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    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Well, I think as far as quickness of food - it seems like there are some venues that are "sort of" self serve, like the Bread type place. So they won't just throw food out on a buffet, but have manned stations to serve ready to eat food. But like I said, it will be interesting to see how this plays out! :)
  2. butterfly529

    Any NEWS on VV? Please post it here...

    Alot of people seem unimpressed with the renderings so far - I like them. And so far, the first two details they've released that I love are NO KIDS (yay!) and no buffets or main dining rooms (and no upcharge for food). My only question is wondering how they will handle dining for 2700+ - will there be any reservations? Will it be for some of the eating venues, but not for others? Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Can't wait to see deck plans, room plans, and what the price point will be!
  3. So when it says "Buy one beer, wine, soda - get one free" - that is just a one time thing. It isn't going to happen every time I purchase, right? So every time my husband buys a beer, I don't get one free :):)
  4. butterfly529

    Promo OBC

    Um, they never said that they don't tip at all. Maybe they prefer to tip people directly....
  5. Are you able to make reservations online when you have purchased a 3-night dining package? I know it makes you pick a time for your first reservation and they assign you a restaurant that you do not know what it is - and that you can change it when you get there. I want to make a reservation for Wonderland because I want to make sure we get in. TYIA :D:D:D
  6. butterfly529

    VAT on pre-cruise purchases?

    To clarify, as this is confusing to us Americans :confused:- when I go to purchase the drink package online, it is NOT adding the VAT tax, only the Service Charge (of a random 16.36%, not 18%??). So when do they charge the VAT for online purchases? :confused:;p
  7. butterfly529

    AOTS Junior Suite Photos

    Just Google or go to CC reviews - there are usually pictures there also that you can find
  8. butterfly529

    Symphony of the Seas' Blocks Are in the House!

    After yesterday's launch - I'm hoping for a Tesla!!
  9. butterfly529

    If you won a free cruise......

    The longest, most expensive one I could find! :)
  10. We were on her 10/23-27 - first time on a smaller ship. We enjoyed although we didn't get to go to Coco Cay - I was very disappointed with that as we've never been there :( :( She definitely shows her age, but everything was very clean and the staff was great! And in Key West they were having their annual Fantasy Fest - boy was that interesting!!
  11. butterfly529

    Current Concierges continued discussion

    I understand your question, I struggle with this also --- Is it $10, $20? As you stated, you don't want to insult the person. I probably overtip b/c of this.... I know this is a VERY subjective matter. And can get MANY different responses.... I wish there was a more simple answer! Like the 20% when dining (yes, I know they don't do this much outside the US - but that is where I am from).
  12. IMO What they need are tourism dollars to help them get back on their feet!
  13. butterfly529

    Coco Cay Wave Runners

    I know there is a shore excursion for the wave runners, but do they rent them without a tour? TYIA :)
  14. butterfly529

    Upgrade fairy

    OH MY GOD!!! Will you people LIGHTEN UP!!! Geez........... Congrats to you on getting a good deal - regardless of how you got it :) :) ENJOY!