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  1. We frequently book 6-8 weeks out. Just how life rolls.
  2. Linda/Ohio

    Room service question

    We always order one breakfast (husband goes to Windjammer earlier). We also get him a fresh pot of coffee. Generally we cruise in a Junior Suite. There is enough room to eat. We use the hangtags the night before.
  3. Linda/Ohio

    Enchantment Make Coco Cay Yesterday?

    Was on Enchantment Nov 27-30. We did miss CocoCay. We were at Nassau day prior. Winds were very high coming out of Port Canaveral to Nassau. Witnessed someone accidentally vomiting on another passenger's head in the dining room as they tried to make their escape with seasickness. Winds were causing a lot of motion on the ship. We departed Nassau and as the winds had died down a bit and attempted a stop at Cococay. They did not make a decision until that morning to cancel Cococay. It was disappointing but understandable when you saw the waves. We had a sea day--the captain took the ship out to calmer waters and the water was like glass for the next 12 hours.
  4. I neglected to input my reservation number in the comments area. All the other info I put in was correct. Will it be an issue?
  5. I've used my DD214 and they have also accepted my VA Id.
  6. We had an opportunity to sail in the Royal Suite on the Empress. It was very nice. An elegant Rat Pack Sinatra cabin. A bar. Barstools. Teak foward deck. Huge bathroom. Rounded corner couch. Big PeeWee Herman overstuffed chairs.
  7. Linda/Ohio

    Empress Returning to RCCL?

    https://www.pullmantur.es/en/barco/empress/camarotes/categoria-rt-royal-suite-con-terraza.html The furnishings are updated but this is the Royal Suite on Empress. We had one opportunity to cruise in this cabin.
  8. Linda/Ohio

    Empress Returning to RCCL?

    2004 We were on Empress on a 4 nighter from San Juan to Dominican Republic. We booked last minute and got a real deal on the Royal Suite which faced forward with a beautiful teak deck. Return we hit a storm and we had 14 hours of crazy over the bow wave action. I got seasick (laying on the floor) and the doctor came to the cabin to administer a shot. The Royal Suite was interesting and not like the current Royals. There was a round or corner type couch and big chairs like in Pee-Wee Herman fashion. A bar with 3 barstools. Several bookshelves and a dining table for perhaps 8 or more. Sliding glass forward and starboard. Separate large bedroom. Bath with whirlpool tub. Shower on other side of bath. The bathroom seemed to be substantial size.
  9. Blizzard like conditions one winter. Looked online. Enchantment was a pretty new ship. Booked a few weeks out. Have been on Enchantment several times-new, pre-stretch, post-stretch and next month.
  10. Linda/Ohio

    Why do you choose the dining option you do?

    MTD. We used to do traditional when we were younger. No longer like eating at 8:30. 5:30 is a tad too early so we make MTD reservations for 6:15--6:30--6:45 We generally have same waiter staff each night.
  11. Linda/Ohio

    RCCL site down

    This is the message that was showing up: oops... looks like royalcaribbean.com is on vacation No real need for me to be there--just putzing around.
  12. Yup. Keeping getting booted or it never fully loads.
  13. Many cabins are booked 4 to a room and it can be crazy on the shorter cruises. Had a bad experience one year. I believe our entire cruise cost was refunded. Not good with people puking in elevators, etc. An occasional issue is one thing--an entire cruise ship---made it not so great. It was chaos when it was time to disembark on our return.
  14. New site works better on the mobile device than the laptop.
  15. Hate it! New and flashy. Difficult.