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  1. Once the cruising starts back up cruisers will be like pilots. There will be old cruisers, there will be bold cruisers but there will be no old, bold cruisers. We will be cruisers in the past. sightcrr
  2. I would be waiting a little while because vendors in 2020 may not even be in business in 2021. sightcrr
  3. Another way is to look for roundshot cameras. You can zoom in, change dates and time, stop the rotation along with all kinds of cool stuff. Here is one of my favs. It takes a round shot about every ten minutes. We got several nice photos of them if they were in one place long enough. https://bellevue.roundshot.com/
  4. On YouTube besides Kara and Nate, try Flying The Nest, Wayaway, Endless Adventures, and Kinging It. Lately the content hasn't been great because of covid, divorces, babys etc but on the individual sites type in search on the right side and type "cruise", "iceland", and for kingingit "Mongol Rally". Then you can binge watch older videos which are great. All the ones of Iceland are just great and I think they all have it covered. sightcrr.
  5. At the end of July a person can't even visit Katmai due to covid. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2020/07/26/popular-portion-of-katmai-national-park-temporarily-closed-due-to-reports-of-covid-19/ sightcrr
  6. Most likely never again. We enjoyed the ones we went on but those days are gone. Spending lots of money to fly then cruising as we get older most likely won't happen. sightcrr
  7. Do a you tube search of each and see which you think you would like the best. I vote for Bering Sea and save eating for on the ship. sightcrr
  8. With the new Ward Cove dock for NCL I think that it is way to early to figure out docking for 06/21. sightcrr
  9. Alaska August 2020 safe to book or not Answer: not
  10. With all the flight tracking, listening to ATC and staying up to date I forgot to remind them to try to stay away from people, use hand san, wash and rewash hands and wear masks to keep from touching face. I am sorry about that. sightcrr
  11. I am wondering & guessing that they might be making sure that their fresh water tanks are completely full and that any other tanks are where they need to be. Just a guess. sightcrr
  12. Dockman, I want to express my thanks to you for your postings about the current situation and I wish you and your family all the best. Your posts along with very few others are all that seem worth reading. The rest is just a bunch of noise. sightcrr
  13. I am thinking that the parents don't call often because they don't need to. They are world travelers who don't know or care what we want to know like if they made the flight or not. To them there will be another flight later. Hope they made this one.
  14. Roughly the numbers are compass headings with last zero removed. 16L at SEA is 180 compass with 16 degrees of magnetic deflection so almost due north and south. 9L would be close to 90 compass or almost due east and west.
  15. It looks like the plane for 2802 is at A1 for the departure to Tampa and arrived from New Orleans 2.5 hr ago on DAL 2978. 2802 expected to depart in 2 hours.
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