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  1. Research this topic for every port or excursion you plan on taking. On our past AK cruises we found it very hard to find food that we felt would work or that had no cross contamination. Not sure if gluten has those issues or not. One way we solved these issues is to research food places in each city. Another way was to rent a car and go to grocery store. sightcrr.
  2. ISP would be easy to stay entertained near the ship with nature walk and local sites right next to dock. Ketchikan has nice city bus that would take you to Totem Bright State Park and museum next door. In Juneau also look into the fish hatchery depending on the salmon run with the eagles near by. Think about renting car for a drive to Eagle Beach, Jensen-Olson Arboretum and Shrine of Saint Therese. Really will come in handy if pouring rain. If Canada is open look into renting a car in Skagway and driving to Carcross on the one main road out of town towards Whitehorse. Don't
  3. After you pay to get to Van BC plus at least one night hotel: Seven day D/C is about 6k which is about 200 per person per day. Staying on ship or leaving ship for one person 1/2 day is about $100. No wonder they don't charge extra to stay. Photos w/ M & M mouse and D/D might be worth it. It is only money. It has been a long time since I was around a 3 year old.
  4. I didn't mean not to cruise just to me since no one has provided Alaska excursions that will work for a three year old very well Alaska is a just a waste of money unless you plan on just staying on the ship. Seems like better ways to spend all that money. 5 & 7 year old's have lots to do and will remember it as heard from above comments. Three year old running free on Mt Roberts would would be to stressful for me. Leaving the 3 year old on the ship sounds like expensive baby sitting. I don't care as it is their money but something to think about.
  5. I say put the trip off for at least two years when the kids are 5 & 7.
  6. You can look at Youtube for almost every excursion. Here is one from isp that shows the ship and the zip line landing area. Our HAL cruise tied up at the pier but that was a while ago and many things have changed. Also look in cruise critic " Alaska ports of call" Alaska Cruises Q&A: Find Tips & Recommendations - Cruise Critic Message Board Forums One of the World's Longest ZipLines (Icy Strait Point, Alaska, USA) - YouTube
  7. We liked the train up and bus back. On the train ride up there is narration of history and what you are seeing. On the way back since some of the round trip people already heard the narration the speakers are quiet. The ride on the bus back is across the river so the sights are a little different. If heading up you want to be on the left side looking forward. Heading down looking forward you want to be on the right. On bus just the opposite. Up on right, down on the left.
  8. Some HAL ship balconies have solid steel railings that you cant see out of sitting down. Ask for ones that have see through railings.
  9. With the Canada border still closed I would not be surprised to see Canada part of tour package changed in many ways.
  10. If he just wants to say he jumped in the Pacific Ocean none of your stops are on the pacific. If he just wants Alaska or Canada any or both will work. Sept will be cold.
  11. Allen marine is doing AK in 21. From about 4k for the week. We have been on their boats but not the crab boats. 2021 Alaska's Islands, Whales & Glaciers | Alaskan Dream Cruises
  12. Search youtube and you find every port and most tours have people who filmed all of the nice to know info. Some of my favs videos were the zip line in Icy Straight Point. Gave me the idea to make sure the people going had eye protection for the fog at 60 mph.
  13. Once the cruising starts back up cruisers will be like pilots. There will be old cruisers, there will be bold cruisers but there will be no old, bold cruisers. We will be cruisers in the past. sightcrr
  14. I would be waiting a little while because vendors in 2020 may not even be in business in 2021. sightcrr
  15. Another way is to look for roundshot cameras. You can zoom in, change dates and time, stop the rotation along with all kinds of cool stuff. Here is one of my favs. It takes a round shot about every ten minutes. We got several nice photos of them if they were in one place long enough. https://bellevue.roundshot.com/
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