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  1. We rescheduled to this itinerary since our June, 2020 14 night (to North Cape) was cancelled. I actually like this 9-nighter better although it really IS port intensive! Surely hope 2021 finds us in Norway!
  2. ok - thanks -- then I will be better off canceling this one.
  3. I cannot find the answer to my question and of course cannot get in touch with anyone at HAL -- been trying to 'chat' forever too..... Received a FCC from HAL for having to cancel a cruise due to the 'virus'..... I have deposited a cruise already -- but no other payments. Can this FCC be applied to that cruise or will I have to cancel it and then rebook using my FCC as deposit and payment? It's enough to pay for the entire thing. Thanks for any help if anyone really knows the answer to this.
  4. Canada Bans Cruise Ships In a move that could lead to an early halt of the Alaska season, the Canadian government has temporarily barred all cruise ships and ferries that carry more than 500 people, including crew, from docking in Canada until July to protect against the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a speech earlier today that "cruise season is suspended until July."
  5. We made reservations for the Rudi's on board (NOT a pop up) and it says alacarte but we were charged $40 on line. Can someone please explain? What are we allowed to order? Just up to the $40 and then pay the difference over $40? Just a bit confused. Thanks
  6. April 1 departure -- 4/7 for the now cancelled HMC day on a site that shows scheduling for HMC the Veendam is still listed as the only ship there - that site needs to be updated No Cuba -- it includes Grand Turk, San Juan and St Thomas -- HMC was last day before FLL. I could understand that enroute -- but this is a cruise in April. Guess no one knows! But thanks for your input. 🙂 Of course the rep gave the standard answer that HAL reserves the right to change itineraries.....
  7. Anyone know why HAL would cancel a stop at Half Moon Cay originally on the itinerary for April, 2020? It is now listed as a sea day.
  8. Travelingla on Nieuw Statendam - 07-June-2020 14 night Voyage of the Midnight Sun
  9. I just read this on HAL's FAQ..... I've never had an Orange Party on any HAL ship I've sailed on..... is this something new? Learn more about this unique Dutch celebration and prepare to get your orange on. What’s the Orange Party? Orange is the color most associated with the Netherlands and the House of Orange, Holland’s royal family. In keeping with our proud Dutch heritage, we invite you to a new onboard celebration inspired by the Netherland’s national holiday, King’s Day: The Orange Party. Just wear your favorite orange clothes and accessories, or purch
  10. I'll take your word for it... it still does not let me go past March🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. I had checked that site earlier and did not see June listed -- so perhaps it is too early yet.... Or -- I do not know how to use this site???
  12. How do we find out where our ship (Nieuw Statendam) docks in Bergen? The cruise mapper & other sites do not say specifically.
  13. I am so sad about this..... but so glad I asked!! Thank you all for responding! Seems like a lot of wasted money 🤑 We plan to do a lot of 'self guided' walking in ports so I had visions of plotting the sites on a map here & printing them off....I cannot even remember now where I got that incorrect info 😏 Now I will be plotting my own maps before I go. Thank you all! but...... I am hard-headed & will still call HAL to see what they say about the 'benefit' & 'purpose' of this area!! 😋
  14. That is very disappointing & nothing like I read initially about the purpose. Even the video on it shows ‘table size’ ‘iPad-like tables with folks swiping a map on it. I was checking on the printing info. I will call HAL & see if I can find specifics. I just thought I’d ask here in case others had made use of it. You said you’ve seen it on several ships. Thanks for your reply.
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