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  1. AmoMondo

    Americans Cruising with MSC in Europe: Questions

    Unless things have changed dramatically in the last 18 months, I would not say there would be lots of Brits onboard. Their popularity has probably expanded in the U.K. over the years but many still choose RCCL, P&O,Cunard etc. There will be a lot of Italians, Germans and Spanish though. I’ll be boarding my 22nd cruise at the weekend and hVe never embarked at Barcelona, but mainly Genoa for Western Med. MSC for some reason used to have Irish passengers joining at Barcelona. I think it’s best to only expect some not lots of English speakers and from many nationalities.
  2. AmoMondo

    Much chance of a table for 2?

    It’s not that MSC aren’t flexible, it’s just they can’t accomodate everyone. There are never that many tables for 2 compared to all other sizes, so on some cruises demand exceeds supply. They give preference to those with medical conditions or on honeymoon or a special anniversary.
  3. AmoMondo

    Being seated with others in MDR

    I’ve always asked to be seated on a large table (its part of the booking process). I always go for second sitting. On 2out of 21cruises with MDC, I was by myself which wasn’t a lot of fun, but not much they could do when there were only 11 English speaking passengers on one of them and they were either on first sitting or not wanting to share. So,etimes I’ve managed to get a full table of 8pr more but mostly less than that. I’d do better if I were on first as that is when the Americans and a lot of Brits prefer.
  4. AmoMondo

    What to do when cabin mate has to cancel

    It used to. E really easy to book any cruise as a so.o Assembler. Just after the credit crunch, you could even get some sailings with no single supplement. Then it became almost impossible (at least in the U.K.). There were some sailings where they wouldn’t accept any solo bookings. Had the ridiculous situation that they had around 20cabins unsold for the Dubai sailings 3weeks out and preferred to leave them unsold rather than sell it to me even at 200%. They appear to have relented somewhat but do appear to ration the number of solos on a particular cruise. Last time I looked (last year) they was no availability at all on the newer bigger ships. No matter which dates you looked, until you changed the pax number to 2. Used to sail solo with them 2,3or even 4 times a year but rarely do now. They went from being solo friendly to unfriendly, then completely degraded the Club benefits. Plenty other places to spend my holiday budget!
  5. AmoMondo

    MSC Seaside April 28th 2018

    Hope you’re having a fantastic trip !
  6. AmoMondo

    So,e questions about tickets and embarkation

    Thanks Pluto_fan! It’s all sorted ( I think). They confirmed my club number wasn’t showing on my booking and have now added it and re-issued the cruise confirmation. They have sent an email to the department that issues the tickets requesting they reissue them tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how much has changed since I was last onboard!
  7. AmoMondo

    So,e questions about tickets and embarkation

    Thanks both, Yes it’s deginitely missing. I will call the. And get it fixed.
  8. So it’s been 2 years since and have just been reading through my tickets for my sailing next Saturday. First thing I noticed is I can’t see my Voyagers Card number any where. My luggage labels don’t have that I’m Black on them. Is this a change or have they forgot to,put this on? (I’m positive your club status was on your tickets previously). Do they still have the preferential luggage drop queue and priority boarding for Black members at Venice? I still have my black card, so I can show that, since there is nothing on my paperwork to indicate I am. Second thing I noticed is the embarkation procedures. You used to get your photo taken at check in, in the terminal and given Hijra card, cleared security and boarded the ship. It’s saying on the tickets, that you get your photo taken on the ship now and that your card will be in your cabin. Is this right? Don’t want to phone the U.K. office tomorrow to get my tickets fixed if this is how they do things now! Thanks
  9. At £23 per day, I probably drink enough coffee, water and the occasional cocktail or Baileys, to make it worth while even if I treat myself to the occasional decent bottle or glass of wine.
  10. AmoMondo

    New to MSC- What Extras Can we Purchase?

    You won't be able to do your own launder on MSC u less you plan on hand washing stuff in the bathroom. Their laundry package is usually excellent value though. Not sure if the Seaside will have the same deal but as the previous reply says, you can see everything yiu can pre purchase when yiu log into your booking.
  11. AmoMondo

    MSC Divina Room Attendants.... why?

    In more than 20 cruises with them, I e had. Towel animal anoutbtwice. It's not something they do as yiu e found out. Personally it doesn't bother me in the slightest. As for the little squares of dark chocolate, yiu hetbthem with every espresso or cappuccino yiu order in the coffee bar. Some hotels do this, I don't expect every hotel to do this. You seem to expect all. Raise lines to do the same as each other though.
  12. Thanks for the additional information. I think I'll just go for the basic package. The wine packages are good value but with it being a 7 night cruise and me travelling solo, I just wouldn't get through that much wine.GHANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP.
  13. Thanks Bea. It's the XO that I like too! Going to do a week in Eastern Med on the Poesia with the new Albania port if call..
  14. Tim doesn't post on here anymore as he's stopped cruising with MSC. I've done the crossing 5 times and it varies. Worse wether I ever had was in the Med on the first 2 days of the sailing, the rest was like a mill pond. Others times mostly smooth sailing with the occasional rough seas for a day or so at most. They cross quite far south, so it's not like the winter seas you'd experience sailing from Europe to New York. Seas are unpredictable though and storms can happen. It would be very unusual if yiu were stuck in your cabin the entire crossing though.