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  1. I've been creating "cruising" related decals to hide when we return to sailing! I'll have quite a collection by the time I get back on a ship! :-) just found this really cute ANCHOR idea that I'm now trying to recreate... I've got plenty of time to perfect my crafting!
  2. my ads are all for cruises... LOL I recently got this computer (so that I could work remotely due to this pandemic) and the only places I go on here are Cruise Critic and the Carnival website... all my ads are GREAT! 🙂
  3. so very true!! I wish I was less afraid to be happy!! I think I will bring my twinkle lights on our next cruise and see if I can gather the nerve to wear them in my hair! I love this. (or maybe find a way to incorporate them throughout my skirt (it's a lacy outer later with a satin inner layer... I think it'd work!)
  4. LOL thanks! I've got some more for you... ... watching the teenage girls talking NON-STOP over each other and not even noticing that nobody is listening ...the little ones trying to get mommy or daddies attention to "watch me!" while they do something like raise a foot off the ground or spin in a circle while holding one arm up ... seeing the pre-teens notice each other and try to get each others attention while trying not to make it obvious that they are trying to get the others attention (I've got a teenaged daughter and I have seen this a LOT while we're out LOL) ...also the pre-teens that have never had any freedom before and suddenly they've been given some while on the boat, and they're going crazy with it (usually when I cruise it's just my daughter and I, so we get placed at a table with similar families - a few cruises back, we had a girl that was my daughters age (11-12) who was the sweetest most wonderful kid at dinner with her grandmother - but we'd see her later out on the lido deck hanging out with all the boys from the teen club, shirt has been pulled down off her shoulder and tied at the waist so her mid-section is showing... flirting with ALL of them. One night we saw them trying to sneak a drink that was left on a table... YIKES! The next night, back to conservative dress and sweet as pie for grandma. The grandma would brag about how wonderful her granddaughter was and how well behaved and how she didn't get into any trouble, etc. ...watching the older gentlemen actually treating their wives like princesses. Opening doors for them, pulling out their chairs, etc. ...sitting by the ice cream machine and watching some of the "creations" that the kids make one of my favorites, is to sit by the kiddie section and watching the pure joy of the kids just by getting splashed with a little bit of water - it's amazing how something so simple can make them so very happy! (we've actually got a pup that is like this too... we turn on the hose in the backyard and she gets ecstatic!! Barking and jumping at the water, biting it and running through it... it's her absolute favorite thing LOL) watching the guys strutting around on the lido deck with their shirts off and chest puffed out, thinking they're hot stuff... and not a soul is even looking at them - (except me, apparently LOL) but they keep strutting as if they are on stage! seeing people find the hidden ducks all around the ship! (we hide one and then hang out in the area to see who finds it - and also to make sure that a crew member doesn't mistake it for trash and toss it!) This might be a "wait for a while" activity right now though - people may be afraid to touch/pick up a random duck and as someone mentioned previously, trying to figure out the relationship between the older male and the very much younger female... are they father/daughter or is it something else? No judgement! Just curiosity! (my dad and I do a lot of things together and we've been mistaken for a couple before, it's actually hysterical watching the people who assume we are "dating" - the disapproving looks, etc. They don't ask - they just immediately judge. It's very funny!)
  5. oh yes!! People watching is one of my favorites! Checking out the different outfits on people, (some wear things well, while others not so much... I'm always in the "doesn't wear things well" category, so I am comforted by others in the same boat!) looking at the good looking and the not so good looking peeps... hearing snippits of conversations as folks walk past us and then trying to piece together how we think the "rest of the story" went... watching the husbands who are obviously brow-beaten by their wives... trying to figure out who "wears the pants" in the relationships... sympathizing with the parent that is absolutely exhausted because the other parent would rather hang out at the bar and they've been left in charge of all the kids... watching the folks in the hot tubs getting frustrated with the kids that have also joined them in the hot tubs uninvited... and so much more... LOL
  6. you SHOULD care if it affects their "tax situation" - because that "situation" could very well greatly affect the cost of your cruise and what services are included in said cruise. you sound like you're very passionate about this topic, maybe you should take this and run with it and try to make a change for the crew... find a solution that will positively benefit everyone. (well... except the cheapo's that want to remove their tips - but THOSE are the people I don't care how it affects)
  7. should we also point out that many of these employees are also receiving free room & board, and likely have no grocery bills to speak of either as most meals are covered too. (favorite snacks and incidentals is a minor expense) and I believe someone else said that by American standards their wages are not so great but by the standards of where they come from, it is above average pay for them. Also, the "tipping" positions are a coveted position because they have the potential to make so much more $$ than say, the guy working in the galley cleaning the pots and pans.
  8. there are also people that die from the flu that DID get their flu shots... and that certainly wasn't their decision! as I said in an earlier post, I have a friend who has gotten the flu shot every year and she ended up getting the flu multiple times in a relatively short period of time, one of those times required hospitalization because it was so severe. She was just lucky enough to live in an area with a flu strain that wasn't protected by that years shot... she no longer gets the flu shot every year because she doesn't believe in their effectiveness.
  9. same! and "passport vs birth cert" or "can my mature 8 year old kid go to serenity with me?" or "how do I sneak on beer?" LOL
  10. I've done that too! LOL but this year, I want to participate!
  11. well, considering I didn't include anything "factual" in my post - only my own personal opinions... and I stated that a vaccine would have to be more effective than the current flu vaccine. If it's 100% effective, I'll get it without question once it's PROVEN to be so. (it wasn't necessarily a "comparison" just an example of what I don't consider to be effective enough for me - FOR ME, not you or anyone else reading this post. For me.) And this next comment is not directed at you, but I'm not an "anti-vaxxer" just because I don't get the flu shot... I've gotten all of my other vaccines, my children were all vaccinated... hell, even my PETS get their vaccinations too. it cracks me up that people are accusing others of being "anti-vaxx" because they don't want the flu shot and are saying they won't get this new shot right away either. Those of you throwing that accusation around apparently don't know what a real "anti-vaxxer" is...
  12. I also have not had the flu in quite a few years - and I have NEVER gotten the flu shot. So it seems like it's LUCK for both of us. I also wash my hands before I eat - I don't touch things that I don't need to - if I'm in a line where the person in front of me is coughing / sneezing, I step back and keep my distance. If the coughing/sneezer is behind me, I let them go in front of me and then I step back from them! I'd love to see some statistics on this, actually. A comparison of how many have gotten the flu when they've gotten the flu shot vs the number of folks who've gotten the flu and not gotten the flu shot.
  13. Lord I hope not! I refuse to get a vaccine that has been rushed into production without the proper testing period - I will wait and let all of you rush to get it first and let you guys be the "test subjects". If after a reasonable amount of time has passed and they work out the kinks / side effects - I will consider getting it. It will have to be an EFFECTIVE vaccine though - not like the flu shot that has a 50% or so rate. I know way too many people that have gotten their flu shots religiously and still gotten the flu (some of them VERY bad cases that required hospitalization... so don't tell me "it made the symptoms less because they got the shot"). One of my close friends (who has always gotten her flu shot) had the flu three times in a row within a 2 month period!! She no longer gets the shot as she no longer believes in it's effectiveness after that. please feel free to argue with me about the flu shot - you'll be wasting your breathe though, as it won't change my opinion of it. (I've seen statistics, I've seen many arguments in favor of it... I've also seen many against it. Confirmation Bias - anyone can look up stuff on the internet and find an article that supports their theory or way of thinking.)
  14. Yes! That's my plan too! We aren't big drinkers, so we won't "need" the visual clues but looking for the door decorations is much more fun than looking for a cabin number!
  15. thank you so much for the link! I've been perusing those galleries and wow, some great pics there! (LOL some not so great, but still NOT home! So I am still enjoying them! LOL)
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