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  1. For whales from the ship be on deck facing forward with warm clothes and long lens camera or binocs when transiting Jump to search Stephens Passage and Admiralty Island from Douglas Island Stephens Passage and or near the entrance to Glacier Bay in the area of ISP. Many ships will have gps maps to let you know where you are. Whales from whale watch tour will be close but from the ship a whale is a whale and if it is a small ship the watch crew may make an announcement however by the time a person hears then reacts it might be to late. Also watch other people and find out what they are running to see. Many times when driving you will see cars lined up on the roads long before you see the bear that everyone is watching. I am sure you will enjoy the BC museum for $11 c (senior) but it won't be like the at least 10 free ones in London. My wife likes dollhouses and the Toy Museum has 3 floors of toys and one whole floor of dollhouses. V&A, London, Fire, Tate, are just a few on long list and almost all free. Enjoy BC but don't compare them to London's or you may be let down.
  2. Just about every shore excursion has a you/tube of it. Have them watch one or two of them. Zip line in ISP and Crab boat in Ketch are two that come to mind. Everyone would like helo to glacier but it does cost as much as Carib cruise. sightcrr
  3. fyi two things to know. 1) Alaska whale watches short run out and 100% chance to see humpback whales, 25% chance to see orcas. Canada whale watch longer runs and almost 0% to see humpback, 50% to see orcas. 2) Don't expect the BC museums to be anywhere near the quality, size and cost of the Many free London museums. sightcrr
  4. For info those fishing bears were likely seen during Holland's 14 day cruise on a flight from Kodiak off the island to Katmai National Park to the west of Kodiak which starting this year Holland deleted from their 14 day cruise. At your closest point you will be about 1000 miles away. The eagles and the crab boat however will be a 200 yard walk to the crab boat from your ship and something I always recommend first time AK cruisers do. For the eagle feeding ask for 5 min warning then be ready with your cameras as the action comes quick and doesn't last very long. sightcrr
  5. There will be many taxis at Empress Hotel which is very near landing point. It looks like it runs about $45C one way. I cant help with getting back. Maybe contact cab driver on way out for later pick up or contact garden guest services when you arrive for info. There are buses/tours that are cheaper but charge per person and take longer and flood the gardens with people all at the same time. It has been a long time since we were there and we either drove ourselves or took cruise sponsored tour. sightcrr ps. You can check the weather the day of but to change plans based on day or more forecasts is not worthwhile. There is never bad weather just bad coats, jackets, shoes & outerwear. sightcrr
  6. In Vic seaplane landing is likely right downtown and ask pilot to point gardens out if you fly over B/G gardens. B/G is 30-45 drive from there so make sure you plan bus, taxi something to get you there without wasting a lot of time. Also Vic is capital of BC so government buildings may be of interest and look at free gardens in Vic and Van. In Ketch look into crab boat tour. We loved your city by the way. sightcrr
  7. For your Palmer day see if you can squeeze in Matanuska glacier walk. You can thank me later. sightcrr https://matanuskaglacieradventures.us/matanuska-glacier-access-and-self-guided-tours/
  8. http://www.friendsjoarboretum.org/ We enjoyed this one but it is out a little ways but free. Late May may be a little early. Just past http://www.shrineofsainttherese.org/holy-grounds also worth a stop. We rented a car and drove to glacier and then out the Glacier Hwy to the end of pavement.
  9. Buy them from the people who are tired of them on ebay before you go or when you get back. That way you can also eliminate the junk from China. That way you also don't waste time when there is so much to see and do in Ak.
  10. Find different place to stay Fri night. No sense driving one hr one direction then back next morning and doing it again on the way to ship. Lots to do around Palmer like glacier walk, Musk Ox etc. Skip Talkeetna unless flight seeing and do one more day nearer Denali. Only 1/3 of people see the mountain because of weather. Try to plan for 3 days.
  11. Do a search on youtube for the trip. Here is one but it is a little old then I got tired of searching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elIxmivx1ss Be aware it is one of the most canceled trips due to weather so have a back up plan in place and decide if just want helo tour without the dogs. sightcrr
  12. Make sure to check your port times and your tour times closely. Zip line has 45 min ride up with 60 sec ride down and they only go up at certain times in a bus load.
  13. With 6 kids it is hard not to recommend the zip line. It used to be worlds longest but now is about number 4. Look at the youtube videos of it. For the other person watching the bear cams if it was Katami that is 1000 miles away and the only place like it and fantastic. We are zero for one on road trips seeing bears and one for 4 seeing bears on shore from whale watch tour.
  14. Since almost all of your trip will be in daylight take some bread closures or something to keep the blinds closed unless you are in an interior room.
  15. We have done this three times but the last time was in 2016. HAL had busses that droped off at Egan Center downtown. Taxis were also available on the pier next to the busses. Watch the gangway and get out there as soon as possible to get one of the few cabs. Often before the pa announcements. Once another person was going to airport and we split the costs but cant remember how much it was. Twice we drove two hours north to Matanuska glacier to do glacier walks. FYI the ports for 2020 changed a lot since we went. Ours was r/t Seattle not Vancouver and it now skips Kodiak. Port times looked a little shorter also. One more thing to get an idea of where the ship will dock use google map and find the air force base. Follow the runway to the west towards the water. It will be right there.
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