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  1. I have read through prior posts and I looked through the photos but for those who have cruised this year, what lines moved the fastest and which were the slowest to transfer to the airport? Uber/lyft, taxi, or cruise line shuttle? This would be for passengers with only carry on luggage and provided they could easily walk to the Uber/lyft pickup area.
  2. Thank you to those who've posted. I'm Still looking for additional menus, preferably Alaska itinerary, since they are about to start again.
  3. Thank you for the menus. Please keep them coming!
  4. Thanks for those that have posted. We'll be on the Star so looking for something that may show up in her restaurants.
  5. I'm looking for photos of any menus, including room service, main dining, and specialty restaunts, from 2018-2019. If it was from an Alaska sailing, that would be even better!
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