ironic. I occasionally take my ex wife on cruises with me (we're good friends) and probably because I do all the paperwork even though we have different last names now, but I still get offers to cruises addressing her but emailed to me. I just send them off to her. We both find this amusing. 🙂
  14. 307 on the new Panorama, but hope to "sandwich" in a 4-dayer or two before then.
  15. But they provide unique 4-day getaways for us cruisers that like to "sandwich" them in between longer cruises. My experience, they are in immaculate shape and I always enjoy the "good old days". New ships catch on fire all the time. Don't blame this on her age, especially when it was on deck 6.
  16. Pay attention to the conditions. Pay particular attention to the phrase, "for a covered reason". Says something by telling us nothing.
  17. Back in "days of yore" . . . it was really cool with all the lights off and the waiters doing a Congo line with the flaming baked Alaskan or Cherries Jubilee, but nowadays I always try to get out of there before this Dog'n'Pony Show starts. Don't know if they still do, but some of the waiters danced on the food serving platforms at each station. Judging from some of the previous posts Carnival appears to be fazing this out.
  18. I took the first cruise of the season on a Princess ship (what a bargain $286 DO 😮) and it was so friggin' cold I don't think anyone went outside EVER. I'm sure it would be different later on when the weather is a little more agreeable, however. Be sure and take the Glacier Bay itinerary . . . almost spiritual, the warmest part of the cruise, setting at the terminus with glaciers calving, they served hot cocoa and the sun came out for a few hours. Enjoy your Alaskan cruise.
  19. I use the body wash. Always enjoyed that. I'm not a diva and I find the shampoo more than adequate. I do bring my own conditioner.
  20. I sandwiched in a week in London. Beautiful city. Cruising solo is expensive paying DO, and I hooked an off-season 4-star in London (air included) for about what a one week cruise out of my home port would have cost (much less if I have to fly to the east coast). I often sandwich in a 4-dayer on one of the two Fantasy Class ships working the west coast doing the traditional "drink-til-yah-puke" runs. Remarkable what great shape these ships are in being over 20 years old.
  21. People make mistakes. "Jolt" their memory. I was on a cruise decades ago with another lady I met on a cruise previously. She was PLATINUM and going through my memory I thought I was also. She insisted we go to the Purser and have her check. The Purser disappeared for a few minutes and then came back apologizing up and down giving me my first PLATINUM card. Later that evening an officer came to our cabin, gave us a bottle of wine and apologized again. Classy, I thought. 🙂
  22. I love pissing contests. Two damaged egos struggling to insert their ethical dominance.🙂
  23. Back during the dark ages (mid 80s) when our son was around 8 years old he found a friend on an NCL cruise we were on. They would go off to do this and do that, but was instructed to show up every other hour at the main pool/bar area where we just asked him how he was doing and then sent him on his way again. He would occasionally see us on the ship and high five us. The two of them had a ball together and he remembers it at age 38 very clearly to this day. 🙂
  24. Right front pocket. When I'm leaving the ship I put the S'N'S card in my passport and put it in my right snapped front pocket of my dockers. Leave my wallet and CC in the safe. Only carry cash off the ship securely in my front snapped pocket.
  25. I'm so sorry. I originally put Vista Class but didn't think that looked right as it's also a Holland America Class, so I changed it. Just further proof you shouldn't take advice from an 80-year-old. 🙂
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