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  1. I don't have the secret answer. I do know when I was trying to get to it I had to do a pretend booking - usually just hit on a cruise and when I got to the second page the chat showed up. Maybe this will work until the real experts chime in...
  2. We did both menu's on our last cruise. Loved it! - but we waited until they were offered at half price along the cruise. A table was set up outside the buffet selling the specialty restaurants. We enjoyed the old Quisine too. We did that one twice on the previous cruise and look forward to it on our upcoming one. They paid a lot for the concept so it's not going anywhere soon. Although, now we have done both once I see no need to go back unless the movie is changed. It was the show that made the meal. So yes, I agree with you..... the old one is better but I loved seeing the new.
  3. Yes they are trained for a different job, true. I still believe that it can be done without screaming and disrespect. Even when I get a ticket for going minimally over the speed limit..hahaha... the officer is polite and respectful. If he can do it when not knowing who he/she is coming up against, so can a Celebrity security guard standing at a machine. If we are juggling bags, cameras, parcels, our sea pass card, people jostling us in line after a fantastic port day it dampens the Celebrity experience when being screamed at to move along , hurry - hurry, have your change out, don't hold up the line!! All while the line is not moving as it is backed up due to volume NOT people being slow. And, if I moved up any further it would be considered inappropriate contact in most countries. The times I have really been upset with it is when I look at who's screaming and they are busy on their phone while shouting orders. I agree with you, respect in general has taken a left turn.
  4. Nope, security not getting a pass from me! :O) There will always be the entitled few but the majority of people are good. Treat people with respect - that is what they are paid for- and it will be returned by most. Kindness is never misplaced.
  5. You know, I have said that too. Security needs to be reminded of how to treat people. It's just been the last few cruises but I am tired of being screamed - yes screamed - at by security. It hasn't been at us directly but at the line up of people waiting to go through the scanners. No please, no smile, just orders and demands.
  6. Thank you for this thread. We are on the Connie in December and have sent in photo's - I wasn't sure why they asked but now I have an idea! My question is: the old way the card is also how you charge things. Is this still the case and if someone takes your card, as in OP's case, could they then have charged drinks, etc? Yes, it would be reversed, but again the time to get it done is holiday time!!
  7. If one of the slot machines is called 'jackpot party'. But only if you are walking through the casino. I know you are now in a port intensive part of your cruise and you will be busy, busy in the best possible way!!! Thanks you for even CONSIDERING this!!
  8. No, jackpot party is one of the slot machines. it's the only slot machine I play. On the ship in December and wondering if I should budget for my jackpot party fun!!
  9. Silly question, but ......oh well, I'll ask! If you are strolling through the casino could you please see if they have the slot machine, Jackpot Party? Thanks! :O)
  10. True, they can be more expensive but sometimes not by much. I have one booked on the Connie now and chose it as it was only a tad more and Blu was worth it for me. Have a look at the deck plan. Especially the floor above you. I booked on deck 9 but was cautious about selecting a location where the buffet chairs and tables won't be as audible. The staff tend to drag and scrape them early in the morning and late at night. Also, if possible, look for a cabin that doesn't have a large 'no cabin' space directly in front of your cabin. I don't know how better to say that!! It's great if they are cabins that open on the other side but if it is dead space it could be where the staff are in and out with their carts and have their morning chats. I've had AQ on a few of the ships and enjoyed it. I personally don't think any of the perks other than Blu are worth it (and to be honest we tend to order off the main menu a lot of the time) but I like breakfast quick without crowds and the small dining room.Not worth hundreds but worth a bit. I hope others chime in so I can see how my cabin really stacks up!!
  11. I bring my pillow- I love it and don't want to think about who else has been sleeping (or whatever!) on it. Soap, shampoo. I used to bring my hairdryer and gave that up for space. I WILL be googling dyson's today! Thank you for that tip. Duct tape is a given. Used it many times in rough water to keep drawers closed! Pictures of the fur kids - none of the human ones. Thank you for letting me know that formal/whatever isn't required in Blu. I did not know that and we stayed away on our last cruise. We were dressed casually but saw everyone on ship dressed up and decided to head to the buffet instead. yay for next time! Years ago when my daughter was in her early 20's and travelling as the young do - backpack, cheap, multi stopped flights- used to roll her eyes when I would shop for my flights. List by shortest time- not by price! Now, as she has gained years she sighs and says, I'm too old for all these stop overs - is there a direct flight? She has also graduated to a suitcase. Smartly, I just turn away and smile........
  12. Oh no! I hope it's correct for the Connie! This was copied and pasted from the 'chat' I had on the celebrity website asking where the smoking areas are. darn darn darn.
  13. On the Summit we entered our CC room and it reeked of smoke. I stayed outside in the hallway and husband went in and onto the balcony thinking opening the door would air it out. On the deck was a tin FULL of butts. Not only was the room smoked in but steward was not cleaning after passengers departed. Called for the HD but we were told he was busy. We were told the steward would clean it and they tried an air purifier. Steward stood around talking with a cloth in hand until I demanded HD. Room switched, beautiful bouquet of flowers on formal night. If anyone else was wondering about smoking areas on the ships: Celebrity Constellation • Deck 11 Forward port side • Deck 10 Midship portside • Deck 4 Port side forward Celebrity Infinity • Deck 10 Port Side Mid Ship only (outside of midship elevators) • Deck 4 Port Side Mid Ship & Mast Bar port side Celebrity Millennium • Deck 10 Aft Port Side at the Sunset Bar • Deck 10 Port Side open deck from the Solarium to the Midship • Deck 4 Port side Celebrity Summit • Deck 11 Mast Bar at the open deck on port side • Deck 10 Pool Deck Mid ship portside • Deck 4 Open Deck on port side from Mid ship going to Forward Celebrity Solstice • Deck 15 Sunset Bar Aft Port Side (this is the only cigar and pipe smoking area on the vessel) • Deck 14 Starboard side next to the Mast Bar • Deck 12 Aft Port Side • Deck 5 Port Side Celebrity Equinox • Deck 15 Aft Port Side next to the Sunset Bar • Deck 14 Starboard side next to the Mast Bar • Deck 12 Port side Midship • Deck 5 Portside Midship and Forward Celebrity Eclipse • Deck 15 Aft Port side next to the Sunset Bar • Deck 14 Starboard side next to the Mast Bar • Deck 12 Port side Midship • Deck 5 Port side Midship & Forward Celebrity Silhouette • Deck 15 Aft Port Side next to the Sunset Bar • Deck 14 Starboard side next to the Mast Bar • Deck 12 Port side Midship • Deck 5 Port side Midship and Forward Celebrity Reflection • Deck 15 Aft Port side next to the Sunset Bar • Deck 15 Starboard side next to the Mast Bar • Deck 5 Portside, Midship, and Forward Celebrity Edge • Deck 15 Sunset Bar Aft • Deck 5 Eden outdoor Port side exterior seating section which is under an overhang. Guest can access Smoking Area from the outside deck, or from inside Eden **Please note these are the only two locations smoking will be permitted onboard the Celebrity Edge**
  14. Can someone tell me if all Celebrity ships have the smoking sections on the port side? Travelling on the Constellation soon-ish and will be on deck 9. Will choose the non smoking side. I was in an aft facing once and smelled the smoke from the bar above. Thanks!
  15. Hey, Madmother21! How much did you eventually take in each currency? Did you plan correctly? I am going through the same dilemma!
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