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  1. Not surprised. Sail on her in 1999 and it was scary! Puddle of blood by drinking fountain on pool deck about size of CD. I reported it and they said they would get it cleaned right away.  I walked back through about 45 minutes later and it was spread all over deck where kids waded through it and jumped back in pool!  I would not accept a FREE CRUISE on that ship.

  2.     Our family are doing the Magic in October but we went to St. Kitts on Conquest last October. We thought St. Kitts was beautiful and want to go back too. We hired a taxi and went to Cockleshell Bay Beach . Payed the $15 for 2 chairs and umbrella.  Stayed about 3 hours. It wasn't crowded then and snorkeling with several sightings of Cockleshell with crabs walking on sea floor. Had driver take us to other end of island to see the extreme black sand!

    Thanks for the review . We were to have a balcony room on deck 2 I think but changed to 9th floor as it's closer to pools. Granddaughters are partial to those!  After seeing your balcony photos, I wish we had kept closer to water. 


  3. we rented a golf cart on the spur of the moment from some guy holding up a sign. we added some gas since it was low but it was only a couple of bucks. had a great time seeing some unusual sights.

    What were they charging for those please?

  4. Do you remember what the cost was for the day? We will be there in couple of weeks and my granddaughters would love the monkeys for sure. We want to see Cockleshell Beach and the one that has Shipwreck Bar , think it is South Frier Beach. Thank you so much for the review.












  5. Yes, ds is 3, he likes to hold the book, turn the pages, the old fashioned way. Usually I pack quite a few to have variety during the week but they can be heavy. so hopefully we can borrow a few books to read at bedtime.

    Go pick up a few at the dollar tree or Mighty Dollar. Thinner and cheap.

  6. In Belfast any meat cooked on a grill outside is "BBQ,d", sports shoes are "trainers" rest, washrooms are "loos" and the one that sets us in most trouble when abroad is. When asking for an ice cream cone in Northern Ireland we ask for a "poke" which means something completely different in a lot of other countries😀

    And most will accommodate you with a poke . Be oh so careful who you ask for you might just get it.:o

  7. We were on same cruise! Same floor too. We had inside cabin L232. We thought Buffet was a hit and miss on average. We dined in Main dining room about 4 nights I think. For the most part the food was good. Service was quite excellent. Fast even. Was leary as reviews on here was atrocious time for entire meal. Doubt we ever spent 45 minutes in there.

    We did something different in every port as we had been to them all several times. Thought weather was great.

    We managed to arrive home here in Ky. around4 this afternoon. I would love to go back!!!

  8. Peggy, we've been on CB four times in the past 18 months and have a fifth planned in September with no significant complaints. I don't question the validity of any individual's experience, and can only share mine.


    We are laid back, long time cruisers who no longer feel compelled to participate in every activity, visit every dining venue or see every show. In fact, last cruise we did zero activities and attended zero shows. CB is not among the newest, most updated ships, but our cabin and public spaces we visited were comfortable. Did we love every menu item at every meal? No, but we certainly didn't go hungry. Do I wish there was less "junk mail" promoting services or spending opportunities in which I have not interest? Absolutely! But it takes little effort to file those in the trash basket. While I observed many fellow passengers treating each other and the crew with respect, unfortunately, I also observed a few situations of the opposite.


    Not everyone is going to have a perfect experience every cruise, but remembering that we are all human and having realistic expectations goes a long way in having at least an enjoyable experience. Wishing you smooth sailing!

    Sounds as if we have a lot in common as we just want to relax and enjoy the cruise. I have wanted to cruise on the Caribbean Princess for several years and hoping for a great cruise. Thanks Debbie.

  9. Sorry the OP had an experience that didn't meet expectations. We were onboard for May 26th sailing and experienced none of the same issues that OP described. We look forward to being back onboard again in September.

    Debbie, you give me hope. We are sailing first week of July on this ship and I'm getting concerned about all these posts.

  10. Good to know.


    But sorry, I do not like your duct tape. I prefer other brands.


    I am not sure which brand my last roll of gaffers tape was. I have had it for some 10 years.

    We make both tapes as well as electrical tape , pipeline tape and window flashing, Gorilla tapes. Gaffer is very high dollar tape that now comes in navy blue, purple , burgundy . We have black, orange, yellow , brown, white, green, neon colors too in pink , green & yellow .

  11. I prefer gaffer's tape.


    It sticks well, but does not leave the residue that duct tape leaves.


    You can get it online. It was designed to be used in the theater to tape down cords, or bundle them, etc. And you do not want all your cables to be a sticky mess all the time.

    Thanks for the business. I work in a duct tape factory and we also make 510 Gaffer. Got some new colors last year. Keep buying.

  12. Carnival has excursions with or without lunch? Any opinions thanks


    If you do ship excursion, you may only get an hour or so instead of staying for as long as you'd want. We always start heading back about 2 hours before time for ship to sail in case of traffic problems.

  13. Should I do it outside of a cruise ship tour? We are with Carnival and I wanted some info on how to get there on our own.


    Any ideas? Thanks.

    Ask when you get on land where to meet public transit. $2.50 per person each way. Stay as long as you want. Be sure to cross the road to see the dolphins after you are done with Turtles.

  14. Kids sail free NOT. The catch is you have to be put in a room with more beds for the kids so you are upgraded to a room where the adults price nearly doubles the you have taxes and port fees on kids. It's cheaper to pay regular price and get double rooms. Sometimes you can get connecting room which work great. This way you have 2 showers and toilets.

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